Third week of February

Been busy cleaning up my room/desk to get ready to finally get a new (standing) desk so I literally did basically nothing when it comes to gaming progress this week.

Completed games

Simple Story - Alex
Playtime: 22 minutes
Achievements: 8 of 8 (100%)
Review: Some shitty and short RPG maker game with a nonsense story. Didn't come across any bugs and it works fine with Proton at least, so it got that going for it.

Oh very short, got it from when it went free so all good for me.
A standing desk nice bet that will be weird to start off with


Ahhh it was free, thats why so many people have it, thanks for the info.
Well it is one of those that goes up and down, its not a standing desk 100% of the time. I will mostly use it sitting anyways, but it will be nice to have the ability to stand while doing other AFK things and just needing to check PC once in a while and for those days my screwed up back makes it impossible to sit.