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Casually killing my game backlog.


29.5 hours, 16 of 23 achievements

I know it hasn’t been long since my last post but I just couldn’t not write about this game, Wuppo may have became one of my most favourite games ever. I loved it so much that I did something I have never done before, I did a second playthough right after my first and on Insane difficulty too. I’m a casual gamer, I typically hardly play games on hard mode and I rarely played games more than once, and yet I got through this game’s Insane mode and I’m ridiculously proud of myself for that. It helped that this game is very short and very generous with its autosaves, there’s only 18 bosses (not counting the Halloween event bonus boss) and most of them have pretty easy to figure out pattern.

The best part of the game, that got me so in love with it though is the world and the characters. The world is so very charming and lovely, with great designs and worldbuilding that it absorbed me in and got me wanting to know everything about it. It’s surprisngly deep to, the stuff with Redav Kned and the source of all living beings are fascinating. The story and gameplay is mixed of different elements, there is the platformer aspect which is the main thing, it also has some nice puzzles and even some RPG like sidequests and fishing. I loved just going around learning lore and helping people, so much that I was a little dissapointed it ended so quickly. But it being short (about 8-9 hours if you play casually and do side quests) helps keep the story compact and simple, even though there are some elements I’m puzzled about that the game never made clear. Like what is that stone creature that the Bliones worship, and where did they come from? The Blussers said that one day a whole temple just fell from the sky, is it because of the Bankrent or Redav Kned? I hope that maybe someday the devs will make a sequel that adresses it, I certainly would love to return to this world again.

It’s not November yet but since I will be busy soon I’m posting this now, if I don’t I’ll probably forget again until next year.

  • The Fidelio Incident

    3 hours playtime

    13 of 14 achievements

  • Little Kite

    8 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones

    6 hours playtime

    28 of 32 achievements

  • Tyd wag vir Niemand

    18 hours playtime

    12 of 14 achievements

The Fidelio Incident

I bought and finished this game back in the Steam Summer Sale in July but forgot to put it in the last post so I’m doing it now. It’s a short walking simultor game where you play a man finding his wife after their plane crashed in a snowy mountain, on the way you can collect your wife’s journal pages and learn about the couple’s backstory. Nice plot and beautiful visual, there is no enemy outside of nature but the game manages to be pretty intense in some part. Definitely worth checking out, though note that that if you have a weak computer there is one part where it is completely dark and unplayable in low setting so make sure to check system requirement before playing.

Little Kite (SG Win)

A charming point and click game with some sensitive subject, I enjoyed this game’s simple story a lot even though some puzzle is a bit confusing.

Nightmares from the Deep 3: Davy Jones

I finifshed this game after dropping it some time ago, Nightmare From The Deep series are good HOG games, this one put an end to the story of Davy Jones with a heartwarming (if a bit cheesy) plot and some nice puzzles. The daughter is even more useless in this one, and I wonder why Davy Jones’s power transferred to his daughter? If he got it from breaking their ritual then shouldn’t it have been returned after he finished it? That kind of detail is not important in this kind of game though, it’s very much an enjoyable casual game.

Tyd wag vir Niemand (SG Win)

I obsessed over this game for days, it’s the epitome of great concept and horrible execution. A platformer puzzle game with time and memory as central theme, and the way they slowly reveal the protagonist’s backstory is nice too. The gameplay however is very frustrating, horribly designed and riddled with bugs. If you jump into the edge of the platform you can either be stuck there of get thrown way up high to the sky, if the platform move up and down (which is a lot, and in one level the basic mechanic) it can mess with your jumping and make you miss your footing. You mainly rely on timing and memory to solve puzzles which in concept is great and fit with the game’s main theme, in practice it is very trial and error. You have to time your time pause and jumping just right, and in the last two levels if you quit in the middle the level will reset. It’s also way too long, the charm of the unique mechanic and beautiful background wear out pretty fast after the first few levels, the playstyle is very simple with the later levels just mixing them with not much variety. The audio got repetitive and annoying too. So many times I want to stop playing and just drop this game forever but because this is a SG win and because I’m curious about the solution to the story I tried to beat it, but it won’t even give me that satisfaction. I just couldn’t get the good ending, I beat the last level twice after beating the secret level but probably due to some bug nothing happen. I tried asking on the forum but didn’t get any reply. Just… stay far away from this game.

So today is my birthday, I wouldn’t say it was a good day but it wasn’t bad either. Here’s some virtual cake for everyone in BLAEO courtesy of Google:


And here’s a puzzle and some giveaways that you can enter if you want.

I’m 24 now, I feel like I should have my life in order and make something of myself. But I’m neither of those things, and though I am trying I still feel anxious about the future. The road in front of me is long and hard and I’m scared of so many things. But I’m still walking and hopefully I will be able to reach the end.

Late Report

Sorry for months of silence (though I doubt anyone missed me), I’m back again with a report of games I have finished eliminating from my backlog.

  • Rakuen

    11 hours playtime

    13 of 15 achievements

  • Doki Doki Literature Club

    8 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter

    6 hours playtime

    12 of 15 achievements

  • Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders

    9 hours playtime

    43 of 50 achievements

  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut

    60 hours playtime

    41 of 59 achievements

  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™

    92 hours playtime

    30 of 81 achievements

  • Chaos on Deponia

    14 hours playtime

    18 of 34 achievements


I love RPGMaker games and I wasn’t dissapointed with this one, it was one of the best written games I’ve played. I knew going in it would be sad, with the setting in a hospital and a sick kid, but I’m so glad for the joy and happiness it brought too. It’s beautiful and colorful, the music is great and I teared up many times playing it. My favourite part was when it wasn’t made clear whether everything was real or just pretend, I like that a lot more than making everything a dream or just hopeful fantasy. Some parts can get tedious especially if you want collect all the toys, but overall it’s a wonderful game that I urge everyone to try out especially if you like story heavy games.

Doki Doki Literature Club

I have seen this before; the meme, the internet’s adoration, the sudden twist in the middle with serious change in the tone, the tragic ending. It’s Puella Magi Madoka Magica, just with stereo typical visual novel girls intead of magical girls (one can make an argument about Monika however) .The difference is that PMMM is a good anime with pretty solid writing and a proper story while DDLC has barely anything. There is threads of interesting elements hanging there, with stereotypical characters that can be interesting with proper development and storylines that I can see myself getting invested in. But instead of that there is cheap shock horror, exploding eyeballs and my dissapointment.

Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter (SG Win)

I think I’m burning out on HOGs. It’s a decent casual gerne, I enjoyed it a lot in the past. However I’m getting tired of the similar plots, similar characters and minimal gameplay. Maybe I’ll crave it again when I’m done playing through a portion of my backlog, as it is I’m done with the gerne for now.
The game itself is good, a typical HOG game with good quality. The part where I’m framed and then attacked in the hospital was nice, intense and with some good puzzles. If you enjoy HOG then definitely pick this one up.

Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders (SG Win)

The only book of Agatha Christie I have read is And Then There Were None which I enjoyed a lot. If the game is closely adapted from the book then I’m glad I never read her Poirot series because I hate the style. I hated how condescending Poirot sounded and how the poilice force seemed to agree to his every whim despite him stealing crucial pieces of evidence. Hasting needs to find a better friend. The story is good, the mystery is compelling and well written. The gameplay is simple, you click and hover on points of interests and makes conclusions based on clues you collected. Overall I quite enjoyed it, I just hated Poirot.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director’s Cut

It’s official, Deus Ex is one of my favourite game series alongside Final Fantasy and Wolfenstein. I loved the first game despite its age and I adored this game, along with Mankind Divided. Like the first game this one have a choose-your-own-style gameplay and I really liked it, and I love how they made the hacking game a lot more interesting than just clicking and waiting. The story is good, but what I love the most is the characters. I love Adam Jensen and his relationship with other characters like Sarif, Pritchard, Malik and Megan. The boss battles can be pretty tedious and I wish they have included some non-lethal options as I was doing a pacifist run (which I ruined anyway by killing everyone in a certain part to save Malik because fuck it I’m not letting her die). Another part the game fails is how the guys you knocked out basically became ragdolls, which is hilarious when you want to make a pyramid of unconcious guys with exactly the same position but annoying when they got a leg stuck in the wall when they fell down and your stealth failed because you can’t move them.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided™

I loved this a lot more than Human Revolution, which I understand is not a popular opinion. MD’s main story feels like it was cut short, there is only a few level aside from Prague, it’s not very well optimized and is just not as polished as HR. But I love how Adam feels a lot more human than in HR (he got more comfortable with his body and he got a new team to interact with), the gameplay is better especially the hacking game (though some software I feel is unnecessary, I basically only used Nuke, Stop Worm and Reveal in my playthrough) and the side missions are great. I loved how big Prague felt, I spent hours exploring it and broke in any place I can. However aside from it there is a lack in variety with other levels, they all feel pretty similar and not as much places to explore compared to HR and original DX. The ragdoll physics I mentioned in HR is still there, the game in general is just not well optimized especially for lower end computers like mine. Still I managed to complete a playthrough and enjoyed it very much. The story DLCs are great too, definitely worth getting from the Season Pass if you enjoyed the main game.

Chaos on Deponia

I quite enjoyed the first game, it was a charming point and click game and playing with someone else is nice so I looked forward to this one. To be honest, I am pretty dissapointed. The first part was fine then it got to spilt personalities and platypuses, it was such a drag I left it unfinished for moths until recently. I am personally not a fan of split personalities trope in fiction, it can be used to explore a character’s personality fine but most of the time it’s just cliched and badly done. In this game it’s not too bad, I can still grasp what the story is trying to tell but it’s so clunkily written it took me to near the end of the game to understand it. I’m still very confused about how personality implants work in this world and many plot elements, hopefully the rest fo the series will explore them.

Right now I’m devoting all my game time to playing my Steamgifts wins so I won’t do the theme of the month challenge, October is my birthday month so hopefully I can play games more but realistically I have responsibities so probably not ;_;. Happy October to everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful spooky month!

February and March Report

I have never been good at writing, and I’m lazy too so I forgot to do the February post and now it’s two months in one. Someday I will fix my bad procrastinating habit, I swear not likely soon though. I actually didn’t play much in February, but I had more free time in the second half of March so I managed to beat some more games.

  • Aritana and the Harpy's Feather

    6 hours playtime

    19 of 37 achievements

  • Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition

    55 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Murdered: Soul Suspect

    16 hours playtime

    44 of 48 achievements

  • Scrap Garden

    4 hours playtime

    31 of 42 achievements


    6 hours playtime

    14 of 14 achievements

  • Virginia

    7 hours playtime

    5 of 17 achievements

Aritana and the Harpy’s Feather

Part of the March Monthly Challenge on Steamgifts. Very enjoyable platformer game, not outstanding or anything and pretty short but I had fun playing it. It’s not too hard but it does have challenges for those who enjoy earning achievements. The most outstanding point about this game is the graphic, it has very nice art and background; the shifting of styles between the 3D of normal gameplay and the story book style of the cutscenes is nicely done. I had some pretty frustrating death but I think it’s more because of my shitty controller than the game’s fault. I wish there was more variety in enemies and the boss fights wasn’t so repetitive, but it’s not too bad either with how short the game is.

Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition

You have no idea how happy I am to finish this, I played this game since last year (about November) and after months I finaly beat it. I love RPGs but they can take so much time to play. Totally worth it though, I can understand why this game is so popular, it’s amazing. People weren’t kidding when they say how much flexible the gameplay is, you can play in so many way and none of them feels like the wrong way. I try to be as thorough as I can and I still realize I missed so many things when I watched a LP online. There are so much content too, so many things to do and secrets to explore. The best part though is the story, I love stories with really good world-building and this game really satisfies it. I also got attached to so many characters, at the end I just feel so bad fo JC. It’s amazing how much depth there is in this game considering how old this is.

It doesn’t mean it’s perfect however, there are many things that prevent many people from playing it now and is why I don’t think I’ll play this a second time. It’s old, and many aspects don’t age well. While the outdated graphic don’t bother me the clunky combat really do, and there are many glitches. Some are pretty hilarious (like the floating bodies and the occasionally dissapearing floor) but some really messed with my computer. At least I didn’t have any game breaking bugs or bad crashes but my computer is old and I had some pretty bad scares with this game. Still worth it though.

Murdered: Soul Suspect

I played this game as part of the February and January Monthly Challenge with Trilled Meow, he wrote a pretty detailed review here. We both enjoyed it but I can’t help but feel like it could have been much better. The side quests like the Ghost Stories are nice, but many background stuff feels like they are there just because. There isn’t much variety in the NPCs and even though there is a cool ghost function where you can possess people and read their thought there isn’t much to read outside of plot. Basically every character outside of Roland and maybe Joy is brushed over and hardly developed, including the antagonist. You can collect things that have to do with them but hardly learn anything about them as a character which really dissapointed me, and the ending felt really rushed. Still not bad and I enjoyed it, but it feels like a lot of lost potential.

Scrap Garden

Average is how I would describe this game. Gameplay, story, characters… are all pretty average. The gameplay is simple, just jumping and some interacting, you collect rubies as you go and do some puzzles. It’s a fairly easy game, each level takes about 30 minutes. The boss fights have variations but all pretty simple. The collecting rubies part feels pretty redundant to me, like they want an excuse for you to explore around and not just walk between puzzles but doesn’t feel rewarding when no matter how many rubies you collect it will all be gone at the end of the level even though the required number is much lower than what you got. I feel like it would have been better if you can use the leftover rubies to discover secret areas but there wasn’t any. It’s very linear, and the story is simple too. It’s about a little forgotten robot going around a dead robot world trying to revive it, it’s very straightforward with a little twist at the end. The graphic is pretty nice with lovely background in some scenes. It’ is short and average, and I enjoyed it. Not bad if you want a short relaxing platformer game, and the main character is pretty cute.


I loved LIMBO and had wanted to play this game for some time so I got this in the Daily Deal and wasn’t dissapointed. It is, most of all, gorgoeus. I love the bleak atmosphere and the way color was used, the use of lighting and the fluid animation. I love all of it, I can just stare at this game for days. I also love surrealism both in art and stories so I really appreciate this game’s weirdness. And it does get really fucking weird, I’m pretty sure everyone who played it agree on that. It’s really effective when paired with no dialogue and not giving any answers, it makes players curious and copme up with their own theories. The gameplay is nice too, some puzzles are really tense like when you have to evade the dogs which adds to the bleak atmosphere, and the extra stuff is pretty entertaining to obtain. Though I would say the puzzles rely a bit too much on timing, it lacks the challenge that I felt from LIMBO. Overall a very unique experience, I look forward to Playdead’s next game.


Part of the March Monthly Challenge on Steamgifts. As I said above I love surrealism and weird shit, so this game is right up my alley. This game gets nowhere near the weirdness of INSIDE however, and most of them are due to dreams. Like INSIDE I love how this game doesn’t have any dialogue but you can still guess a story throughout. There is no basically no gameplay aside from walking around and collect things if you want, it’s like a kinetic visual novel and that is where most of the critism of the game comes from. I can see it not being many people’s things but I loved it, especially with such a very pretty art style and graphic. About the story, I enjoyed it but I wish we knew more about the main character than a tiny hint at the end.

End of January post

I couldn’t play much this month (the reason I talked about here) so I only beaten 2 games this month.

  • The Fall

    5 hours playtime

    8 of 17 achievements

A very nice puzzle platformer game with great art style and story. There are some pretty creepy moments but I don’t think they are very scary. The mechanic is very simple with just jumping and shooting, you can hide from the enemy or sneak up on them too. The story has some clever twitst that got me really surprised. It’s a story about AI, more specificially it’s about AIs going rogue in different ways. It’s done very well in my opinion. It’s the first game of trilogy with the second game coming soon this year, I’ll definitely follow the developement and get it when I can.

  • Deponia

    14 hours playtime

    12 of 19 achievements

A classic adventure game from Daedalic, I played it with Trilled Meow for the Monthly Challenge. Due to opposite timezones and my schedule it took us until recently to finish it. I played this game once before but dropped it near the beginning, I’m very glad I played it again to the end. It’s a very good game with many funny moments and interesting characters, the music is great too. The walking can be a bit tedious at some point, but it helps that you can quickly travel between areas by double clicking. Some puzzles can be pretty confusing but not too hard. Over all I really enjoyed it, having someone to talk with as I played was pretty great too. I have the rest of the series and will push them higher in my to play list.

Goals for February

  • Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition

    26 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders

    2 hours playtime

    4 of 50 achievements

Hopefully I can beat more games in February. As I learned from last month making a big list is not very effecient, so I’ll try just having one or two games to work towards. For now my foremost goal is to beat Deus Ex: GOTY Edition. I started playing it since last year and still haven’t beaten it, it’s a good game but I’m so bad at it :(. I’ll try to kill it next month, and along with it I’ll try finishing Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders, which is a game I won on SG.

And since it’s coming, Happy Lunar New Year to BLAEO members who celebrate it! I wish you all a great new year in backlog assassinating!

January 2018 games to finish

First of all I’m so glad to be a part of this community. I’m a very slow player with a bad habit of dropping games in the middle of playing so as a result I haven’t finished many games in my backlog but hopefully this website will help me in fixing that. For January 2018 I set my goal as finishing these games many of which I won on Steamgifts. I have played a bit of all of them and hopefully I can finish them soon. It’s not a fixed list though, I may change or add more games later but for now this is my goal for January.

  • A Blind Legend

    2 hours playtime

    4 of 10 achievements

  • Agatha Christie - The ABC Murders

    2 hours playtime

    4 of 50 achievements

  • Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition

    21 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Styx: Master of Shadows

    2 hours playtime

    0 of 33 achievements

  • The Fall

    3 hours playtime

    2 of 17 achievements