Quarentine is almost over here in Argentina and i’ve been playing some games

Yakuza Kiwami 2

Took too long to finish because my joystick broke and took like a year to fix it and so i think i forgot part of the story, still i really liked the story as always yakuza is a masterclass in game making in all aspects, waiting for the summer sale to get me the remastered pack


Another fantastic wadjet eye game, started it a long while ago and played it half then and half now, really cool sci fi story and the puzzles are mostly well done


Yet another fantastic wadjet eye game, i really liked the post apocalyptic environment i always do, the music stood out in this game for me, the story is kinda generic and there wasn’t any stand out puzzles but still if you like wadjet eye games you will like Shardlight

Life is Strange 2


Really liked it, an emotional tale of two brothers trying to do the best they can in an horrible situation, lots of hard, true moments but with a soft, bright side when it comes to brotherhood and relationships and people, atleast thats the experience i got based on my choices, seeing the other endings in youtube right now it seems that the experience can be quite different, i liked life is strange 1 quirk more but life is strange 2 has a more mature, more serious story to tell and it was well done, the only thing that it does worse than the previous game is music, its not bad but it doesnt have any stand out tracks like the first one did. Looking forward for the third game, hope they make a crossover someday


I’ve been looking at this game for years, i tried several times and never could get the hang of it, i ended up playing it with a guide like 60% of the game, i got to say even that way this game is amazing, a metroidania that challenge the player and asks a lot of it, if you like puzzles that really challenge you try without a guide, the couple i could figure out on my own were really rewarding to do so, and having followed a guide i know that everything you need to know its there, you just have to look for it ,sometimes the solution is halfway across the map in a missable spot but the game trains you to expect that from the beginning, really cool game, amazing music, amazing artwork, a one of a kind adventure


Great games. Congrats on completing them!


That’s some great games you’ve completed. Congratz on La Mulana, it sounds really challenging. Which Wadjet Eye game did you like best so far?


Definetly the blackwell legacy, that game is a classic, and its the entry point of the series and it was my entry point to their games, that series in particuloar is amazing, still i havent played unavowed or strangeland and unavowed could easily surpass the blackwell games as far as i’ve seen, it also being urban fantasy themed helps a lot