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I feel the need to post here again in a long time.

I got myself the Xbox Gamepass recently, and since those are not synced with Steam/BLEAO(obviously), I want to keep track of them like this.

Also I told myself I won’t obsess as much over those games like I do on Steam, so for once they won’t be 100%ed even though they might be awesome games

Xbox Game Pass

Actually I would say this is a hard to gauge game.
It is certainly not a long game, but probably it's better that way.
Controlling the Monster is king of fun but get's stale pretty fastm the enemies are mostly trivial too.
Most of the time the most puzzling is to reach certain areas.
They could have made more out of this idea, but it is certainly not a bad game

Xbox Game Pass

Enter the Gungeon is a well made and good game.
But all this Bullethell run and gun action is just not my favorite.
Still I tried my best and managed in a good run to go to the last floor, and beat it.
After repeating this once more and finishing one character with that, I felt the game was complete for me.

Xbox Game Pass

Nier, what to say about Nier.
The first few hours were a drag and I considered dropping it a few times.
The game feels overhyped without end, but after enduring long it enough it became fun.
I skipped a lot of quests, I finished the main story and then went to the optional boss and DLC content.
It's a good game, but by far not one of the best.
The world felt too empty, the fetch quests were dragging on too long ans the story also took too long to take off.
But overall the Story was quite interesting.

Xbox Game Pass

One hell of a game!
Can't reccomend it enough!
The only bothersome thing of this games are the several things that oneshot you.
It was a wild ride and I had a lot of fun

Xbox Game Pass

Take Ori and the Blind Forest and Hollow Knight and throw it in a blender.
The result will be this: Ori and the Will of the Wisps.
Will of the Wisps felt heavily influenced by Hollow Knight, but if you combine two awesome games, what will be the result?
In this case it was also an awesome game!
I was kind of sad that they left the ability tree behind and went with "ability shards" instead, but that little bit was blown away very fast.
This game is by no means worse than Ori and the Blind Forest, just a bit different.

Xbox Game Pass

A Rogelite how I love it.
A lot of stuff to unlock to improve your future runs.
You are a little peasant diving down the mine and collecting gold for your future runs.
The rooms themselves made me think of Binding of Issac, but I would heavily prefer the Undermine gameplay over the Isaac one.
Who does not like to whack enemies with a pickaxe?
I personally favor melee combat over ranged.

Overall I am kind of glad I decided to mostly ignore achievements, Ori 1+2 but also Undermine have some kinda annoying ones.
And in the case of Undermine it would take hundreds of hours, and I think past 20 hours it would get stale for me.

Now to explore the other Game Pass games before my subscription runs out :D

Time to post a new milestone.
800 completed games!

63% (800/1272)
1% (8/1272)
0% (5/1272)
34% (428/1272)
2% (31/1272)

50% of games cleared! :D


Wooo milestone! 600 vs 600!


It’s december and I made pretty good progress


Just want to state my current progress of my backlog that I can check it in a few months :D

34% completed
1% beaten
1% unfinished
59% never played
5% won't play

It’s Sunday! Let’s sum up the week!
But first, it’s Christmas Eve today, so merry Christmas to everyone!

I finished what I started last week, Deadpool!
Overall it was still below my expections but it was still a good and entertaining game

  • Deadpool

    18 hours playtime

    50 of 50 achievements

Then I also thought I should continue with the VNs….so Analogue got a play from me.
It was quite fun with all the console commands and the AI talk, but reading the logs was more like a chore for me.

  • Analogue: A Hate Story

    2 hours playtime

    14 of 14 achievements

Last but not least SG, during Christmas we all go banana,quite the fun little story, nicely made and only a bit crazy….
….also I finally bought the DLC for Indiegame the Movie and was able to actually finish it!

  • You Are Not A Banana: Better Edition

    4 hours playtime

    25 of 25 achievements

  • Indie Game: The Movie

    3 hours playtime

    7 of 7 achievements

I am still not sure which game I should start next….
But next Sunday you will know it :D

Whoops guess who accidentally deleted the report from this Sunday?
You are right! It was me!
Sorry guys

This week I thought I would continue games I would like more, and not the crappy ones I bought in a bundle…
So let’s start with Anna’s Quest

  • Anna's Quest

    5 hours playtime

    21 of 39 achievements

(First try with this HTML Stuff :D)

I love Daedelic games and so far Anna’s Quest is just lovely and awesome too, maybe I will play more of the Daedelic games I have this week, we will see

Whooo it felt like it took forever, but finaly I reached 25% of games completed!
75% more to go