@mandrill: spoilers still don’t work correctly: This should be totally\ covered ~

It’s been a while, a long one ^^;
Can’t you recall when I last posted? See? told you it was long ago.. back in february, and it was a recap post for 2017 ^^;

After that, a “lot” of stuff happened; I continued to play now and then, yet didn’t post anything about it, until the time there was too much to write that it was scaring/overwhelming..
Started to think how to organize the things.. a single, giant, post or a post per month or a post per game.. wanted to also include some info about the games as I used to but to do that I needed to write more that a couple of words (mainly to not have too much empty space), but I didn’t know if I were able to for the “oldest” games I had played.. and so, more time passed..

In the meantime, I (finally) got my master’s degree! :D
Got my share of problems along the road but I managed to finish, even if really, really late ^^;
“Now’s the time to make those posts! and to play some games! and to relax!” - I thought.. HA! What a fool!
I think I said something about it on sg.. in my cakeday’s post just checked: yup, I did but nothing more, because I started doing job interviews here and there, not a nice thing to do with the late-spring/summer heat (and occasional downpours) :\
Anyway, after some months I’ve finally started a “trial period” :D It was hard ‘cause I’m older than the average graduate but this company doesn’t seem to care.. hopefully they’ll hire me after these couple of months *fingerscrossed*

oh, and my old laptop, fellow of thousands adventures, is giving me hints that he may be too old to continue.
one day it suddenly stopped working properly and didn’t had the time to investigate the matter the above-mentioned company is not close to my house, not even in the same city, so I spend about 1½h commuting per trip, which leads to 13h far from home.. add eating, sleeping and chores to that and you get why it took me close to 3 months to make it work again it’s working now, but the hard-disk seems close to leaving me for good. and since it’s about to turn 9 y.o., I can’t decide if buy only a new HD or a whole new PC (the problem with the latter is that I can’t afford it atm.. but will this last until I can?)

if you missed I’ve also made a thread where I do totally-not-professional drawings for users (who request them) on their birthdays.. it was obviously on hold these months but it should start again if no new problems arise.
And a group for those who likes to draw but most of times don’t know what to draw (or that just want some challenge or to step outside their comfort zone). We are not many, and even fewer active =P Have a look if you think you may be interested: sg thread - dA :)

oh, right! the games! XD
Here’s a list of all the games beaten up to now.. just ask if you want info about any, I’ll try my best :)
They are in alphabetial order for easier search, the numbers between the square bracket are in chronological order.

[10] Adam Wolfe
[05] Doodle Mafia
[12] Hacknet
[13] Last Day of June
[01] Lines
[06] Link Twin
[11] Midsummer Night
[07] Missile Cards
[15] Oceanhorn: Moster of Uncharted Seas
[02] Pixel Traffic: Risky Bridge
[04] Plox Neon
[14] Puzzler World
[08] Road to Balhalla
[09] Tidalis
[03] XXZ


Congrats on getting your Md and the new job as well!
I hope you’re planning a party to celebrate your laptop’s big 10! :P On a serious note, if do end up buying a new one, you should definitely consider a desktop, you get a much better bang for buck ratio.


Thanks :)
..if it survives, I will! =P

The desktop would be my primary choice, problem is: I have no space in this house to place one :( So I first need to move somewhere else (and that’s also something planned).
The best would be a desktop to finally play games decently, but also a new laptop to be able to play when I’m on the move.. oh, why everything cost so much :’(


Well, if you play on the move, then a laptop is trully your best bet. Just avoid big gaming brands and you should be able to find an afordable option. Good luck on your pc search! :)


Yup. It’s a difficult choice :\
I’d like to have a desktop, ‘cause almost 15 years have passed since when I used to play with it, only notebooks after then.. so I could only play most newer games on med-low settings :\
but if I’m away for a couple of days, or even weeks.. what can I do? a notebook is a must.
..let’s wait and see how it ends =P

thank you ^_^


That’s amazing! Congratulations on your degree! I’m glad you’ve come back around to post some more.

I hope your place keeps you on after that trial period - but, more importantly, I hope it’s a work environment you want to stay in!


Thank you! ^_^

So far it seems a nice environment.. let’s see if it still goes like this in a few months :)
if it does, I hope they keep me too =P


Congrats on the Masters degree! Very nice!
As for your games:

  • Oceanhorn was my son’s co-favorite game of all time (to watch me play).
  • Tidalis was amusing enough but I only got maybe halfway through story mode before I abandoned it.
  • Adam Wolfe was one of my favorite HOGs, because it was different.
  • Link Twin was good but I only played it because I also have boy-girl twins like in the game.

Thanks for the update!


Thank you ^_^

  • eh, I can easily see why he liked it :) I liked it too ;) I think it’s also one of the longer games I’ve played and finished lately.
  • yup, Tidalis started well but turned to be too tedious progressing.. some levels were truly hard D:
    I admit I didn’t beat all the levels, there were some modes which I couldn’t beat no matter what :\ fortunately, it’s not needed to win a level to unlock the next, you just have to play it (even losing).
    oh, and the dialogues were too much and a bit too slow :\
  • Liked Adam Wolfe for the same reason! ^_^ they tried to do something new, while most of other companies follow too much that artifex mundi style (or whoever invented it.. perhaps they’re “copying” from someone older). Other than a nice game, there was also the curiosity to see what still awaited me :) some slow moments but a nice experience in the end :)
  • Liked it as well (like that kind of game in general) was hard to master though D: needed to use some solution to get 3-stars on some levels ^^;
  • Yeah, it was his first Zelda-like game. Great art style, story of a boy, etc. Perfect.
  • For some reason I don’t recall not having to finish a level to proceed. But it was a long time ago I played. I don’t think I have the save game anymore; IIRC it’s saved in your registry or something stupid like that.
  • They still had to do the overplayed supernatural / spooky thing, but at least the gameplay and “feel” was different.
  • Oh yeah, I used a guide because frankly I didn’t want to put my kids through me trying to wrangle some of those levels (to get three stars).
  • Being Zelda-like was parhaps the main reason why I got it =P
  • Definitely something like that exists. As I told you, there were some mechanics I could not get into, so I skipped all of those. oh, that’s stupid indeed. already lost some savegames because of devs using that technique :\
  • eh, that seems to be the most beaten track..perhaps ‘cause it gives them more freedom and can do absurd things to let the story proceed..

I really liked your “fibonacci GAs” idea, and little updates you posted with how your stats looked.

I hope you will like this job (and it won’t be annoying to have 3h of commune every day), and they will give you permanent contract.

I bought laptop thinking “Oh I can carry it around!”. I even bought backpack with space to carry laptop. And I never took it away from home ; D


^_^ I’m trying to set up a new, bigger, project which involves all kind of math/numeric relations, but it’s hard D:

Thanks, it’s been nice so far (everything is new! the only boring part is reading documentations.. feels too much like I’m still at university) ..heh, we’ll wait and see!
if I get a new laptop I could spend one (sometimes a bit more) of those 3 hours playing! wouldn’t be that bad =P

mine has its battery dead for some years now, so it’s kind of complicated to carry it around :\ before the loss, I “always” had it with me :’)


Caramba! Hope you will succeed :D