Welcome to the old school Aiori’s profile

Old School gamer that likes games of his time, mainly RPG, Strategy and Fighting genres. I play other genres, but it depends on the game. Also, I am always open to people who want to play and talk about life. I’m from the Celtic land of Galicia (Spain).

PS. Since July 2020, I am doing game reviews on Turn Based Lovers. Do you want to keep an eye? You can read them here (Probably you will see language errors, sorry for that, I am doing my best to improve this)

Hi everybody, how are you? Hope everything is fine.

There is some time since I want to write something here, but I had a busy life. Now, I’m still busy, but I’ve managed my schedule to make room to play a little.

During my playtime I’ve aimed to play unfinished games that I had pending from years ago, so I took them again, and this time I finished them. Also put some new games in the middle to spicy my gaming experience.

Recently, I’ve finished four games, incredible. Let’s review them it in few words:

Half-Life 2

AWAKE - Definitive Edition

0.6 hours
13 of 13 achievements

Short story about escaping the loop of your own death, you have several solutions, and the graphic style gives a classic horror movie atmosphere, although this would be more like a thriller.

Now it's free, it's a short game, it took me 38 minutes to complete it 100%, but it's worth playing. Recommended

Half-Life 2

Clam Man

2.4 hours
15 of 15 achievements

Graphic adventure with strong reminiscences to the graphic adventures of the MS - DOS era. Both the humour and the sounds used are reminiscent of that era.

Clam Man has been fired from the company, but he is not sure why and things happen that make him start to suspect his ex-boss, so he decides to investigate until he finds the truth. Point & click graphic adventure, it's short, it lasted me about 2 hours, but it's full of humour, they even have a couple of SPECTACULAR songs. Maybe with a certain age (if you're from before 1990) you'll enjoy it more because you'll understand more references, but it's good to pass the time.


Half-Life 2

Treasure of Nadia

35.7 hours
no achievements

Adult visual novel mixed with Indiana Jones-style themes (artifacts, archaeology, adventure, dangers), except instead of Indiana, you have a few good-looking women to assist you (and other "issues"). Be warned, it's deceiving, you'll get into the game for the women, but the story, and the puzzles, are really engaging.


Half-Life 2

The Final Station

27.2 hours
23 of 23 achievements

After several attempts and leaving it halfway through, despite liking it, this time I managed to finish it. Action and survival game, known by everyone in BLAEO, in which you rescue survivors and drive a train in the middle of the Apocalypse. To do this you will have to face monsters, of different types, and go through different scenarios until you are "safe".

I also did the DLC, it's similar to the original story, but in each scenario you search for gas, food and water to keep going. You will also encounter survivors, but you can only take one with you. I found it repetitive to get all the achievements, as it's finishing the DLC with all the survivors, or none, and the scenarios are the same.

The original is better than the DLC, but both are enjoyable. Recommended.

Currently I am playing other games, you can see them on my playing list, but I am near of finish two more: Danganronpa 2 & Dusk Diver.

Also I’ve reduced my boughts, got new games because my friends, family, girlfriend… gifted them for birthday, anniversary and all that stuff…Also I am unlocking some pending keys, but little by little. In the past I bought a lot of bundles, but I am usually interested on few games of them. I will see what to do with the rest (I have a list for trading here if you have curiosity, for example, but I’m updating it little by little, both tradable and whished games).

If you read to here, thanks for read me. You are a great person!

Hope everything is fine. Will be back with some finished games more, I hope. My backlog is big, but it does not mind I can not reduce it a little.

Have a nice day/night and a nice gaming.


Current Backlog situation (23th July 2023)

6% (71/1245)
2% (26/1245)
15% (192/1245)
74% (927/1245)
2% (29/1245)

There is more than a year since I was here…life is very busy, when I finish some life stuff, another appears filling the gap, and a lot of days I can’t/I am out of the mood to play. The good thing is that I barely buy new games, but my environment still gifting me them for anniversaries, and that kind of stuff. The bad thing is that my backlog is still there…so I’ve decided to rejoin BLAEO. I am managing my games’ library, unlocking some pending keys…To confront it, slowly but in a secure way.

Also, I saw I have a lot of rogue likes…They don’t have an end xD.

I accept advices



Hi! Aiori is here. It’s been a time since I wrote something on BLAEO. So with the new year, I decided to do something about this.

I had different plans for starting the year, but I started 2022 with COVID, fortunately, I was previously vacuumed, so the symptoms were weaker. However, I passed some bad days, and it’s a strange virus, giving me different symptoms each day. I expect to be well next weekend.

And what were you doing all this time, Aiori? Work + being dad, even sometimes both at the same time. I’ve finished my last work project, and I will start to prepare the next when I will be recovered.

Also, what are you going to do with your backlog? My idea is to manage better my time, sometimes even I forgot to have free time, and that it’s not good for my health, so I have to do it. And of course, playing video games is one of my main hobbies. So I will try to reduce my backlog…again. At least, one of the main steps is done, I barely bought anything last year, but free games, birthday gifts and trades are still there, but in a minor dose too.

In 2021, I completed 16 games, it’s an advance, there are 2 less than in 2020, but is something. Also, the number of new games was lowered, bought on sales and no more. Even in the blog that I collaborate with, the charge is less this season. Moreover, in the last sale I restrained myself from buying more too, and only got 3 games that I know that I’m going to play.

So my idea to fight the backlog is going to play 1 HOG because they are short, 1 “main” game, and 1 game or 2 for reviewing. And if the main game takes more than 1 month, no problem. I will try to do some plans here again too.

Finally, I want to thank this community, and especially Ninglor for accepting me in the last Secret Santa event, I love this event. And Jaded for the Disco Elysium game, which I will play soon, for sure.

Let’s see how 2022 comes. Stay safe!



5.80% (66/1137)
1.93% (22/1137)
16.36% (186/1137)
73.44% (835/1137)
2.46% (28/1137)


Here we go again. This month’s plan is direct: I will take one game for the monthly theme, one for reviewing purposes, and one for unfinished ones. In addition, I will add a reserve title, for the case if I finish both before the end of the month. My August 2021 list is the next one:

Game Achievements Time played Condition Motive
images 1/50 40 minutes Unfinished Monthly Theme
images 8/58 4 hours Unfinished Review
images 1/10 12.1 h Unfinished Time to finish it
images 1/24 32 min Unfinished Reserve

Also, I just read that Soldier’s Soul is not available on steam now. Glad that I received it from one of BLAEO great initiatives, the Secret Santa.

Probably, I will review another title, or a couple more, this month, I don’t know which one it will be, but it’s between Monster Hunter Stories 2, Cris Tales or Black Book.

Finally, Bastion is on my challenge me list of pending titles, and several BLAEO assassins recommended it to me several times, so looks like a solid title to play soon.

Nothing more for the moment. Stay safe and have a nice day/night. Greetings!



I was several months thinking «I have to update BLAEO». Each month the thematic was changing like «I have to do this month summary», then, «I have to do this quarter summary», then «I have to do the 2021’s 1st part summary» and we are on August. So I’ve decided to write yes or yes today.

So, what is going on, Aiori?

My work and family abducted me. Also, I had some health problems, but nothing serious. Some work took too much extra time (mainly for bureaucracy stuff), and my son is still growing, which implies new challenges, new procedures, and more stuff, like looking for a school, but my country’s administration loves documents.

OK, you are alive, but how about your backlog?

A complex answer indeed:

I’ve tried not to buy anything until the steam summer sale, and I accomplished this, except for a couple of games, which I finished a short time later after bought them. Also, I have a humble subscription that my girlfriend gifted me some months ago, but only used a couple of months, and I did not activate any key for the moment.

Besides, I traded some titles, mainly of my wishlist, but with some initially not included. But lately, this aspect is calm (better from my backlog!). Also, I got some games from giveaways or gifts (birthday, saint valentine) and for reviewing purposes.

Additionally, I won’t buy anything more until the Christmas sale, and even then, let’s see. There is only an exception, with the review games, and for the case, if Persona 5 Royal (there is a lot of hearsay about this) would be released on steam, it probably will be an instant buy. I am thinking of a ratio about finishing 5 games (maybe more) before activating one of the pending keys and starting with games that I left in the past.

Currently, the stats are similar, the completed ratio raised 1 % (but it’s still on a 6%), and the rest is on the same values… But, there are more games to beat.

8th January 2021

5% (49/974)
2% (19/974)
17% (167/974)
73% (711/974)
3% (28/974)

6th August 2021

6% (64/1111)
2% (21/1111)
17% (184/1111)
73% (813/1111)
3% (29/1111)

Which is the action plan?

I was thinking of a plan, I will take, asides from the titles for reviewing, usually a couple per month, one of my pending games and one new. One of them will fit the monthly theme. First, I will aim for the short ones, it seems a good restart for a huge backlog. Also, if I start one, I will finish it, maybe I won’t get all the achievements, depending on the game, but I have to fight my backlog. I’ll publish the august plan this weekend too.

Furthermore, I will try to be more active here. More than this, I think it will be an extra motivation for completing games. Have a nice day/night!

These months, between health problems, bureaucracy stuff and work, I have few time to play, and free time in general. I don’t forget BLAEO, will do a summary post of January-March advances at the end of this month. I’ve finished some unfinished games, I have some new titles from trades, gifts and reviewing purposes, but still did not buy anything since the Christmas season. Likewise, I will be back in condition and rejoin the files in our battle against the backlogs! Have a nice day and weekend!


After a December busier than expected, comes a January with work. I’m looking for an optimal organization this year, where I can combine work, family, and play games regularly, but it isn’t easy. My backlog grew with some past bundle keys activated, the steam sales, Santa Claus, and the 3 Kings festivity (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biblical_Magi) celebrated in very few countries, like mine, where they take the gifts and not Santa (Santa gift a detail). In return, I don’t go to buy anything until Summer Sale at least. Maybe I’ll do it till next Winter Sale, but little by little. I decided on this last month, and I am still convinced, so I am going to try it. There are few exceptions, titles for reviewing (usually 1 per month), gifts (as saint valentine’s or my birthday for example), and trades does not count, but all of which implies spend money yes. I know it’s going to be hard, but I can do it, and it will be better for me and my backlog. After checking the duration of some games on HLTB, January’s plan is the next one:

Pending Challenge me games (and also a monthly theme pick)

I have games pending of past Challenge me, so my idea is to clear this list every month a little. On this category is turn for:

Game Achievements Condition Playtime
images 7/23 Unfinished (Monthly theme) 4.6 h
images 0/31 Never played 0 h
images 0/35 Never played on PC (Completed in PS3) 0 h

Game to finish

I have some games that I left near the end for miscellaneous reasons (usually tons of work), so I’ll try to finish one of them all months too. This month it’s time to finish

images No Unfinished 4.6 h

Games for Reviewing
This month I have a title to review, it will be launched in a few weeks

images 0/4 Unfinished 2 h

Mid & Long-term games

Here are included some of my last acquisitions and some games with higher durations. I included my 2020 Secret Santa game (thanks to Cece09 again), and a couple of new acquisitions, Probably, I won’t finish them this month, but they will be part of this section until I clear them.

images 1/50 Unfinished 30 min
images 0/53 Never played 0 h
images 0/50 Never played 0 h

And that’s all for January. Stay safe and Happy Gaming. Greetings


PS: I was to include High School Possession on Pending Challenge me games, but I finished it before made this plan, It’s very short, less than 1h 30 min.

8th January Backlog condition: Zombie apocalypse. Time to fight it actively and bravely

5.03% (49/974)
1.95% (19/974)
17.15% (167/974)
73.00% (711/974)
2.87% (28/974)

AIORI’S 2020 DECEMBER REPORT (2nd report)

December was a nice month with holidays, and I spend a great time with my family, implying less time for playing. The main target of this month was to complete some pending Challenge me game and a couple of games for reviewing purposes. I can’t finish all because at the end I hadn’t the time, but I did some progress.

Beaten games

I beat Solasta and its winter update for reviewing purposes.

Half-Life 2

Solasta: Crown of the Magister

No rating for Early Access
28.7 hours
no achievements

Solasta is a great D&D RPG where you have a lot of options to customize your party and an interesting variety of skills to use. During the exploration and combats, you can use the environment in your favour, giving space to create your strategies to defeat your enemies. At this moment, it looks very promising, and it’s updated regularly, so maybe you can consider it. Recommendable

Preview Here

Completed Games

I completed Haven for reviewing purposes, TWD Season 2, included in the December monthly theme and a pending Challenge me, and a title out of the initial plan, Hikari! Clover Rescue

Half-Life 2


20.6 hours
30 of 30 achievements

Haven is an atypical proposal within the RPG genre. The time-based combat system, the survival on an unknown planet, the relationship between the protagonists, the interaction with the planet inhabitants, give a very different perspective of the genre. I see it oriented to the cooperative play with your girlfriend/boyfriend, because some themes are related to couple dynamics, but it’s enjoyable if you play it alone. Probably, not all RPG players like it, but if you want to try new/different things it’s an interesting title to explore. Recommendable

Complete Review Here

Half-Life 2

The Walking Dead: Season Two

9.2 hours
40 of 40 achievements

If you enjoyed the season 1, this game is a worthy successor. It starts some months later after the season 1, and your past decisions will have an impact on this game. Also, Telltale improved the choices' selection, now they have a heavier impact in the development, but there are still decisions that don't really influence. Recommendable

Half-Life 2

Hikari! Clover Rescue

4.0 hours
no achievements

A hentai visual novel with 1h in duration (if you want the cards, it will take you 4 h). The story is not serious, and you will laugh with several moments. The galleries are OK, the images are not animated, and you can't interact with the girls, but every girl has a set of various pics. For its price it's recommendable.

And that’s all for December, I had some titles pending of this plan, which I will include in the next ones with some of my last purchases.

Stay safe and Happy Gaming. Greetings.


Happy (gaming) New Year!! I wish a nice 2021 for all the BLAEO community

Merry Christmas!!