Dear fellow assassins,
December has come and has passed.
Another month full of work, with very little time to play.

The biggie I started last month is still in play (Tyranny), though in the meanwhile I managed to scrap enough play time to kill a few targets.
Among them, I am proud I have played to the end one of the few Infinity engine games I was still missing: Planescape Torment.
This also means now I am ready to try and kill one of my previous winnings: Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Also, thanks to Xmas gifts coming and going, I secured Fallout 4 Season Pass, so… well, for me it’s a huge target indeed!

Anyway, with no further ado, here is my small report (and, as always, games I have won on SteamGifts are colored in red):

Confirmed kills (games I have beaten with at least one playthrough):

  • Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition: completed [Time: ~33 Hours; Achievements: 23/50 (46%)]
  • A Normal Lost Phone: completed [Time: ~2 Hours; Achievements: 13/13 (100%)]
  • AER Memories of Old: completed [Time: ~8 Hours; Achievements: 11/20 (55%)]
  • Settled: beaten [Time: ~1 Hours; Achievements: N/A]
  • 1979 Revolution: Black Friday: beaten [Time: ~2 Hours; Achievements: 26/39 (67%)]

Assassination attempts (games I have started playing in December 2017)

  • Heroine Anthem Zero
  • Fallout 4

Aborted missions (games I could not play or stopped and won’t be playing for now):

  • Hacknet
  • Heroine Anthem Zero

Objective advancement (beaten + completed games): 21% (60 out of 290 games)
Final goal: 35%

Yes, objective has been pushed away by a lot of winnings I had in December, especially thanks to the SimGive event :-/

Nice progress nonetheless! I hope you liked planescape torment, it used to be one of my favorite games!


Congrats on your progress made, pretty impressive considering lack of time to play :) I’ve completed Fallout 4 with 372h on the clock. But that’s just me doing everything (not just things giving achivs) and reaching all endings (not just the ones giving achivs). Other people here beaten in in half my time, still that’s a lot :) So good luck with it :D
Got AER for myself recently. 2018 is a year when I’m letting myself finally play non wins (after few wins finished), so I’m looking forward to it myself :)