Progress Report #13 - Q1 2019 Wrap Up | 14/04/2019 (Click here to skip to the next post )



We all have it: the gaming lull. The disease where every games seem like a torture to play.

All dramatization aside lol, I barely played anything during the last two months. But despite that I managed to finish several games that I played.

Monthly breakdown

Row Name Played Beaten Completed Abandoned Hit List
January Stats 138 +8 71 +1 86 +2 268 0 2577
February Stats 146+8 72 +1 88 +1 269 +1 2615 +38
March Stats 150 +4 73 +1 89 +1 269 0 2647 +32
Total changes 20 3 4 1 70

Changes from last month:

Played: FINAL FANTASY XII THE ZODIAC AGE, Nioh: Complete Edition, The Swapper, Grow Home, LYNE, A Hat in Time, Mutant Mudds Deluxe, DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours, Sekiro™: Shadows Die Twice, Battle Chef Brigade, SteamWorld Dig, UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe:Late[st]


Completed: Cosmic Star Heroine, Touhou Luna Nights

Abandoned: Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

4.7 hours, 3 of 51 achievements


This game is all about its novelty and nothing much else. I'm a fan of both JRPGs and DRPGs/Wizardry-likes but I find this game to be incredibly bland in everything it does. Story and combat is as generic as it gets. The final nail in the coffin for me is how the dungeons are randomly generated. I have no idea whether it will improve later on but I didn't enjoy what little I have played. Which means I'm abandoning this game for my other games in my backlog.


10.7 hours, 17 of 54 achievements


I knew exactly what to expect from this DOOM reboot after playing Wolfenstein The New Order: fast-paced run and gun FPS that is all about action. And I like it. In some ways, I still prefer Wolfenstein thanks to its more coherent story as well as its arguably more interesting setting. Plus the secrets in that game also very engaging and intuitive to find than in DOOM. Nevertheless, I love both gunplays just as much.

Cosmic Star Heroine

15.8 hours, 33 of 33 achievements


This is actually a pretty neat throwback to Chrono Trigger that is just right in length. There are just 2 little problems that I have with this game though. First of all, the game can sometime "break" above 60 FPS because the party members who follow you around reduce in speed. The battles will only start when they get into a set position, meaning battles can take a long time to start. Second, there exists a bonus dungeon that requires you to pretty much be at max level to be balanced. There are no New Game+ or any methods to go back to do this content once you enter the final dungeon, so you have to grind to max level before the final boss.
Overall though this is still a fun short JRPG with a pumping soundtrack to match.


19.5 hours, 36 of 36 achievements


I should've known I wouldn't enjoy this game. DOA 6 overpromised and ended up not delivering most of its hype due to being rushed. Not only is it plagued by one of the worst netcode I've seen in a fighting game, its developers also opted to add predatory microtransactions first before adding essential features to the game.

I've been on a gaming lull for the past 2 months so I'm glad a game that I've been anticipating for a while could successfully bring me back to gaming. It's been less than two weeks and I'm already on the final stretch of my first playthrough? This game is so much fun!

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
Arbiter Libera

I tried the Conception 2 demo on Vita and that was pretty much my same impression. I guess they’re going for the waifu angle and creating your own kids as characters, but I prefer how Oreshika did that as a cornerstone mechanic. Now, I have Cosmic Star Heroine on GOG and have heard nothing but good things from people about it so I guess it means I owe it a playthrough at some point. So you’d say it’s the closest to Chrono Trigger of those older JRPGs out there?


So, was all the hearsay surrounding the game’s difficulty exaggerated? :D


Don’t own a Vita so I’ve never played Oreshika. It definitely seems like they’re only going for the waifu angle though, cause from what I can tell each one doesn’t differ that much. In any case, you’ll quickly learn that the novelty in creating kids wears out so quickly. The core gameplay loop of the game is to retire those kids and create new ones so they can have higher level caps. At one point I just stopped caring about the whole classmating thing and just mashed through the options lol.

So you’d say it’s the closest to Chrono Trigger of those older JRPGs out there?

It’s close to CT and a pretty good one at that. On closer look the battle system has its differences from CT, but still something about it emulates Chrono Trigger pretty well imo. Also check out Shadows of Adam. Haven’t played it myself but heard good things about it.

So, was all the hearsay surrounding the game’s difficulty exaggerated? :D

Uh-uh. Can’t ever trust a game journalist who actually don’t even play games man lol. There’s just always those group of people who rant about how hard Souls games are but I’m sure they barely even scratched the surface. The thing with Souls is it is only hard if you are impatient. I don’t consider myself good at these games. I played in short sessions over a long period of time but hey, I still beat the game. And the journey is very much worth it.

But game journalists ain’t got time for all that crap and just want the easy way out. :D Now I’m sure they could feel better about using cheat engine lol.

Items are your best friend, especially in Sekiro. I even consider them to be the Easy Mode of it, actually. You’ll be surprised how bosses can be made trivial with the right items. And I’m sure none of those journalists bothered to take a look at those.


the gaming lull. The disease where every games seem like a torture to play.

I think I’ve had that happen to me a few times, but then I start playing the game again and remember “oh yeah, this is actually kinda fun.” (so it may not be the same thing after all). ☺


Uh… *panicking*. I know! It has different strains and yours seems to be pretty docile. :D