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October Games List

So I just dusted off my old account and after playing the same games for 1 year (Final Fantasy XIV, Warframe), wanted to try to release a few games out of the backlog.
Let’s hope for a good October month! Preparing before FFXIV Endwalker expansion.

Half-Life 2

Dragon's Dogma

7.2 hours
1 of 59 achievements
Half-Life 2

Pathfinder: Kingmaker

10.9 hours
0 of 74 achievements
Half-Life 2

Final Fantasy X / X-2

22 hours
6 of 69 achievements

That’s indeed a long time to concentrate on two games! Hope you enjoy the newly started games, they all look very promising. I’m hoping to play Dragon’s Dogma and Pathfinder: Kingmaker myself one day :)


Yeah! we are both playing Dragon’s Dogma this month! Let’s beat this thing!