AIORI’S 2020 DECEMBER REPORT (2nd report)

December was a nice month with holidays, and I spend a great time with my family, implying less time for playing. The main target of this month was to complete some pending Challenge me game and a couple of games for reviewing purposes. I can’t finish all because at the end I hadn’t the time, but I did some progress.

Beaten games

I beat Solasta and its winter update for reviewing purposes.

Half-Life 2

Solasta: Crown of the Magister

No rating for Early Access
28.7 hours
no achievements

Solasta is a great D&D RPG where you have a lot of options to customize your party and an interesting variety of skills to use. During the exploration and combats, you can use the environment in your favour, giving space to create your strategies to defeat your enemies. At this moment, it looks very promising, and it’s updated regularly, so maybe you can consider it. Recommendable

Preview Here

Completed Games

I completed Haven for reviewing purposes, TWD Season 2, included in the December monthly theme and a pending Challenge me, and a title out of the initial plan, Hikari! Clover Rescue

Half-Life 2


20.6 hours
30 of 30 achievements

Haven is an atypical proposal within the RPG genre. The time-based combat system, the survival on an unknown planet, the relationship between the protagonists, the interaction with the planet inhabitants, give a very different perspective of the genre. I see it oriented to the cooperative play with your girlfriend/boyfriend, because some themes are related to couple dynamics, but it’s enjoyable if you play it alone. Probably, not all RPG players like it, but if you want to try new/different things it’s an interesting title to explore. Recommendable

Complete Review Here

Half-Life 2

The Walking Dead: Season Two

9.2 hours
40 of 40 achievements

If you enjoyed the season 1, this game is a worthy successor. It starts some months later after the season 1, and your past decisions will have an impact on this game. Also, Telltale improved the choices' selection, now they have a heavier impact in the development, but there are still decisions that don't really influence. Recommendable

Half-Life 2

Hikari! Clover Rescue

4.0 hours
no achievements

A hentai visual novel with 1h in duration (if you want the cards, it will take you 4 h). The story is not serious, and you will laugh with several moments. The galleries are OK, the images are not animated, and you can't interact with the girls, but every girl has a set of various pics. For its price it's recommendable.

And that’s all for December, I had some titles pending of this plan, which I will include in the next ones with some of my last purchases.

Stay safe and Happy Gaming. Greetings.



Solasta looks interesting. thanks for making me aware of it. I’m looking forward to see where it’s heading. Haven sounds fun as well!


Glad to help! At this moment it has its Early Access bugs, but it’s recommendable. I’m looking forward to the final version too.

Arbiter Libera

I really liked Haven demo. Is it challenging or more of a story game?


I would say Haven is more story-oriented with exceptions. When you assimilate the battle system, things get smoother, but the bosses, especially the secret ones, are challenging if you are not prepared. Also, a new type of enemy will appear in the mid-late game, and it’s challenging too. The story - difficulty relation is balanced, and in the worst of the cases, you have the option to low enemies’ damage and attack frequency, but I think it is not necessary.