Step 1: Organize all the backlog (almost all went to the pile of shame, never played)

Step 2: Choose AND install a few games to play:
Kingdom Rush: Not actually won in steamgifts, but I randomly picked it
BlazeRush: won in steamgifts
Fluffy: won in steamgifts
Leviathan Starblade: won in steamgifts
Reverse Crawl: won in steamgifts.

Step 3: Play the damn games.
Now, I’ll be playing Kingdom Rush, and when I get tired, I’ll start with BlazeRush.

Arbiter Libera

All in a day’s work. Welcome aboard. :)


Good luck playing them! And have lots of fun!


I really enjoyed Kingdom Rush, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


I like your strategy :)

Hope you have fun!


Welcome Aboard!

I really enjoyed Kingdom Rush for what it’s worth, I don’t think I completed it personally yet… yup nope not completed it but it was fun when I played it. Hope you enjoy it!

Playing your Steamgift wins is really awesome start! Keep it up!