Gomu Gomu no Update!

Another SG win that (finally) bites the dust.


16.8 hours, 19 of 40 achievements

The game was different than I thought, I was expecting it to be a beat em’ up game and instead I found out it was a musou style one with constant hordes of weak enemies to defeat. To be honest it took me a bit to get into it, but once I did I enjoyed it even if I felt it was a bit too easy at times. Sanji is so OP they had to add a weakness to compensate it a bit (he’s extremely vulnerable to female opponents).

Story-wise it’s a very summarized version of the anime (up to the Punk Hazard arc) with some arcs skipped here and there, and its final level is completely original (since the Dressrosa arc wasn’t finished yet). It works as a recap but I wouldn’t recommend anyone who hasn’t watched the anime (or read the manga) to play the game because some important moments like Ace’s death are less impactful than they’d be in the series, plus the game can get a bit repetitive at times.

All in all the game is decent and fans of One Piece should give it a try. It can be finished in 15 hours or so but it has a lot of replay value and it takes a lot more to get all the achievements.

Arbiter Libera

Played the first two, kinda want to get around to this one before PW4 comes out.

I was expecting it to be a beat em’ up game

I think the only Musou game that qualifies as more of a beat ‘em up versus “kill tons of goons and take over territory” would be Ken’s Rage. It has… other problems, though.