Le update

Well, it’s been a while. And I haven’t even finished that much! I keep getting stuck playing those same games over and over again.
stares at Overwatch, Black Desert online, PUBG, Killing Floor 2, Path of Exile and some other games.
Nonetheless, since I just updated my lists, I thought I’d mention them in a post, for archiving reasons!
All games that have been marked as beaten or finished since my last post:


  • Broforce

    20 hours playtime

    6 of 17 achievements

Not much to say here. Beat this game with a friend and had a blast. It took us a long time to finish the game though. It’s not a game you can play for a long time in one session. The game is hard, challenging, but simply a lot of fun. I’d definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes a challenge and has a friend to play this with. I wouldn’t recommend playing it solo, as it’s not nearly as much fun.

DARK SOULS™: Prepare To Die Edition

  • DARK SOULS™: Prepare To Die Edition

    70 hours playtime

    23 of 41 achievements

Well, after a loooong time of playing and playing on and off a lot due to the difficulty of the game, I’ve finally managed to beat the game! Personally I find this the best Dark Souls and I’d definitely recommend it to people who, again, like a challenge and don’t mind dying a lot. This game isn’t quite as “funny” as Broforce, but this game just gives you a lot of satisfaction if you manage to kill that hard to kill boss or get past this super annoying area etc. etc.
Had a lot of fun, and I might actually do another playthrough of this game later, simply because I just think it’s a lot of fun.

Funny thing. I actually have 2 saves, and the one that beat the game has the least playtime… See screenshot :D

Dreaming Sarah

  • Dreaming Sarah

    4 hours playtime

    22 of 22 achievements

Been quite a while since I last played this game. Can’t say much anymore about the story, but I CAN say that I recommend this game. It was a nice looking game and I recall really enjoying the game when I played it. It has a few puzzles but they were all pretty simple. Its not too long to complete so if you have it, I’d definitely say to you… “Go beat it! o/”.

Hero Siege

  • Hero Siege

    46 hours playtime

    38 of 57 achievements

Not much to say here. I’ve loved this game since I got this game. Very simple game. It’s a buggy piece of crap, but I still love playing it with friends. Very simple top-down-ish view where you just level up your character, destroy monsters, level up, find gear and just keep fighting more and more (pretty much over and over again) until you beat all bosses. I’d recommend this one as well for anyone looking for a cheap co-op game. Ofcourse, it has to be your kind of game, but personally I really love this game. If only I had more people to play it with :)
I still haven’t beat all difficulties, but hey. Beat normal and hard! I think it’s enough to mark it as beaten!

Ibb & Obb

  • ibb & obb

    27 hours playtime

    9 of 10 achievements

Another game that I’ve -almost- beat before but never actually got around to finishing. I ended up finishing it with a friend, and then played it through with another friend! So, beat it twice! I tried going for the 100% but some of the achievements are just too grindy for me. So no 100% for me!
Still though, I’d really recommend this game to others. This game might look childish but do not be fooled. This game is HARD. You need to basically just work together (it’s a 2 person game) to solve puzzles. And most puzzles only have 1 (sometimes 2) ways to be solved. This game will definitely require you to think hard at some points. Personally had a lot of fun playing this game and I think that if you’re into puzzles (or maybe even if you’re not) and like playing co-op, this game is great for you! I do recommend using voice chat though, since there’s no text chat in the game, so communication would be a bit hard without voice :D

Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series

(SG win)

  • Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series

    12 hours playtime

    48 of 48 achievements

This is one of my most recent wins and plays. Won this game and got right into it. This game was really nice to play since I’ve seen every episode of Game of Thrones. A lot of things in this game make me remember things that happened in the show. The nice thing in this game is though, that you don’t follow the main characters of the tv show, you follow people that are barely ever shown in the actual show. It’s pretty cool to be able to see how the events of the show affect this other family that you follow in the game. I did however feel like the game was a tad long and it did start becoming a drag to finish near the end, but I was really glad I finished it when I did. I’d recommend it if you like(d) Game of Thrones!

Sisters in hotel

  • Sisters in hotel

    10 hours playtime

    7143 of 7143 achievements

Got this game off of a key-drop somewhere, and since I got it, I decided to just play it. Holy shit. This game is really just made for the achievements. You need to AFK this game for a long time simply to get all achievements. Someone recommended me to simply AFK it for the achievements and not play it at all. Well, I wanted to at least play the game. Not only was the story absolutely shit, it bugged out for me on at least 3 occassions (getting me stuck in the game for one reason or another) and finally the English was horrendous at some points in the game. Definitely would not recommend this game, unless you just want the 7143 achievements this game gives you… In that case, have fun idling the game, considering beating the actual story took me less than 30 minutes if I remember it correctly.

The Wolf Among Us

(SG win)

  • The Wolf Among Us

    8 hours playtime

    30 of 35 achievements

Got challenged to play this game over some thread on SG. Played the game, beat the game, enjoyed the game. Not much to say here. It’s a very nice game with a very funky story. If you like the telltales you should play this. Very unique style that really works for the game. I’d recommend! o/

Jurassic Park: The Game

(SG win)

  • Jurassic Park: The Game

    6 hours playtime

    30 of 51 achievements

Not as fun as I thought it’d be. Game looks pretty good, and the story is alright. I feel like most of the time I was just watching a movie with some minimal interaction though. And then at some point you’d just randomly have to do quicktime events, which sometimes came at not-so-very-predictable times when I didn’t have my hands on my keyboard. The game also isn’t that well made, considering you can just “cheese” all quicktime events by tapping the W, A, S and D keys simultaneously over and over again. Wouldn’t really recommend it unless you’re a big fan of Jurassic Park.

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 3 Full Burst

(SG win)

  • NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 3 Full Burst

    6 hours playtime

    26 of 54 achievements

What can I say? Another game I didn’t quite enjoy as much as I thought I would. The game is pretty cool as in you get to fight some of the cooler fights in the Naruto (shippuden) universe. As I’ve already seen the anime, I’ve personally skipped all the cutscenes since I’ve seen it all before and it just took a long time to watch it all again in the game, where they showed nothing new I hadn’t seen before. The fighting wasn’t quite as challenging as I thought it’d be (I even took the “harder” option everytime I did a boss and got a choice between two difficulties), which was a tad disappointing. Some battles were still very cool to do though. If you have it, I’d recommend you play it. That is, if you like Naruto. Not too long to beat if you skip all cutscenes as I did. Only 6 hours! \o/

New kind of adventure

(SG win)

  • New kind of adventure

    15 minutes playtime

    no achievements

Well, then. THIS game……

Okay, let me tell you a story first. :P
Basically, I was joining gibs on SG through the wishlist and recommended tab. Joined all of the gibs I wanted to join and ended up going back to the main page. Ofcourse, all the regular giveaways were scrolling by there. I see the soonest-to-end giveaway being some weird purple guy and a girl with pretty bad looking polygons. My interest was peaked, and since the giveaway was only running for another 10 seconds, I decided to just hit that enter button! Guess what…? 10 seconds later I’m the proud winner of THIS game…

When I joined the giveaway and I saw the image, I simply thought “This looks SO bad, I kind of want to try this out. See how bad it really is.”
Well, I can tell you. It is REALLY bad. This game has no content except for running around in a mini-world and being able to play a flute and pick up strawberries. It looks like a more was planned, but none of it was (or probably ever will be) implemented. This game is horrible. If it wasn’t an SG win I’d probably even remove this from my library. This game is absolutely horrendous. Not worth anyone’s money and I’m sad the developer ever got money for this sack of shit. This is something a random Unity developer could make in about 30 minutes. How and why did this ever get in the Steam Store?
Nonetheless. Since I’ve done everything there is to do in the game, which is simply play a flute and pick up strawberries (I’ve even went as far as to explore out of bounds, but I just fell off the world), I’ve decided to mark it as “completed”.

Le outro

Well, that’s it! All that I’ve beaten in the past 11 months. Not that much, again, keep getting pulled back into playing the same fun games over and over again. I do hope I get to beat a few more games soon-ish though! We’ll see!
But for now…
crawls back into a hole

Anyways, have a good one and good luck fighting your backlogs everyone! \o/
May you have more progress than me! :3
Wow, that was a pretty long post, that took longer than I thought it would >:O
Oh, also, please excuse me if I made any typo’s or mistakes. It’s 1 am and I’m about to head to bed :)


Nice games! I just bought Ibb and Obb and Hero Siege to play with my friends. Also a while ago I had the same incident as you with New Kind of Adventure. It looked so bad but I was weirdly drawn to it in a “so bad it’s good” kind of way. Luckily I never won it!


Well, I hope you enjoy Ibb & Obb and Hero Siege as much as I do then :)
Also, quite funny to hear I’m not the only one having this weird attraction to New Kind of Adventure.


Le congratulations is my French ok

I actually bought Sisters in hotel because I thought that, however bad it might be, it was still a VN. Nope. Refunded it right away after realizing that it was literally just for achievements. Now I triple check fishy new VN releases as a few devs keep vomiting games like that one on the store with questionably vague store descriptions, you can spot them easily.

For a while I had the same reaction as you to New kind of adventure, I kinda wanted to try it out just to see what it was like. Luckily I then decided to remove it from the wishlist ^^


Nice French! I don’t think I could do it any better myself! :D

And yeah, Sisters in hotel, barely even qualifies as a game to me. It’s just trash.
And there we go! ANOTHER with the same odd attraction to New Kind of Adventure! That makes 2 already! :D

Blue Ϟ Lightning

Kaleith weeb can’t french!

*pounces on the chance to buli*
Le chat ez gros ez stupid!


Damn such a long post.
Stares angrily at Ibb&obb T_T
You’ve rised my interest in dark souls, broforce and game of thrones game. Probably will play them.
As to new kind of adventure wtf dude…. the cover of the game is insta no no zone.
Great progress tho, glad you still use BLAEO from time to time.


Well, it was progress from about 11 months…. hides
Anyways. If you need someone to play broforce with or need a pleb to (attempt) to help you with a boss in Dark Souls, you got my number Steam! o/

And idek why I was so oddly attracted to New Kind of Adventure…. Seems like I was not the only one though! stares at the 2 people above

Blue Ϟ Lightning

Sisters was absolutely utter shit and I hate myself for buying and idleing it the other day…I was weak but now my astats is fucked and it’s sad…is it worth it to now have 88% of your achivements marked as “trivial” :sadness:

Also I find it funny you mentioned dreaming Sarah as I now have it as my background on steam >_<

Beautiful progress


You have 88% “trivial” achievements…? You should play more games! Clearly you don’t get enough achievements! Even with Sisters, I only have 35% “trivial” achievements. :D

And clearly, Dreaming Sarah just has a great artstyle and it’s just a nice game. Ofcourse they have nice backgrounds! :D

Blue Ϟ Lightning

Yeah I need to play waaaay more games :3<
Sisters nearly tripled the amount of achievements I have :notlikeblob:


KF… Good times, twin. :3


Well, if you ever want to play some more, you know where to find me! :3


Will do! Unfortunately probably not any time soon because I’m in a very shitty internet situation right now. :I