Darksiders Warmastered Edition

Darksiders Warmastered Edition

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I am currently trying to play DarkSiders Warmastered Edition but none of the movies are on sync and it ruins all of my gaming experience.
I already tried the beta channel, the uninstall of most of my codecs, the media future pack for win10. I even tried appealing to the loving heart of my PC.
Nothing works T.T
If anyone else had any similar experience and has any pointers please be kind enough to share them with me.

I own 2 computers. One with Ati card and one with Nvidia. The ATI works fine on the videos but i wanted to play on my 32inch screen…

Lucky Thirteen

Damn, I’m sorry to hear the cutscenes are all messed up for you :( I’m currently playing Darksiders Warmastered as well and I encountered a different issue with two cutscenes (so far), where I could hear the characters saying their lines and making noises (like grutns of pain), but there was no other sound and no music at all. Really odd O.o

I wish I could help you, hopefully someone will be able to provide a more useful info. Good luck!


I think i have came across your bug when i was searching about my problem in the internet. I solved mine by changing the pc i was playing at. The other pc works fine now :)


I saw people with “similar” problems, the most common fix was to restart the PC and ONLY open steam and directly darksiders. You may need to change some graphic settings as well. I’m gonna do a 100% run to darksiders “soon”,(when I finish borderlands) so let’s see if I can catch you D:



I was lucky enough to have 2 pcs so i can now play on my other pc. It works fine there. Now i have some stupid problems with the steam controller XD
Mouse and k/b is my enemy…


Oh man, after getting into DMCV I’ve really been itching to play this series again, but it sucks to hear there are potential problems. Hopefully you find a way to get past it, and that I don’t have to experience it. Thanks for the post and good luck!


I found one! I have 2 computers! ATI Radeon to the rescue! NVidia had the problem…