1.) fault - milestone one
This, this was pretty good. The intro was nice and everything was just really well done. The characters had their own personality, and they were likable and intriguing. The story is pretty good and interesting, the music was wonderful. It took me about 3 hours to finish up, but it was fun.

2.) fault - milestone two side:above
This was hands down the best visual novel I have played. The beginning got me so EXCITED, as it showed me the best, and I do mean the BEST, “breaking the fourth wall moment” I thought possible. I didn’t even know a game could DO that, and I was just really excited. There are supposedly two more novels coming out to finish up the series, “Silence the Pendant” and “Fault: Side Below” and I am eager to get my hands on them. I also liked the second novel for the same reasons as the first.

3.) Silence
Oh my god, this game is absolutely stunning. The art, is BEYOND lovely, and I enjoyed most of the characters as well. The story was pretty dang good, and It was a enjoyable experience. The only faults I have with it are a few things. One, you cant save. If you need to restart, you need to redo the entire chapter. I did this and it broke the game for me, as two chapters went together in the same scene and it was a huge confusing mess and I ended up deleting that file. Second, the achievements. I don’t know how on earth people got three particular achievements, but I just cannot get them, period. One you need to play through the entire game without skipping a text, which I’m pretty sure I did, twice. and the other two are to not use the hint tool, which I’m also certain I did, twice. and the other is to skip every mini game, in which I cannot for the life of me find the skip button. I even watched others play for a walk through, and I see the skip button show up on their screen, but I cant find it on mine on the exact same scenes. So I finished the game three times, but I cannot get those last three achievements, which breaks my heart as I still feel it’s incomplete. Apparently you can go into the save file whatever that means and get the achievements that way, but I haven’t ever done that before and I have no idea where to do that. (If you know how to do it please tell me.)
Other than that, it was a great game. But please, please follow a guide unless you want to replay the game four times.

finishes three games. Adds three games to my library. Screams internally.

  • fault - milestone one

    3 hours playtime

    12 of 12 achievements

    • fault - milestone two side:above

      4 hours playtime

      9 of 9 achievements

      • </li>
      • Silence

        12 hours playtime

        43 of 46 achievements


The last sentence (under the spoiler tag) - oh, how well I understand… I’ve managed to end up with +8 games one week despite finishing three titles. Then Artifex Mundi bundle happened. I love HOPAs, a kind of a guilty pleasure for me. Sue me :)


I really wasn’t planning on adding more games, but then Humble Bundle happened and I wanted to play Dark Souls for a long time, so I added that, then I saw Tacoma and everyone said Life is Strange is such a great game that I had to play it and cries

Machines Are Human

Good two know the two hints for the achivements in Silence :)
A “now save” in a point and click is a bit… strange but I will still jump into that :)

for the achivement: did you tried this tipp:
“Fine Listener: Listen to the music on the Credits”


I’m so glad you had a wonderful time with the games in this batch c:

I’ll keep an eye out for these achievement troubles in Silence - another person recently reviewed the game here and mentioned something similar.


I loved fault milestone one and I’m intentionally keeping myself from reading two side:above until the others come out as I wanted MORE right after finishing 1, and i I finish 2:sa then I’m left waiting for them to release the others… It’s weird but it feels like I’m in control of the situation if I just don’t play 2 :D


you might as well do 2, because silence the pendant is going back a couple years from when the current story takes place, and more than likely Fault: Side below wont be happening until 2020+


I have been savoring Fault - Milestone Two: Side Above after thoroughly enjoying the first. Right after I finish 1bitheart I have been soooooooooo distracted!. It sounds good I have a lot to look forward to once I can put down Monster Hunter Worlds. I will have to look out for silence too, glad you enjoyed these so.
When I did my Sakura spree, I was like “Oh nice, I cleared a bunch of games” look to see that I just bought a bundle and got a bunch of games from a friend, look to see my complete list has gone down a percent. “… sigh and a many other feelings
Good work regardless ^_^


I have a bunch of Sakura games i’m nervous to finish. Everyone on my friends list will leave me. ;w;


I feel your pain, power through and trust that the bonds of friendship can handle it. :3