Ah i wanted to wait until i finished Yakuza Kiwami 2 before posting this but damn it, my joystick broke, and i had a hard time getting replacement parts for it and i did and then the replacement part was broken too so i will just post it now, someday i’ll finish kiwami 2.

Not much going on my life to deserve a life update but i am just taking more care of myself, i am kind of on a diet (lost 5 kg) and i am doing great in general

After all this years hearing about how great is this game i am finally able to play it, and its good, traversing the world is fun, the world itself is beautiful… and is really awesome and unique how attached i get to another person playing even though we cant speak to each other

Bury Me, My Love

Played it on my phone over the course of like 2 years, most of what happened i already forgot but its a good story about the journey of a girl refugee to find a better place to live and its pretty well written, i should have chosen the option to not play it real time tho

Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones

Still playing lovecraftian games and reading lovecraftian things, love the theme and it helps me to create atmosphere for my Call of Cthulhu 7th edition adventure i am narrating.
This game is REALLY good, love the writing and the art is great, the music fits the theme perfectly and is pretty hard (specially at the beginning) so that good for the theme too, 2 problems with the game tho, there are several bugs, that bother a lot, one actually crashed the game for me at half of the end cutscene so that wasnt nice, there was also a spell that i had spent a lot of resources to get, the spell just didnt work at all, it was really bugged, but anyway the game is great despite that

Mirror’s Edge™ Catalyst

Loved the first game such an unique and beautiful game, still is even more pretty than this newer one but this is great too, mirrors edge games do what sonic games never could do for me, that feeling of going fast and wanting to keep going. Not as good as the first one it has a lot of tacked on things like the pointless upgrades, or the huge amount of score board missions that put you against other people, i dont care for those, i would have appreciated some more side quests instead of that.
Still the map is really well design for non stop running, the story is good enough and i really really enjoy running


A friend gifted me this game out of the blue the day it came out and i finished it that same day, its a short (like 6 hours, is that short? I dont even know anymore) game that tells three stories at once and it does every single one pretty well, the puzzles are cool and there were a couple ones that i thought were REALLY good

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Played this with 4 other friends, i have no idea what the story past the first act was, the enemies were cool and its a nice game to play with friends, thats all i can say about it, we finished immortal throne but i think i will not be getting the DLC


Ah weird rpg maker games, they used to be my bread and butter when i was on highschool, a couple of them are some of my favorite games ever (mostly LISA and also undertale to a lesser degree) i heard about this one a long time ago and it was just as i expected weird and bizarre claymation game, the “plot” and writing and really simple, really convoluted and it feels like a fever dream to me… so yeah, i highly recommend it

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition

Really really liked this game lots of adrenaline pumping action, not stop violence a really really cathartic game, the story and the music are alright didnt care much because i was too busy kicking ass, still i liked the characters, i am too used to characters not being a dumbasses who swear every other word and this being the opposite is a nice change of pace, i will be playing the duke nukem tour on and off probably, its a really good game when i just want to shoot away the stress and i really like duke nukem (i think i am one of the few that actually didnt hate duke nukem forever)


Ohh some super nice games here!

Congrats on losing 5kg!!