February Roundup

A very late update

Games I beat this month:

Beaten in February 6 games

100% completed

    4 hours playtime

    7 of 7 achievements

  • The Mean Greens - Plastic Warfare

    27 hours playtime

    24 of 24 achievements

  • Chroma Squad

    29 hours playtime

    43 of 43 achievements

  • Alicia Quatermain: Secrets Of The Lost Treasures

    6 hours playtime

    20 of 20 achievements

  • LEGO® City Undercover

    100 hours playtime

    48 of 48 achievements

  • Virginia

    13 hours playtime

    17 of 17 achievements

And so the slow year continues with not only another slow month, but even a near 2 week delay to posting this. But you know, sometimes real life takes precedence. Probably the biggest news is that my wife and I finally own a house. It's taken 6 months of lawyers and paperwork, but we're finally done. I didn't think it would actually make me feel as emotional as it did/does, but honestly, I did not think there would ever come a day where we would have a place to call our own. And on top of that it's in a really beautiful area. We have a big garden with so many trees, and plenty of wildlife that comes and visits. It's comforting to know that we're not just throwing away rent money every month.

Anyway, on to the gaming. Asides from the ones I beat, I also spent a fair amount of time playing Assassin's creed origins, which I think is fantastic. Looking forward to playing odyssey one day as well. And then a string of various other little games. Honestly, I think I'm in a bit of a 'down cycle' when it comes to games. I think any one who has spent years playing games knows what I'm talking about. Sometimes you just don't feel that much like playing, so you find yourself playing weird little games, trying to find something to hook you in again. I have lots of really good games on the backlog, but mentally I can't move onto them until I've cleared some more of the games I started as well. Anyway, I'll find something I'm sure. That's the thing about games, there's always something else new to remind you why games are great.

March is already looking to be on track to be better than the first few months, so hopefully I'll be back soon with more than 6 games to show for a month of work!

Other stats

Achievements Gained 153
Most difficult (according to TSA) 'Top 99th Percentile' in Probably Archery
Games added 6
Number of different games played 20
Achievement streak 1040 days
Average Game completion 73%
Total number of completed games 375
Games completed in 2019 12


Congrats on the house! That’s awesome!


Thanks! I think as millennials, the barriers to owning a house are just so much worse than previous generations, so it feels like such a big victory. My parents talk about getting married and buying a flat straight away, at the age of 21. Just not possible nowadays. I think the only ones who can do it are those with rich parents.

the Traveler

Agree with you there, buying a home is a major step that a lot of people just can’t make happen these days. Congrats on the house cheeve!


Yeah I think this one trumps all the other difficult games I’ve beaten. Real life is like the hardest game of all a lot of the time.

the Traveler

It is. The trailer looks amazing! The leveling up as a noob is like so fast and easy! Then you hit endgame and it’s like… omfg what a grindfest this damn thing is, can I get a refund?!

Can’t use cheats or hacks cause then if you get caught you get locked from the server for a while.

Getting skill points can be easy for some things, insanely hard for others. Same with crafting occupations - flipping burgers is a shoe-in for noobs but if you want to to make the real gold like one of those oil barons in that OPEC guild… haha you’re SOL there bro unless you made their regional base your starting city.


Hehe. But some people do see to have cheat codes though. I mean they manage to spawn in good locations with a lot more loot than others.


Congrats on the house!! That’s awesome that it has space and wildlife too, makes it feel all that much more homely. I’ve really missed that myself since we moved, used to have all sorts of deer, bunnies, snakes, turkeys, snapping turtles, foxes etc. chilling in my yard. Watching them is so relaxing. Enjoy your lil piece of nature, hope you can feel a lot more settled in now!

Re: your review of Chuchel I read that as “I love bacteria and samorost” and was like that’s an odd take for the lil dust ball haha but I guess? Then reread it like oooh. Hope you can find some nice gems to get you out of your gaming rut, we’ve all been there. But most importantly hope you can have fun still. :)


Thanks! Yeah the wildlife is always relaxing. There’s a forest not far behind us and we’ve had various mammals visiting as well as a ton of birds. Of course the big garden means most of my Saturday is spent mowing and cutting back bushes, but it’s good for the fitness levels.

And yeah, I’m sure I’ll find some games to get me back in full swing, it won’t be the first time it’s happened!


AC: Origins was a step in the right direction, but Odyssey is honestly better than Origins in every single aspect, tbh. Both are equaly grindy, after you reach a certain level , but if you liked Origins, I highly recommend Odyssey.
Gratz on the house!


Yes I think it is definitely a watershed for the series. I enjoyed the old games, with obviously brotherhood and black flag being the highlights. But I think they really went back and thought hard about how to make the open world feel more interesting, and pointless fetch quests and forced stealth missions was not it. The seem to have taken ideas from the witcher 3 in how they lay out the side quests, and as a result they are so much more interesting. I was also worried that having a lot of open space between areas might make the maps seem to empty, but they did a good job creating interest in even the desert sections. And yes, I’ve heard the odyssey is even better, so it will be nice to get to it as well. Probably only next year, when I buy it on the winter sale. Seems the price drop at that point (a year after release), lines up with what I’m willing to pay.

🐁 MouseWithBeer 🐁

Congrats on the house!

Thanks for mentioning that The Mean Greens has people playing now! I will try to give it a go today, hopefully the people haven’t gotten bored it yet :)