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Review for Beyond Eyes.

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    Beyond Eyes

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I got it in a Humble Monthly, and I’m very happy that way. The game is too short for 13€. Beat it one hour and a half.

But it’s alsol too long for its gameplay. You walk (at a speed of a turtle - I understand she is blind, but at this speed the problem is her legs, nor her eyes) in a blank world, which appear as you walk (and disappear behind you). The concept is original, but that’s all you do, you walk. I’m not againt walking game, because usually the story make you stay. But here it’s simple, you lost your cat (which is not even yours actually) and that’s it, let’s go find it. I felt bored, when I did not wanted to murder people in the Rain level (Rain make you lost almost ALL visibility - and nothing guide you).


I’ve read a couple reviews before deciding to not keep it and gift it away instead. Look at the good side, at least it’s a quick clear on your backlog.

[BNB] The Brezhoneg SG 553

It seemed poetic and all, so I did not really watched review. Usually that kind of game is not really liked, but I still enjoy them. I guess I should have trust them for once.
That’s why i choose do it last night, I want to attack my backlog and I wanted to start with a small but realistic objective :D


If it’s that short I’ll try this weekend, maybe the girl afraid she’s bump into something XD

[BNB] The Brezhoneg SG 553

I took 1h30 with loosing myself in the rain level, i think you can be quicker ! Yeah, I thought about that, of course she is blind and afraid to bump stuff, but you’ll see, she is a grand ma, not a child with such speed !


I tried the game but after 30 minutes I couldn’t stand it. I would often go the wrong way and then have to painfully walk back again to find the right one. I love the art and the idea behind it, but they should really making the walking faster.

[BNB] The Brezhoneg SG 553

This, exactly. The gameplay is interesting, but oo much flaw to be really enjoyed. I can understand they don’t want to give us direction, but then at least make her walk faster then. They want to add credibilty by the fact she don’t want to bump into stuff, but where is the credibilty when a little girl goes 2 hour missing in the wild !

By the way : I see that you are part of the many person which can show the vignette of the game in your post, can you teach me how to do that please ?


Do you know any coding? I don’t and it was so hard for me to learn. I used this post to learn it though. (Scroll down a little for kayhmkay comment.)

If you still don’t understand it then let me know and I’ll try my best to help!

[BNB] The Brezhoneg SG 553

I did it ! Thank you :3 !


I feel sad now. I’ve spent 1h30 and still have to finish the game. I spent way too much time in the beginning walking around trying to “see” everything. I thought I might be missing something. I finally came to the realization that your playing as a blind child, give up looking at everything and go find the cat. By that time I was already bored with it and the biggest reason for me was the walk speed.

But now knowing that it shouldn’t take that long to finish I may go back and try to finish it.

[BNB] The Brezhoneg SG 553

Oh yeah, I forgot that too, the explanation are very simple, all is packed in like, 3 lines maybe ? Hopefully I did read the store page, I think you’ll learn more things there than in the game…
Yup, walk speed is really slow, it’s crazy they let it like that. But at least, it will be a a -1 for your backlog in a short time :)


Unfortunately it’s usual thing when original concept has bad realisation. But anyway, congrats with your 1 st post!

[BNB] The Brezhoneg SG 553

Thank you ! I don’t think I will post on a regular basis but I can’t play when I’m in period exams, nut I will try to be at least a bit active, this website is cool ^^