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I have finally finished Thief (2014)

  • Thief

    27 hours playtime

    37 of 37 achievements

  • It was freaking amazing.It was mentioned in most of negative reviews that “Thief” has open world(kinda) and linear gameplay.Well, as i saw it, it’s complete bullcrap.
    I quickly realised that certain limitations on map add extra planing or being extra carefull.I played the game on Master difficulty + custom modifiers and it was intense.
    While AI might be stuborn at times, game shines at it’s ability to limit your movement just to make you think about other alternatives.It’s really hard to explain, but i suggest to challenge yourself with this game on highest difficulty and custom modifiers.You will feel like playing completely different game.

    PS-Aplogies for my grammar and bad english, ENG isn’t my native language.
    PS2- if someone could point out how to properly link game from my list in my status post,that would be be great!

    Helo world!
    Pleasure to be here!
    It’s an awesome saturday afternoon for me and what better way to start it off than fixing my backlog problems,right?

    I chose Thief(2014) as my first game and hopefully it goes well.
    Althou just by looking at some of the achievements I’m a bit worried it might take more time than i expected :)

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