I have finally finished Thief (2014)

  • Thief

    27 hours playtime

    37 of 37 achievements

  • It was freaking amazing.It was mentioned in most of negative reviews that “Thief” has open world(kinda) and linear gameplay.Well, as i saw it, it’s complete bullcrap.
    I quickly realised that certain limitations on map add extra planing or being extra carefull.I played the game on Master difficulty + custom modifiers and it was intense.
    While AI might be stuborn at times, game shines at it’s ability to limit your movement just to make you think about other alternatives.It’s really hard to explain, but i suggest to challenge yourself with this game on highest difficulty and custom modifiers.You will feel like playing completely different game.

    PS-Aplogies for my grammar and bad english, ENG isn’t my native language.
    PS2- if someone could point out how to properly link game from my list in my status post,that would be be great!

    ☽ Coraline Castell ☾

    Hey Grumpy, how’s it hanging? First off, awesome for finishing Thief! I’ve never played any of them, but they sure look amazing, especially the 2014 one. So congrats!

    PS: It’s perfectly fine, plus, English wasn’t the language I was born listening to either. It was Brazilian Portuguese.
    PSS: This website works on Markdown and HTML, none of which I’m too much of a pro with, sincerely. However, here are some pieces of advice, as best as I can:

    Someone who can do some brilliant coding here is Akantha. She’s not the only one, but she pops around often, I hope she can come by here soon and give you better advice than what I’m about to give.

    By linking to games do you mean, for example, like I did over here? If you do, I did some figuring out too, so don't be ashamed. Here's how I did it (and hopefully no one will mock me for doing it the crappy way ~(unless this is the proper way and I just didn't know)~):

    1. I went to "My Games" → "All Games" ~[top right corner there, on your screen]~;
    2. Then I clicked at the top on "thumbnail views" ~[it's on the right side of the number of games you have]~;
    3. Now, you view the games as you wish to have them in your post, correct? So you see what you want and probably there's a way to reproduce it (that was my thinking). So, on the page (in any blank space with nothing to click) use the right button of you mouse and select "view source code", or something along those lines (my browser is not in English) or simply press Ctrl+U on your keyboard.
    4. Now you'll be facing a bunch of code. Don't be scared. Let's take one of your games as an example.... like Thief! So press Ctrl+F on your keyboard and type in "Thief" so we can find out where it is hiding in this sea of code.
    5. Now, if you've done it properly, you should have found this: Thief.

    Copying and pasting that on your post, for any given game, should make it pop up just like you have seen it do in your games list. However, you should try centralizing it if you'd like the same effect I had going on with mine. To do that and more, I recommend giving a read on some basic HTML. Like at this helpful website.

    Hope this helps!

    PSSS: If it wasn't clear enough, I'm sure some other people can be more helpful. But if you need some quick help, don't hesitate to add me on Steam. (:

    edit: Since I do things the retarded way, I almost forgot, but Daerphen is correct over there. You should encase that code from the image I sent you ~or any other game badge code you will use in the future~ with the colorful tags he provided bellow. (:


    if you want that badge showing in your post, you need to copy the HTML code and insert it.

    In Chrome (and most other browser) go to your list and do a right click on the game, you want to post.

    • Select the HTML-Tag li in the DOM-Tree and click on “Edit as HTML”.
    • You can now select it with Ctrl+A and copy it with Ctrl+C.
    • Now put a <ul class="game">Tag in your post
    • Paste the copied HTML code with Ctrl+V
    • Add a closing tag </ul> behind it and save the post
    ☽ Coraline Castell ☾

    See? This is what I’m talking about. So much more helpful and clear than I was haha! Thanks, Daerphen (:


    Thank you.I was considering googling it, but this will save a lot of time :)


    I forgot to mention that you will need the class “game-thumbnail” as well. So the correct ul-tag would be

    <ul class="game game-thumbnail">
    or the border will stretch to match the width as it is right now


    Sorry for askin’, but what should i do to make the pic more square-like?


    you would need either some style info with a fixed width/height, or you need to set that size for the picture.
    But beware. The pictures are not square, so they will look ugly.

    <img width="100" height="100" .../> for the image
    <li style="width: 100px; height: 100px;">...


    Hi Grumpy. I haven’t played any of the Thief games, but you’ve intrigued me. What do you mean by custom modifiers? Do you mean player-created mods or in-game settings? Both? And which modifiers did you use? Thanks!


    There are 3 basic difficulty settings(Easy,Normal and Master) which mostly affects AI level, atleast i think so.And then there are predetermined ingame custom modifiers.For example you cant use Focus(special ability resource), you cant harm animal or human(no knockouts), no upgrades, no saves etc.etc.
    I think i took almost every possible modifier except few.It might get annoying, but it was great experience for me!


    Oh nice. I like when games offer additional challenges like this kind of game. Thanks! Added Thief 2014 to my wishlist :)


    You can see the options here


    Looks like a lot of fun :) Thanks Dakota!