It has been 2 months since my last post and i haven’t been that active here lately, some family trouble, new years eve, going on a trip to Switzerland for few days and then started working. But in all that time i played some games, got stuck at some, figured i suck at playing others, but i managed to beat/complete few of them. So lets just mention those that i finished :D


    21 hours playtime

    18 of 18 achievements

  • Steampunk Syndicate

    10 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Bridge Constructor

    6 hours playtime

    34 of 54 achievements

  • Day of the Tentacle Remastered

    7 hours playtime

    53 of 58 achievements

  • To the Moon

    7 hours playtime

    1 of 1 achievements

SQUAKE (SGwin) is a fun little snake multiplayer game, but if there are no players online you get to play with bots which is also fun. So i have been playing it for some time and finally got it to 100% :D

Steampunk Syndicate (Another SGwin but from Playing Appreciated) is interesting tower defense game. I liked the concept of getting cards to upgrade your towers and units, but if RNG is not on your side you have to grind a lot for them to upgrade. And some of the later levels are really difficult with weak and low level towers. Also to upgrade your cards you need to combine cards of the same level, which is fine concept, but then you need to drag every singe of those cards to upgrade slot. I already forgot if max level was 9 or 10, but whatever the number you needed a lot of clicking to upgrade you cards using lvl 1-3 cards you usually get as a drop… But if there was no grinding it would be a great game :)

Bridge Constructor (Also SGwin from PA) is fun constructor game. I have already completed Bridge Constructor Medieval, so this one is not anything harder but has more content. So it might take a while to get it to 100%, but i have already finished base island :D

Day of the Tentacle Remastered (Also SGwin from PA) I never finished original game back in the day, so winning this felt great. Playing it got some of the memories back, but i forgot way to much of it. So it was fun playing it, humor was great, but i guess there is no way i would go for 100% :D

To the Moon (ABC list) This is one weird game for me. First of all i had graphical problems with it, on full screen there were some weird lines so i had to play it windowed on some pretty small screen. So getting fully into the game was harder for me. Even though i heard this is one of the greatest stories told in game i didn’t feel that way, in my opinion it was a fine story and something nice for a change. Also i didn’t like the ending that much, the way things happened and it felt rushed … but oh well… I liked the songs “For River” and “Everything’s Alright”, so will keep on listening them :)


Finally someone who feels the same like me about To the moon. I can’t say I didn’t enjoyed the game, maybe I had to high expectations because of the reviews from the other players, but I don’t think that To the moon is such a very special game with maybe the most emotional story of all time . . . You can play it, but you also don’t miss to much if you don’t, I think.

Anyway I hope you were able to fix your family problems, which is most important.


It was a nice game and if someone asked me if they should play it i can only say “it has a nice story you might like” and that is it.
Maybe not playing it in one sitting, problems with graphics, high expectation or not just right mood diminished game value for me. In second half of the game i was like “how long will this last” and “are we there yet?”, even though story was still ok i had trouble being interested in it.

Anyway I hope you were able to fix your family problems, which is most important.

Everything is ok now :)


I played To the Moon soon after its release and wasn’t massively impressed by its storytelling. Still, emotional story-driven indie games were pretty rare back then. It was a nice departure from action-based games, but not exactly a masterpiece.


I am glad i am not the only one then, thinking it is not a masterpiece :)


I still want to play To the Moon. I’m curious as to why so many people like it. One day. (I have it, it’s just drowning in my backlog.)


It is not a long game and easy to get to 100%, so it might work nice against backlog :)


Forgot to ask: How did you get them all lined up like that? I can only get the games to make a line going downward.


I just checked your last post for that.

In there you use to many “<ul class="games">” elements, each one is starting new row. If you had just 1 on top of the first game you would see them in the line. Screenshot to show what i mean by that :)


Thank you! gonna try that next time.


You’re welcome :)


My opinion of To the Moon is about the same: I didn’t find it incredible but I had a nice time with it. The more joke-y dialogue was sometimes a bit too much for me. I think gazimply sums it up well: the game out so much earlier before we had the variety of story-driven indies like today, that’s probably why many found it more impactful at the time.


I liked the jokes in it, so at times i got bored playing it on very small resolution they helped make me continue :)