March: Rip

Third month here and I feel like I am cursed. I used to beat lot more games and decided to show you all how it's done, but since I joined I don't really have much time or I simply do other stuff. Now I know for sure that I won't be able to mow down games that fast next 2 months because of upcoming exams that I really have to pass or my life gets deleted. BUT. I know you are here, my fellow backlog fighters and I believe you will beat your games for us all.

Spotlight: Overgrowth

  • Overgrowth

    5 hours playtime

    no achievements

This game is weird experience. It's fast paced ninja-like simulator with fluid combat without too many buttons involved and all moves feel cool. I really liked how physics work, drop-kicking someone in face is really satisfying. If the game is too fast or hard for you, you can slow down the game in options or decrease enemy atk power. It has faults - weak story or sometimes they throw too much enemies at you. There isn't too much to say about this game than if you can get it for cheap or friend from old HB monthly and you like action games, you will probably like this.

Mentioned games:

  • Bejeweled 3

    60 hours playtime

    65 of 65 achievements

Take that ice pillars.

  • Trine 2

    59 hours playtime

    97 of 97 achievements

Hardcore mode could be descend into madness if I did it myself. Luckily, I had my friend Mike and with combined power of friendship, luck and skill we managed to beat it all without too much trouble.

Other games:

  • Alpha Runner

    3 hours playtime

    20 of 20 achievements

  • Black The Fall

    3 hours playtime

    14 of 14 achievements

  • Farmington Tales

    6 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Bully: Scholarship Edition

    13 hours playtime

    no achievements

See ya next month <3


I’ve heard so many different things about ‘Overgrowth’ that I am really not sure whether I should activate my key. Judging from what you wrote, the game seems to be quite okay.

Did you enjoy ‘Black the Fall’?

And good luck for your exams!


I have mixed feelings on Black the Fall. Concept was cool, but some parts were boring and slow, without much happening. Some “physics based” puzzles were really annoying.

Well to tell you the truth, recommending Overgrowth is kinda problematic. I didn’t play or saw anything like it before, so there are no games I could point you to for reference. But let’s say this - imo if you don’t get into the combat system, you won’t like the game, because honestly it’s all the game is about. It feels really awesome but you just have to get it and I think that’s why reviews are diversed, because that system is not for everyone. In combat you NEED to have good reaction time for blocks and counter-attacks, also even tho you can change speed of the game and difficulty, be aware that even on easy you can get insta-killed if you for example don’t dodge and take sword into head (and that is not that uncommon). You can still cheese your way in the game by throwing weapons, picking up enemies one by one and/or just dropkicking their head off (from my experience I can say that dropkick is practically insta-kill on good number of enemies), but I can’t say it will bring you enough or any enjoyment. To close this off, I can just say that you have to try, or not. Nobody will probably tell you right answer for this one.
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.


Hm, I guess then I’ll put ‘Black the Fall’ off for some more time.

I see, it’s problematic to give a recommendation for something which is quite unique. Thank you for your further explanations, they are very helpful. Since I’m quite slow the part with the quick reaction time puts me off a bit. I think I’ll play some other things from my backlog first :)


Best of luck with your exams! Hope you’re able to enjoy the games you are able to play, quality over quantity and all that. :)

I was just looking at Alpha Runner yesterday, I’m so sad I wasn’t able to get the last achievement needing a score of 200+. I think the highest I ever got was 88 and that was high for me. ;_; Kudos on 100%ing so many games!


I got lucky and after like 50 points it started to just do platforms with the falling things. It was nerve wrecking to jump constantly on edges to not get crushed but it was easier than jumping over the ground spikes with horrible detection imo.


Ah smart, thanks for the advice!