Hi! Aiori is here. It’s been a time since I wrote something on BLAEO. So with the new year, I decided to do something about this.

I had different plans for starting the year, but I started 2022 with COVID, fortunately, I was previously vacuumed, so the symptoms were weaker. However, I passed some bad days, and it’s a strange virus, giving me different symptoms each day. I expect to be well next weekend.

And what were you doing all this time, Aiori? Work + being dad, even sometimes both at the same time. I’ve finished my last work project, and I will start to prepare the next when I will be recovered.

Also, what are you going to do with your backlog? My idea is to manage better my time, sometimes even I forgot to have free time, and that it’s not good for my health, so I have to do it. And of course, playing video games is one of my main hobbies. So I will try to reduce my backlog…again. At least, one of the main steps is done, I barely bought anything last year, but free games, birthday gifts and trades are still there, but in a minor dose too.

In 2021, I completed 16 games, it’s an advance, there are 2 less than in 2020, but is something. Also, the number of new games was lowered, bought on sales and no more. Even in the blog that I collaborate with, the charge is less this season. Moreover, in the last sale I restrained myself from buying more too, and only got 3 games that I know that I’m going to play.

So my idea to fight the backlog is going to play 1 HOG because they are short, 1 “main” game, and 1 game or 2 for reviewing. And if the main game takes more than 1 month, no problem. I will try to do some plans here again too.

Finally, I want to thank this community, and especially Ninglor for accepting me in the last Secret Santa event, I love this event. And Jaded for the Disco Elysium game, which I will play soon, for sure.

Let’s see how 2022 comes. Stay safe!



5.80% (66/1137)
1.93% (22/1137)
16.36% (186/1137)
73.44% (835/1137)
2.46% (28/1137)

Hopefully you recover fully soon!

Planning is halfway to victory. I have found that going through faster/shorter games along with main/long one boosts my motivation. It feels good to see that number going down. :D In the long run, it is really helpful to keep the number of new games as low as possible. Easier said than done. :p Good luck with your progress and hopefully 2022 will be a good year!


Thanks, a good 2022 for you too! And yeah, that’s the idea, alternating between short and long games to boost the motivation. Read in several posts here that formula, so I’m going to try it for sure.


Welcome back! I wish you a speedy recovery as well!

Do you already know what “main” game you will play next?



I have a doubt between finish once for all Man of the House, I am near the end, but the pending farming is a little bored, or start Disco Elysium or Eiyu Senki Gold A new Conquest, because I played during 90 h the first one, completed it and loved it. Definitively, one of them.


Aw, you’re very welcome! <3

Hope you’re feeling better soon!

Good luck with your backlog plans. It can be quite challenging to not go out and buy new stuff, so I’m keeping my fingers crosser for you :3



For a start, I paused my trading post. Then, last year I did not buy anything from Winter Sale to Summer Sale, and I think that I can do it again. Next step, focus on few games, one by one.


Ah, that sounds good. I tried to not buy too much stuff in the last sale. Which kinda worked :3
And hey, I’m 15 days into this year and haven’t broken my shopping resolution yet xD