Welcome back to the old school Aiori’s profile

Old School gamer that likes games of his time and RPG, Strategy and Fighting ones (I play other genres, but depends on the game). I am looking for people to play and talk about life. From Galicia (Spain).

PS. Since some months I am doing reviews of some games on Turn Based Lovers, do you want to keep an eye? You can read them here (Probably you will see language errors, sorry for that, I am doing my best to improve this).


After a December busier than expected, comes a January with work. I’m looking for an optimal organization this year, where I can combine work, family, and play games regularly, but it isn’t easy. My backlog grew with some past bundle keys activated, the steam sales, Santa Claus, and the 3 Kings festivity (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biblical_Magi) celebrated in very few countries, like mine, where they take the gifts and not Santa (Santa gift a detail). In return, I don’t go to buy anything until Summer Sale at least. Maybe I’ll do it till next Winter Sale, but little by little. I decided on this last month, and I am still convinced, so I am going to try it. There are few exceptions, titles for reviewing (usually 1 per month), gifts (as saint valentine’s or my birthday for example), and trades does not count, but all of which implies spend money yes. I know it’s going to be hard, but I can do it, and it will be better for me and my backlog. After checking the duration of some games on HLTB, January’s plan is the next one:

Pending Challenge me games (and also a monthly theme pick)

I have games pending of past Challenge me, so my idea is to clear this list every month a little. On this category is turn for:

Game Achievements Condition Playtime
images 7/23 Unfinished (Monthly theme) 4.6 h
images 0/31 Never played 0 h
images 0/35 Never played on PC (Completed in PS3) 0 h

Game to finish

I have some games that I left near the end for miscellaneous reasons (usually tons of work), so I’ll try to finish one of them all months too. This month it’s time to finish

images No Unfinished 4.6 h

Games for Reviewing
This month I have a title to review, it will be launched in a few weeks

images 0/4 Unfinished 2 h

Mid & Long-term games

Here are included some of my last acquisitions and some games with higher durations. I included my 2020 Secret Santa game (thanks to Cece09 again), and a couple of new acquisitions, Probably, I won’t finish them this month, but they will be part of this section until I clear them.

images 1/50 Unfinished 30 min
images 0/53 Never played 0 h
images 0/50 Never played 0 h

And that’s all for January. Stay safe and Happy Gaming. Greetings


PS: I was to include High School Possession on Pending Challenge me games, but I finished it before made this plan, It’s very short, less than 1h 30 min.

8th January Backlog condition: Zombie apocalypse. Time to fight it actively and bravely

5.03% (49/974)
1.95% (19/974)
17.15% (167/974)
73.00% (711/974)
2.87% (28/974)

AIORI’S 2020 DECEMBER REPORT (2nd report)

December was a nice month with holidays, and I spend a great time with my family, implying less time for playing. The main target of this month was to complete some pending Challenge me game and a couple of games for reviewing purposes. I can’t finish all because at the end I hadn’t the time, but I did some progress.

Beaten games

I beat Solasta and its winter update for reviewing purposes.

Half-Life 2

Solasta: Crown of the Magister

No rating for Early Access
28.7 hours
no achievements

Solasta is a great D&D RPG where you have a lot of options to customize your party and an interesting variety of skills to use. During the exploration and combats, you can use the environment in your favour, giving space to create your strategies to defeat your enemies. At this moment, it looks very promising, and it’s updated regularly, so maybe you can consider it. Recommendable

Preview Here

Completed Games

I completed Haven for reviewing purposes, TWD Season 2, included in the December monthly theme and a pending Challenge me, and a title out of the initial plan, Hikari! Clover Rescue

Half-Life 2


20.6 hours
30 of 30 achievements

Haven is an atypical proposal within the RPG genre. The time-based combat system, the survival on an unknown planet, the relationship between the protagonists, the interaction with the planet inhabitants, give a very different perspective of the genre. I see it oriented to the cooperative play with your girlfriend/boyfriend, because some themes are related to couple dynamics, but it’s enjoyable if you play it alone. Probably, not all RPG players like it, but if you want to try new/different things it’s an interesting title to explore. Recommendable

Complete Review Here

Half-Life 2

The Walking Dead: Season Two

9.2 hours
40 of 40 achievements

If you enjoyed the season 1, this game is a worthy successor. It starts some months later after the season 1, and your past decisions will have an impact on this game. Also, Telltale improved the choices' selection, now they have a heavier impact in the development, but there are still decisions that don't really influence. Recommendable

Half-Life 2

Hikari! Clover Rescue

4.0 hours
no achievements

A hentai visual novel with 1h in duration (if you want the cards, it will take you 4 h). The story is not serious, and you will laugh with several moments. The galleries are OK, the images are not animated, and you can't interact with the girls, but every girl has a set of various pics. For its price it's recommendable.

And that’s all for December, I had some titles pending of this plan, which I will include in the next ones with some of my last purchases.

Stay safe and Happy Gaming. Greetings.


Happy (gaming) New Year!! I wish a nice 2021 for all the BLAEO community

Merry Christmas!!

Do you hear that? It’s your wallet trembling with fear because… Steam Winter Sales are here! Save yourselves!

Just a little update, I’ve received a nice gift from my Secret Santa, which will goes directly to my December plan! Thanks!!


After some months of absence because tons of work (and more is pending), now I have more free time. This month main target is going to finish some past challenge me games, also I collaborate on a web, and have some reviews pending, so probably I will have to play a couple of games for this purpose. Plus, some pending challenge me games fits the monthly theme. My December list will be:

Pending Challenge me games

Game Achievements Condition Hours played
images 0/31 Never played 0 h
images 7/23 Unfinished 4.6 h
images 0/40 Unfinished (PC), Completed in other platforms 0 h
images 0/35 Unfinished (PC), Completed in other platforms 0 h

Secret Santa

images 0/50 Never played 0 h

Other games

images No Unfinished, Early Access 12.7 h
images ??/?? Release 3rd December 0 h

And nothing more for the moment, viewing my backlog and my current situation, I will try not to buy anything next year, at least until summer, except if some people gift me one, or they are temporally free. As you can see, I have tons of pending gaming.

Good December to all of you. Take care


1st December backlog condition: catastrophic

6.15% (44/715)
2.38% (17/715)
23.36% (167/715)
64.06% (458/715)
4.06% (29/715)

Help!! Steam sales are coming!!! Brace yourselves, Gabe is coming!!

I was a little out of plan these days…I´ve finished 2 games more…FIREEEEE!


Seeing that May´s plan was useful, this month comes another to fight my backlog. I have less time to play videogames because this month comes with new works, but I will try my best. Here it is:

1ST STEP: Finishing pending Challenge me
I have a game pending of my April´s Challenge me, and 4 of the actual one. I will finish at least the april title, plus probably some of may titles. This is the list:

Game Achievements Actual Time
images 8/34 4 h
images 0/30 0 h
images 0/14 0 h
images 0/35 0 h
images No 0 h

2ND STEP: Monthly Theme: World Ocean Month
What a nice theme we have this month. 1 of my favourite activities is to go to see the ocean at night, the waves movements and sounds are very relaxing, and some of my favourite sports are swimming and diving. It´s a pity to see how parts of the Atlantic are contaminated so we need to concenciate ourselves to conserve our oceans, they are required for life on Earth. There are some games with some tags related to ocean on steam, and I choose a unfinished one. I don´t remember why I left it, because I have good memories about it, so maybe is the moment to finish it.

Game Achievements Actual Time
images 1/10 2 h

3ND STEP: Long term gameS
Lately I was playing Borderlands 2 with a friend from time to time, so I will include it on this list. As I told last month, I am not going to finish these games on June, but they will be a fixure on my list until I finish them.

Game Achievements Actual Time
images 2/44 22 h
images 7/75 6 h

LAST STEP: My favourite genres
My favourite game genres are the turn-based games (preferably RPG or strategy) and the fighting games, so I include some titles of these genres. The turn-based RPGs have the Roguelike components, so you have to play some runs to get all the content. My priority is finish Dead Age, because I am near of its completion. Then I got Warsaw, which I unlocked for finish 4 games, to play in a different thematic. For the Fighting game genre, I will continue with the one selected on may, Fighting Ex Layer.

Game Achievements Actual Time
images 68/77 55 h
images 1/34 1 h
images 6/41 1 h

AND THAT¨S ALL…for the moment. As always, I will try not to buy new games, and if I buy some (my problem are the bundles xD), I will leave their keys deactivated until I finish some games, I am doing a 4 games finished for 1 new game ratio. Wish me luck,

What do you think? Which are your plans for June?

Stay safe. Greetings from the Atlantic Ocean!

Starting June´s plan stats

9% (1/11)
55% (6/11)
36% (4/11)