So, I have been at BAELO but never did anything until now.

I was like many others, kept buying new games without playing any.

Most of the games are either freebies or bought/came along with bundles. So most were unintentional games.

That aside, I had a target of beating Borderlands 2 while having fun. I have already beat the game but now I want 100% achievements. So that is the target!!!

Btw, also playing Remember Me along with Borderlands 2.


A lot of my games are also freebie and bundle games so I know the feeling.

Good luck getting 100% on Borderlands 2!


Thanks stef :)

Most of them freebies were for mining cards so they will go in the ‘won’t play’ list. But I still have a huge number of games that I would like to play.

How’s things progressing at your end?

Arbiter Libera

Hey, we all started small. Glad to hear something’s happening. :)

What do you think about Remember Me so far?


Remember me is a game with superb setting and excellent environment with lots of work done on how it looks and into small details.

The concept is also excellent. The devs came up with lots of ideas.

But it’s lacking in action. I would say the combat is simple. I have only played a bit of it so I don’t want to judge the game at this point.


Hey…there you are!! First post huh? Nice, welcome!! :D

Many freebies, indeed. I was just like you and had a lot of them in my account just to idle. You could do what I did and delete those you think you’ll never play, if you already idled them. So you’re already able to get booster packs.

Borderlands is an awesome game hehe… I know you’ll complete it too just like what you did with BL 1 \o/ - feel free to ask me if you need any help btw :D
Remember is great! Not the best game of course, but was ok… I wanna buy this game just because I feel guilty that I pirated it long time ago x.x

oh, btw… noticed you’re replying comments but not using the reply button, so people won’t get any notification that you answered their comment D: - it that tiny arrow on the right side of about ‘x’ hours/minutes ago


Hey bro, good to see you commenting on my post. You are the very reason I am on BALEO bro :) I own you on that.

Yea, totally love borderlands series till now. But Borderlands 1 is my fav for reason unknown.

I will definitely ask you for help bro :) :) :)

Yea bro, Remember me is really nice game. It had huge potential and may have been one of the best games too unless for some mistakes from the devs. Too bad :(
Do buy bro. Although Capcom has scrapped Remember Me 2. It’s a shame but sales speak a lot.

Thanks bro for the tip. Yea, I never used that button till you pointed out. Do let me know if you get notification on this reply.


Nah, you don’t own me anything :D Glad to see you decided to use the website. Hope to see more posts from you here as well \o
I loved both, but my favorite is still BL 2, not sure the reasons though, I just enjoyed it more than 1 I enjoyed 1 too but less than 2
Alright.. ask me anytime \o

I’ll buy it, sure, eventually and replay the game too :DD
Yep, I got a notification already said that haha glad I could help you somehow \o