Greetings! Yindy’s profile

So, it seems you managed to stumble upon my pile of shame.

I know, I’m a horrible, horrible, hoarder that lacks discipline, or maybe an attention span, I suppose. :)

The idea is to finish games before starting new ones… Though, I guess it doesn’t quite help me, at all, that I’ve also got a console/origin/uplay backlog that’s not shown here… Runs away to hide in a dark corner

Progress, abandoned some.


A steamgifts win that got removed by steam. One of those 10000x giveaways. Quite fun. The basic runner/flyer but don’t get hit by obstacles

Momonga Pinball Adventures

0.8 hours, 2 of 10 achievements


A fun little pinball story game. You're a momonga, and by playing through pinball levels you need to help your village out.
Downside: It's a 'to be continued…' game. Damnit.

All in all I had some fun, the levels are creative and really colorfull. You can go back to complete all the challenges. The downside: You can only progress on 1 challenge at a time, in a specific order.

All in all, I liked it. The sale price of 2,39 might even be a bit to much, though.

Rogue'n Roll

2.6 hours, 1 of 22 achievements
Another one of those mass giveaways.


Awfull. Horrible controls, concept. Abandoned it because I just really can't stand it.

I feel dirty for these :x

Honestly, I’ve got no freaking clue how I even got these - probably an indiegala bundle or some crap like that. I feel like cheating for using these… But, hey, at least my backlog is down 25 games? Or something. All except Pain Train & Pain Train 2 are launch, close,5k achievement/game completed + steam crash games.
Also, it seems for some reason closing everyone of these games makes steam crash.

Except that these are cheap ass achievement games, it made me realise I REALLY hate gaining 5k achievements without effort. Sure, the Zup! games ain’t much better… At least you actually have to complete those games. And I actually liked them.


0.0 hours, 0 of 5000 achievements


A lame puzzle game, 5k achievements, only had to open it really and close to get them all.
Oh, and steam crashed.


0.0 hours, 0 of 5000 achievements


A lame puzzle game, 5k achievements, only had to open it really and close to get them all.
Oh, and steam crashed.

Morendar: Goblin Slayer

0.2 hours, 5000 of 5000 achievements


This one was somewhat fun. Same as the others for the achievement, but I actually enjoyed playing a level in it!

Kicking Kittens: Putin Saves The World

0.0 hours, 0 of 5000 achievements


Tha fuck. Thought it couldn't get any worse/weird… Guess I was wrong.

Destination Dungeon: Crypts of Warthallow

0.0 hours, 0 of 5000 achievements


This one was enjoyable. Somewhat.

Fitzzle Mighty Bears

0.0 hours, 5000 of 5000 achievements


Same concept as the qlorb games, but now with an image! <img src='>

Warp Rider

0.0 hours, 5000 of 5000 achievements


Shoot obstacles, avoid gaps, don't die.
<img src='>


0.0 hours, 0 of 5000 achievements


Deja vu… Pretty much the same as Destination Dungeons

Symbiotic Overload

0.0 hours, 5000 of 5000 achievements


A somewhat decent twin stick shooter. Fun while it lasted, but won't bother playing it again

Pain Train PainPocalypse

0.0 hours, 5000 of 5000 achievements


A cheap FPS where you kill zombies. Oh, and unlimited ammo

<img src=''

Pain Train

2.5 hours, 0 of 590 achievements


Better graphics - compared to paincolypse. Oh, and you actually have to do something for the achievements, instead of just gaining 5k as soon as you launch and quit the game!

Pain Train 2

2.7 hours, 162 of 720 achievements


Same as pain train, but now in a spaceship! The achievements aren't auto-given here, either.. You have to at least meet some requirements.
It seems do-able, just can't be bothered myself as I absolutely dislike FPS games in general.

The Art Of Knuckle Sandwich

0.0 hours, 0 of 5000 achievements


Definately seen this game before, just with different assets… Oh, that's right, Destination: Dungeons!

Yatsumitsu Fists of Wrath

0.0 hours, 0 of 5000 achievements


Definately seen this game before, just with different assets (goblins…) Hmms, I wonder.
Oh, that's right! Their other game, Morendar: Goblin Slayer
These are somewhat fun, except… You move, pick up and attack all with the left mouse button.

Poultry Panic

0.0 hours, 5000 of 5000 achievements


The fuck did I just play… Chickens spawn, you can make them run either left or right. I think by killing them you turn them into food, or something?

Crankies Workshop: Grizzbot Assembly 2

0.0 hours, 0 of 5000 achievements


It's different, at least. It seems a very fast paced science based quit, with yes or no options.
The faster you answer correctly, the more money and thus the more expensive the robot you build.

Crankies Workshop: Zazzbot Assembly

0.0 hours, 0 of 5000 achievements


It's different, at least. It seems a very fast paced science based quit, with yes or no options.
The faster you answer correctly, the more money and thus the more expensive the robot you build.

Crankies Workshop: Whirlbot Assembly

0.0 hours, 0 of 5000 achievements


It's different, at least. It seems a very fast paced science based quit, with yes or no options.
The faster you answer correctly, the more money and thus the more expensive the robot you build.

Crankies Workshop: Lerpbot Assembly

0.0 hours, 0 of 5000 achievements


It's different, at least. It seems a very fast paced science based quit, with yes or no options.
The faster you answer correctly, the more money and thus the more expensive the robot you build.

Crankies Workshop: Grizzbot Assembly

0.0 hours, 0 of 5000 achievements


It's different, at least. It seems a very fast paced science based quit, with yes or no options.
The faster you answer correctly, the more money and thus the more expensive the robot you build.

Crankies Workshop: Bozzbot Assembly

0.0 hours, 0 of 5000 achievements


It seems a very fast paced science based quit, with yes or no options.
The faster you answer correctly, the more money and thus the more expensive the robot you build.


0.0 hours, 0 of 5000 achievements


Some puzzle game. Didn't like it.

Math Problem Challenge

0.0 hours, 0 of 5000 achievements


Ultra fast multiple choice math

Math Speed Challenge

0.0 hours, 0 of 5000 achievements


Ultra fast multiple choice math

Solar Battle Glargaz

0.0 hours, 0 of 5000 achievements


This one was fun! - compared to the other crap in this list.
Actually lasted 5 whole levels before I got bored!

Defend your planet, the gems are shields and are good, the ships are bad and must be destroyed by clicking on them

#Few more games down… (…And a lot of new games)


4.2 hours of playtime, 5 of 13 achievements

I’ve actually bought this game twice, and despite that never finished it before. Why? I don’t know, really, distracted easily I suppose.
Anyways, you’re a young guy that is apparently looking for his sister (According to the description). You’re in this really eerie, dark, world where everything is black and white… …And wants to kill you.

I liked this game, the music and puzzles are pretty good, though hard and punishing at times.


Mini Metro

10.9 hours of playtime, 21 of 42 achievements

I’ve had my eye on this game for a couple of yeas now, but never bought it because I didn’t want to gamble to see if I’d like it or not. So, when this game appeared in a recent humble bundle, I bought the bundle for this game.

No regrets, whatsoever :). It’s surprisingly relaxing to just go with the flow and connect metrostations, lines… The background music gradually builds up during your play and it just brought me in the zone. The hours flew by before I knew it.

Orwell: Ignorance is Strength

6.7 hours of playtime, 11 of 19 achievements

I really loved Orwell. So, when the sequel came out it was an instant buy for me.
This time, you’re investigating a different target (And therefore a group of people), parallel to the events happening in the first Orwell game. You can link the save file, and it’s interesting to see how some events influence your current objective.

Unfortunately, I can’t go into the story due to possible spoilers, but I think if you liked the concept of the first game, you’ll like this one, too.

Koi-Koi Japan [Hanafuda playing cards]

6.3 hours of playtime, 24 of 35 achievements

A popular Japanese cardgame. Never heard of it before, but it was fun to learn to play with a different kind of cards/rules.


3.8 hours of playtime, 10 of 43 achievements

The concept has a small WTF?!, but it’s just so much fun! (And no, not because of the naked girls)
Ever since I’m a kid, I just enjoy rhytm games.

In this game, all the Senran Kagura girls compete in a cooking tournament in order to win a ninja scroll that can grant any wish.
Everyone has their own motivation to enter, so you get to play through a lot of different stories.

The music is quite nice, and did I mention it’s a lot of fun?

A few more beaten :)

Little Inferno

This was a random library pick, and I actually liked it! Burn stuff in the fire, make combo’s, gain coins to buy more stuff to burn… And there’s also a story behind it.

It’s spring again

A cute little educational game, probably aimed at kindergarten kids, about the seasons.

The highlights of the past year (And a crappy one from the recent week)

So, last year I was so proud for being able to make those pretty list tables! …And now I totally don’t remember how :’).
bayonetta origins witcher orwell berseria mario wanderlust max

I’ve heard a lot about this game, just never got around to playing/buying it…
So, when I noticed it launched on steam and it was on sale, I just had to have it! - No regrets there, whatsoever. Even preordered 2 & 3 for the switch…

Running around as a kickass witch on high heels, and using your hair as a whip to defeat angelic guys? Hell yea!

AC: Origins

This was kinda a gamble to pick up, seeing as my graphic card is on the lower end of the spectrum, if not a tad to low… But, fortunately for me, it works! Ever since I’m a kid, I’ve been obsessed with Ancient Egypt… So, an AC game where I can run around exploring ancient Egypt, climb pyramids, etc? ITS A MUST BUY!

And oh yea, there’s a story too, which is actually pretty interesting and engaging to follow. I liked origins way better than 3 (Which I ended up abandoning because it felt like such a chore to get through, even though I was close to the end… I just couldn’t do it anymore.)

Origins made the game feel fresh again with a new combat system, actually picking up quests instead of contracts of a board. And, did I mention, pyramids? <3 Still trying to figure out if I want to buy the seasonpass, though… I really like Origins, it’s just that 40 euro for a season pass feels to damned expensive.

The Witcher: Wild Hunt…

Well. my bf just couldn’t stop nagging me to go play it, so, being the stubborn girl I am I insisted on reading the books first… No regrets there :)
Finally got around to playing it and finishing the main story, and just, wow… So many choices, so many decisions. I’ve actually got trouble with making decisions, and kept reloading save files because I didn’t like the outcome - until I forced myself to live with the decisions I made just to continue the story.

I’m on a break of it now: Just finished the main story a few days ago and decided to jump into the dlc right away, but I’m afraid it’ll burn me out if I just keep on going, no matter how great it is.


As I’ve said in my last update,this game is what made me buy the humble monthly. I was just really bummed I missed out on it. It’s a bit of a weird,find your own story driven game buy reading random articles and eavesdropping on people to figure out what is going on. It is kind of hard to describe it, but I just really enjoyed playing it.


Tales of Berseria

Yup…. I’m a sucker for long RPGS, especially JRPGS, with the tales of serie being one of my favourites.
Took me a while to get started, but I really liked the dark setting in Berseria.

The story is quite dark and grim, but the cast makes up for it with their random banter/chatter in the skits.

Super Mario Odyssey

A non-pc game, I know I know, but it’s mario! Also the main reason I got myself a switch. It’s fun, lighthearted, and so damned many collectibles to keep you busy.

Together with 64, it has to be my favourite mario game right now. Not to mention, Mario in a wedding dress looks interesting… (Just like in all the other costume collectables)


It’s just some weird bundle crap, and it seems like the only achievement is only unlockable with steam achievement manager, so, who cares really?
At least it’s another finished game. It looks pretty, though


Max - An autistic journey.

Having Aspergers myself, this kinda spiked my interest: I was curious to find out how someone could make a rpg out of a day with autism. To my surprise, it kinda turned out good - though I don’t agree with certain struggles/stereotypes the game presents.

It’s an RPGmaker game: For some reason I’m kinda prejudiced against those things but this proofed me wrong.
I like how all the goalds are pictograms, and those pictograms explain why they’re needed + some general background information.
Unfortunately, this one is all to true. sound

Seems we’re like a year later since my last post. Haven’t been to active the past year due to a bizarre year, personal situation wise.

Anyways, just wanted to let people know I’m still trying to tackle the evil backlog, even finished a bunch of games! (And probably added a few more….)

  • Assassins creed: Origins. What else is there to say? ANCIENT EGYPT :D
  • Tales of Berseria
  • Orwell. This is actually the game that made me subscribe to humble bundle… My boyfriend already had a sub, and I got kinda jealous when he got that game, so, ye…

Currently playing the Witcher 3. This is probably going to take a long time, seeing as I’m getting way to distracted with all the side quests. :)

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re:Birth 1; almost made me forgot I finished some stuff!

  • Assassin's Creed Revelations
    Assassin's Creed Revelations

    20 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • DuckTales Remastered
    DuckTales Remastered

    11 hours playtime

    13 of 20 achievements

  • Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1
    Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1

    27 hours playtime

    13 of 45 achievements

Yay! I did it!! (Sorry, I’m just feeling proud for making a pretty list, too)

Ducktales: Remastered

At the start of the month/year I finally got around to playing Ducktales: Remastered, and finished the game.
It’s a fun platformer featuring Uncle Scrooge.

A thing that somewhat weirded me out (As English ain’t my main language) is the difference between the English McDuck and the Dutch one: For starters, the only reason I even know Uncle Duck is Scottish is because I read it in a comic years ago. It’s hardly ever mentioned in the magazine, you don’t hear it in his voice and oh, he doesn’t have the mc prefix.

AC: Revelations.

Ezio Auditore da Firenze…. Altaïr, Desmond…
Definately not my most popular game in the trilogy, but the story was quite engaging and interesting. Seeing I’ve still not played AC1 it was a nice way to gain some background and insight into the struggles of Altaïr while simultaniously getting closure about Ezio’s life…
Ended up skipping a optional levels though, because I just can’t stand first person view games/levels, unfortunately.

And Desmond, damn you, you’re still alive… Now I’m actually forced to play AC3 too just to get closure on Desmond before I can continue Black Flag. Sigh.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re:Birth 1.

I’ve randomly started playing this title because it’s in the monthly theme list and was pleasantly surprised:
For starters, I’m a girl, so I’m a bit of a sucker for bright colors, pretty images + I actually love jrpgs.

Also, this game just… doesn’t take itself, nor the gameindustry, seriously.
You are Neptunia, a goddess who fell during the Console War and has amnesia.
It also has a pretty cute game over screen.

Anyways, the land of Gamindustry consists of 4 seperate lands, each being cared for by a different Goddess. For some reason the Goddesses are in a war called the Console War.

Neptunia (Or Nep-Nep) travels all over the lands to find someone to help restore her memory, while, as in any other jrpg, somehow getting into a huge mess with various party members.

I just like that this game is so full of puns; even though I haven’t finished this game yet, I fell in love with the series and just instantly bought the remaining 2, too <3 (+ There’s a GA running for this part on steamgifts)


Seems I’m in a tower defense mood.

Garden Rescue: Christmas Edition

A tad later than planned, but managed to beat this little gem like Jan 1st or so.

It was a way to keep my mind of some awfully bad news I heard Saturday.

ZombieGotchi (100%)

I abandoned this months ago: I got it for free and it was in early, early acces.
This time I actually managed to level my poor zombie up, keep her alive and by playing games she gained more brains.
…I suppose not having her idle in the background also helped; she didn’t die near as much.

Also, the mini games she unlocked later in the game were quite fun.

GemCraft: Chasing Shadows.

…Did I mention I’m in a tower defense mood?
This game, is, well, huge. I keep messing up, giving up, to just launch it again right away…

A few more games beaten this year…

Lego: Lord of the rings


It’s been a while since I’ve started this one and randomly decided to pick it up again during Christmas.
Turned out, I was almost at the end of the second movie already! So this one was a relatively quick one to finish :)

As for the game: I’m a sucker for Lego games, and I love the Lord of the Rings movies, so there really wasn’t a lot this game could’ve done wrong to me - and it didn’t.
It’s a shame I’ll most likely never revisit it, though, due to the ridiculous size of my backlog… But, hey, at least I’ve played the game, finished the story, and bothered to write about it! :)

Dust: An Elysian Tail

…Have I mentioned yet how pretty this game looks? Yes? Well, I just did it again. :p Granted, I started it because it was one of the few games I own that fit the december theme, but I’m really glad I did: I’ve had a blast with it: I love 2D/platformers/action games, so, yay! Perfect match.

Also, the dialogue/story/music, yup, pretty much everything, was great!

It’s been a bit of a pet peeve of me: I’m always sitting behind the computer, with a controller in my hand. Because it’s way more laid back to sit with my chair against the wall my neck is always in an odd position during gaming, resulting in sore muscles and stuff.

Also, in my old home, with my crappy laptop I’d already tried plugging a controller in the laptop and the laptop in the tv but didn’t quite like how that turned out…
Anyhow, during the sale I noticed the steamlink had a nice discount, and because it sounds like something I’d definately like (And it’s affordable for 22-ish euro’s) I got myself the steamlink…

And, men, I love that thing! It doesn’t just stream Steam big picture, if I close/minimize it, it streams whichever monitor my mouse is on… So, instead of sitting behind the computer with headphones on watching a movie/serie, I can now watch those on my tv, too! :D Yay!

Costume Quest (& Grubbins on ice) - 100% :D

To try out the Steamlink I randomly launched Costumequest. Didn’t quite know what to expect from it but it was a fun little game. :)


It’s Halloween, your twin decided to dress up as a candy corn, got himself kidnapped by monsters collecting candy, and it’s up to you to find your missing twin back!
You do this by trick or treating, collecting candy/costumes, and battles:

Based on the costume people are wearing, you gain abilities that you can use in battle: Lady Liberty’s special attack, for example, heals everyone in the party.
The Robot just nukes down monsters with quite some damage, etc.

….Okay, it sounds lame now, but it’s quite fun!
a very pissed off pumpkin-costume…

Grubbins on ice

Grubbins on ice is a little story/dlc, taking place after Costume Quest.
In this dlc the kids end up in the world of the ‘monsters’ and, in order to save the yeti festival, they… …Need to start trick or treating, beating baddies, collect costumes yet again.
But it’s still fun! :)

A few more games down \0/

Puzzle Agent 2: ( beaten)

Well, after playing Puzzle Agent I just couldn’t help myself playing through #2 too, for the sake of the story, mainly, because the ending was way to open… I kinda like closure in my games, ya know?

Anyways, Agent Tethers had the same problem as I had; his investigation was completed and he was called back, but he also had the feeling something wasn’t quite right, so he decided to go back to Soggins for his ‘vacation’ and try to find closure that way,

I enjoyed it, though I got through the first puzzle agent in like an evening, this one took me 1 week or so because I kept spreading it out, doing other stuff, etc. etc.

But, yay! Puzzle Agent beaten!

Winter Sale (formerly known as Summer Sale.) (completed)

Why? I… Just couldn’t help myself; can’t wait for the Winter Sale so figured I might as well buy a simulated version of it. :’)
Not a lot you can say about this, it’s just earn money, buy games, buy more games.

Toki Tori

It’s a charming little puzzle platformer. It’s been in my library for years but somehow never gotten around to playing it… I noticed it can be used for the winter theme, so my curiosity rose. :)

You’re a yellow bird, and the goal is to collect all the eggs in a level. Easy enough, right? The catch is: You can’t jump. Or fly. Or swim. Instead, you unlock abilities which have a limited move in a level. For example: Teleporting through walls or building bridges.

It’s fun, and I’m enjoying it while waiting around and stuff. :)

Dust: An Elysian Tail.

Wow, can’t believe I never bothered to play this before. It looks SO amazingly beatifull, and it’s just a LOT of fun!
The downside is, for some reason I can’t take screenshots of the game: The steam button just gives no respone, and regular screenshots turn out white. :(

AC: Revelations.

I’m still slowly playing through this, in phases: I love Ezio, and I just wants to know what happens with Desmond and Ezio… Yet sometimes I just get a bit annoyed of it (-cough- stalking mission -cough-) turn it off, do something else, go back to it… I will beat it, someday!

Winter Voices

Well, haven’t touched it since the last update and I barely remember it… Thinking about throwing it to the abandoned pile, because it simply can’t seem to capture my attention