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Hey, it’s me :)

After 350 hours of Vermintide 2, now i stuck at Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. 180 hours so far… Worth it tho. Now i am officially a Kojima fan boy :D

You can literally feel his style, his effect on the game. Yeah it is a bit hard to understand what the fuck is happening at the start since i didn’t play old games, but i love MGSV way too much, i couldn’t help and read almost all the story, then listen almost all the tapes in the game.

I wish Kojima could finish the game as he wanted, but it still a masterpiece anyway. I will probably play 10-20 hours more, than place it on the “Spacial Games” list.


I am finally done with Vermintide 2 after 350 hours :D

I still think it is a great game, but enough is enough. I will probably check it again when the new DLC comes, but i am not sure if i can (and want to) stick anymore :)

I am still enjoying Vermintide 2, but now i learned my lesson. Games without any offline option is a big NOPE for me.

I am having internet problems last few days, and the game is literally impossible to play. Isn’t that bullshit?

I thought i should create one monthly too when i saw Maya’s post but… There are only 2 games lol :D

Well, i don’t count Cyrane Story since i “played” it for key drop.

Chernoblyte is a nice game in my opinion, but it is definitely an Early Access game (with bugs, flaws etc.) so buy it if you interested in Stalker series.

About Vermintide 2… Damn this game is awesome. I played it before but somehow didn’t enjoy this much. Now i believe it is a very underrated game. I think you should check it, especially if you have a friend group to play with.

For the next month, i am probably going to play V2 a lot, but i am planning to add one or 2 games to the list :)

12% (24/194)
29% (57/194)
3% (5/194)
51% (98/194)
5% (10/194)

I wasn’t expecting this game to look that beautiful…

Looks like i will finally play Warhammer: Vermintide 2. I am not a native English speaker so it is kinda scary for me to talk foreign people, but i know i won’t be able to speak better if i won’t practice. Let’s go :D