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I don’t really have a general strategy, but my main goal this year is to finish “big” games that I started and kinda just piled up, namely:

  • Bioshock
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  • DmC
  • Fallout 3 with all DLC
  • Mass Effect (second playthrough)
  • Star Wars KotOR
  • Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

In addition to that, my SG wins have priority and I still need to finish a lot of them. Forward into battle!

Finished the first season of The Walking Dead!

  • The Walking Dead
    The Walking Dead

    20 hours playtime

    48 of 48 achievements

I had watched a full playthrough of this game before on Youtube, but that was 4 years ago when it first came out and I didn’t remember many details of it, so it was a good time to play it myself now. Especially since I’m also a massive fan of the comics and TV show and the new season just started as well. This is definitely one of the best and most emotional games I’ve ever played. I’m gonna start Season 2 now and hope I will get through by the time they release Episode 1 of Season 3 (which apparently will be this month? Yay!).

  • Prison Architect
    Prison Architect

    24 hours playtime

    2 of 18 achievements

I also played a lot of Prison Architect this month. I got it almost a year ago and really wanted to get into it, but the tutorial wasn’t finished at the time and the learning curve felt way too steep. I didn’t have enough patience for it back then. The tutorial levels have improved since then, I still needed a lot of help from online guides but once I understood the basics it became really addictive. Those achievements are hard to get, though. D:

And last but not least I bought a Humble Monthly for the first time, mainly for Stardew Valley. It always seemed like a game I would enjoy but unfortunately I’m quite bored with it after 2 hours. I hope the rest of the bundle will be good.

Not much has happened in terms of gaming progress since my last update - between a lot of RL stress I admittedly wasn’t in the mood to stick to my list of games and just played whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, even if that meant starting a couple new games and making that list even longer.

My biggest timesink in the last month was No Man’s Sky. I played over 100 hours within the first 2 weeks after its release, at which point I really needed a break. But I’m not even close to being finished and there’s still a lot to discover, so this game will keep me entertained for a long, long time. I also want to get all the achievements. :)

  • No Man's Sky
    No Man's Sky

    107 hours playtime

    15 of 22 achievements

And then I’ve been playing a lot of multiplayer games with friends:

ARK: Survival Evolved: we put around 17 hours into it during the free weekend back in July and had an incredible amount of fun, even though it ran like crap on most of our machines

Don’t Starve Together: this game should be called Don’t Freeze Together, tbh. We’ve never survived the winter.

Starbound: started a new playthrough now that it’s finally out of EA. Last time I played was over a year ago, so there’s a lot of new things to discover and I can’t wait to see what they’ve done with it.

Warframe: I stopped playing right around the time when Lunaro and the new star chart were released because it was very overwhelming and I had some bad experiences with random players in public missions… but I’m slowly getting back into it and rediscovering the fun

Borderlands 2: Playing it for the first time with 2 of my best friends, we’re all loving it. It’s difficult to align our schedules and find the time to play regularly, so I’ll probably start a second playthrough on my own because I really want to see how the story plays out.

Right now I’m focusing on KOTOR again and I still want to finish that second Mass Effect playthrough as well - Andromeda is coming and I want to be done before it releases! Hopefully it won’t be delayed.

I finished Gods Will Be Watching!

  • Gods Will Be Watching
    Gods Will Be Watching

    11 hours playtime

    10 of 35 achievements

Not part of the theme, but this was my most recent SG win and I couldn’t wait to start playing it. I’d been trying to win it for a long time even though I didn’t really know what to expect or if I would like it, but once I started playing I just couldn’t stop. Really loved this game and intend to replay it at some point for the rest of the achievements.

Happy to have found quite a few games in my library that are applicable for this month’s theme! Let’s not talk about how much I failed at finishing my space games last month and move on:

  • Maui

    58 minutes playtime

    9 of 9 achievements

I finished a game, you guys. Miracles happen. Even though the clunky controls were very frustrating and there’s not a lot of substance to the story, but I don’t regret having spent an hour with Maui.

My other games that I want to try for the theme:

  • Oceanhorn
  • Syberia
  • The Ship: Murder Party
  • theHunter: Primal
  • A Story About My Uncle
  • DmC
  • BioShock
  • Dreaming Sarah
  • Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes
  • Sunless Sea
  • Race The Sun

But the only one on this list that I definitely plan to finish this month is DmC, since I’m already about a third of the way through and enjoying it a lot. Now that No Man’s Sky has been delayed and I still have time off work that I took especially for that, I can use that time to play other games, I guess. (Pro tip: never request vacation time for a game release, kids.)

I’ve been meaning to sort through my games on here for a while, but I get so overwhelmed every time I start and kinda just give up. But this month’s theme motivated me to pick up Knights of the Old Republic again - I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish it this month, but at least I’m determined to make progress.

While trying to work my way through other games from March till April, I got sidetracked and somehow fell down the rabbit hole that is Warframe and it’s been a huge timesucker. But at least it kind of fits the space theme, I guess? /o\
(Speaking of space, next month will be all about No Man’s Sky, I’m even taking 2 weeks off just for the release!)

306 games (+1 not categorized yet)
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