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Legends of Eisenwald: old School strategy game. You move in a Real time World while the battle is turn based. I liked it. Very interesting medieval machiavellian setting with just a bit of magic that you can feel is disappearing from the world. You can see is a russian game because the bleak ending. 8

Next game, kung fu strike

Well, I advanced quite a bit, actually.
I played Fluffy: Didn’t like it, at all. 2/10. Moving and taking the little guy with you feels too much like a chore.
I finished Kingdom Rush: Finished all the campaign, in Hard. Really difficult, but hey, I did it. 8/10
I finished Blaze Rush: I’ll keep it for multiplayer, but the single-player is done. Not bad, at all. 7/10
While playing Leviathan Starblade, I discovered, I really don’t dig bullet hell. I’ll keep playing, anyway till I finish it. I find that the inability to remap controls a huge mistake in design.

Now, I have installed Slash It 2 and Legends of Eisenwald, all won in steamgifts.

So, Let’s play!!!!

So far, so good. I am starting to start the assassination. It’s more than I have done in quite a while :)

Kingdom Rush: The game is good but HARD. Finished the main campaign, having trouble with the bonus campaign.
Blaze Rush. (same rush in the name. Good choice, then): It’s more a local multiplayer than a single player. Still, enjoying it.

Step 1: Organize all the backlog (almost all went to the pile of shame, never played)

Step 2: Choose AND install a few games to play:
Kingdom Rush: Not actually won in steamgifts, but I randomly picked it
BlazeRush: won in steamgifts
Fluffy: won in steamgifts
Leviathan Starblade: won in steamgifts
Reverse Crawl: won in steamgifts.

Step 3: Play the damn games.
Now, I’ll be playing Kingdom Rush, and when I get tired, I’ll start with BlazeRush.

Well, here I am.
I have a huge backlog, and I plan to at least start killing a few games. Specifically, games won on steamgifts. I am going to pick up a few random games, and I’ll tell you how I do

Wish me luck

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