November/December 2018 Update

I never stood a chance.

Looking at other people’s posts I remembered that one of my resolution for my 2018 on BLAEO was to keep track of games backlogged and played to make a proper balance at the end of the year.
Surprising no one I forgot about doing that, but I still cobbled something together by looking at my product activation page on Steam and going from there. Let’s just say it was not pretty…

I thought I’d be more bummed out that I am when looking at the numbers, but I’m actually fine with how things went, considering the circumstances. I like to look at the positive side: I have some nice games to look forward to play whenever I’m in the mood for some, so all’s good :3
It’s just… a little disappointing there was no month in which I gained any advantage on the backlog, but that has more to do with my chronic wishlist feeding addiction >_<

As for the Nov/Dec blacklog kills there’s not much to see, so I’ll just plug an honorable mention for Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death, a game that I would have never heard about if not for Totalbiscuit’s video about it several years ago. It was the right kind of cheesy fun I was looking for to lift up my spirits ^_^


Well, at least you went from 8 to 49 beaten. I’d say that’s already an accomplishment, regardless of the backlog increase.


8 are the games beaten in January, but yeah, considering I didn’t play at all for 5 months I’m happy with the 49 games beaten this year ^^


Ah, I got confused by the progressive style, I usually do my charts on a per-month basis. But yeah, that’s a lot! I only beat 25 in 2018.


For a second I thought you bought 194 games and played 49 games in december. I’m dumb xD
Btw, how did you make these fancy graph/stats? Excel?


Google sheet, so pretty much the same. 48 added just in December are already way too many, I can’t even imagine adding 194 :sweat:

Blue Ϟ Lightning

Thank you for making me feel better about my own progress fat neko :3




The baka becomes the buli…


pats You did the best you could considering.

Good luck for 2019, because your backlog has gotten really fat :blogcatsweat:


We don’t use the f word around him!