Main Quest #85 - 24 March 2020



about 12 hours playtime
no achievements

Well, that was definitely an experience. I took the opportunity it was free because of the release of Half-Life: Alyx (I don’t know why but I only own the second game) and finally played this. The gameplay was okay enough (as were the graphics) but the platform scenes in Xen were especially frustrating (thank god for quick saves). The story was nothing special but still interesting enough to keep playing! I really liked the level design and maps overall. Maybe one day I’ll be able to replay “it” through Black Mesa, when it gets cheaper.
I’m playing Opposing Forces and Blue Shift next (still in March, hopefully. I’ve heard they are short and wanna take advantage of the offer) and then maybe play the sequels in April and watch a walkthrough of Alyx. Who knows. There will also be a free week of Gears 5 starting April 6 so I’ll try to use that and beat its story. I’ve only played the first one long ago at a friend’s house and watched walkthroughs of the remaining games, but I still do enjoy them and wanna play through the fifth game.


This was me too. The frequent platforming sections ruined it for me.