{distant} May

Kill #0.5: 14/10/20

Half-Life 2

Sweet Story Bad Girl

0.1 hours
7 of 7 achievements

A surprise warm-up before I get into the real stuff!
This, uh… this wasn't good. The art is most likely stolen, the music - grating and I don't know if there even is any kind of a cheap thrill to be gotten out of this. There is a free +18 DLC, but since the achievements don't go that far, I'm not bothered to, either.

Next up… dancing with corpses?


Why is this numbered 0.5?

{distant} May

Because Corpse Party was meant to go first! …but, as always, I keep getting distracted by smaller games :D


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Lets see super fast pair matching game. Cheap and theres a lot of them all the same. Yeah not worth attention. However I do for some reason feel compelled to play. The girls are just so colourful