Well, I advanced quite a bit, actually.
I played Fluffy: Didn’t like it, at all. 2/10. Moving and taking the little guy with you feels too much like a chore.
I finished Kingdom Rush: Finished all the campaign, in Hard. Really difficult, but hey, I did it. 8/10
I finished Blaze Rush: I’ll keep it for multiplayer, but the single-player is done. Not bad, at all. 7/10
While playing Leviathan Starblade, I discovered, I really don’t dig bullet hell. I’ll keep playing, anyway till I finish it. I find that the inability to remap controls a huge mistake in design.

Now, I have installed Slash It 2 and Legends of Eisenwald, all won in steamgifts.

So, Let’s play!!!!


no remap controls is a severe negative first impression for me. especially when the keys need to be close together but they’re not because i use dvorak


Congrats on finishing some hard games. I like bullet hell games but I’m rubbish at them so I never get far.

Enjoy Slash It 2 (I actually preferred it more than the first one tbh).

Arbiter Libera

Do share what you think about Eisenwald. I played it only briefly, still in the first chapter, but I really like what I’ve seen so far.

cbones - LINUX

I really enjoyed Kingdom Rush too :)
Slash It 2 should be a quick completion so that’s nice … have fun!