April 2021 report

Not that many games played during April. Played Shadow Tactic a lot and that’s basically it.

To keep my game libraries neat and organized I have also made separate tables for Uplay and Origin, feel free to check it out.

You can find all three tables for GoG, Uplay and Origin on my profile with corresponding progress bars. I have also added a Steam progress bar for better comparison. Not sure yet how often it will be actualized.

Enough of small talks and now to the actual assassinations! Good luck in a new month and enjoy your games!

114.1 hours

Absolutely amazing game! One of my favorites!

I am not really in the mood to write something more, so I will just say that I love this game. Great story and characters, amazing soundtrack and graphics!!!
My playtime counts for three playthroughs - first one, second to obtain badges, third for hardcore run. Some of the badges were paint to get, but I have enjoyed pushing my limits!

Can’t wait for the new standalone chapter about Aiko! Hope to see one for every character one day.

43.8 hours

This is a rough gem with a few problems, but nothing serious that would prevent you from enjoying the game. Story is interesting and fights are fun.

Half-Life 2

Cooking Academy Fire and Knives

18.7 hours
no achievements

It's a compilation of three games in which you continuously master your cooking skills. You have set of restaurants with different recipes, first you learn the process of preparing the food, after you gain enough stars you can take exams - you are not making the whole meal again, just one specific part from the preparation process. Good thing is that even in exams you are still shown how to make the food, so you don't have to completely memorize it.
You can see the progress in the series, be it in graphics or mechanics. Each meal also has a short intro about its history.

We have enjoyed these cooking lessons, mastering some recipes was a true challenge. ;) It was suitable for short playing times when you don't want to think much.

Half-Life 2

My Jigsaw Adventures - A Lost Story

11.0 hours
32 of 32 achievements

Next game in My Jigsaw Adventures series with new story that unfolds with each puzzle. As with the first game, the pictures are truly beautiful (you can download them again) and music is very pleasant, creating a nice atmosphere. It's great game to relax after long day.

You can customize the game to your liking with a background picture / color, add a grid, select where your puzzle pieces are stocked, play in challenge mode… You can pick a mosaic, traditional or arrow shape (love this one). In the first game the biggest puzzle had 220 pieces, now you can select a puzzle with 500 and even 1000 pieces. For me it's too much, but luckily no achievement is tied to them, so you are not forced to suffer. ;)

In addition to story mode you will open special puzzles which are smaller but have twists to them. Picture is in black and white, upside down or you have a time limit to solve the puzzle and more.

I have really enjoyed both the standard game and the special puzzles. Will keep my eyes on the series for sure.

Half-Life 2

Mystery Masters: Psycho Train Deluxe Edition

3.6 hours
no achievements

No longer on Steam, but you can find it under shorter name:

It's an okay hidden object game, sometimes it wasn't very clear on what to do next, but I didn't got stuck for too long. Game is linear with small independent locations. Story follows mother searching for her daughter in twisted space of mad railman. You and your daughter aren't his only victims so you will encounter some of them and help them (somewhat). Have to say that the disturbing feeling was nicely done, some of the graphics were little unsettling.

The ending is vague and I am not sure how exactly it ended.

Nothing new.

Anton Sokolov ; Aliena ; Aria T’Loak B C D Enzo and Erine Kori-Odan F
Grimm ; Garrus Vakarian Hornet I Jack Koa Legion
Mata Hari Nyreen Kandros The Outsider P Quirrel Ronan O’Connor
Saren Arterius T U V Wrex Urdnot X
Y Z        
Big thank you for my wins! :D
  • Sea Legends: Phantasmal Light Collector's Edition

    0 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Gone Fireflies

    0 hours playtime

    0 of 5 achievements

  • The Last Dogma

    0 hours playtime

    no achievements

LEGO bundle - I just don’t understand why there wasn’t the first Batman? o.O Other addition.
My ABC plan contains many unfinished games because I would like to complete them before starting new ones, this is my huge problem. ;) This plan should help me with it.
  • So for the purpose of this list, only games marked as completed counts - until said otherwise.
  • Games can be played in whichever order.
  • Unfinished games will be restarted or continued.

Assassinated 10 of 29

34% (10/29)
31% (9/29)
34% (10/29)
  • 16bit Trader

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 16 achievements

  • Agarest: Generations of War

    124.7 hours playtime

    15 of 50 achievements

  • Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 12 achievements

  • Cooking Academy Fire and Knives

    18.7 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Dark Messiah of Might & Magic

    0 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Eventide: Slavic Fable

    4 hours playtime

    25 of 25 achievements

  • Fortune Summoners: Secret of the Elemental Stone

    0 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Glass Masquerade

    8 hours playtime

    32 of 32 achievements

  • Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 36 achievements

  • Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 36 achievements

  • Chaos on Deponia

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 34 achievements

  • Inquisitor

    15 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars
    J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars

    27.4 hours playtime

    40 of 40 achievements


    10 hours playtime

    20 of 20 achievements

  • Loren The Amazon Princess

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 40 achievements

  • Merchants of Kaidan

    36.7 hours playtime

    22 of 22 achievements

  • Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor

    10.7 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Overlord: Raising Hell

    6 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Postmortem: one must die (Extended Cut)

    20 minutes playtime

    no achievements

  • Quest for Infamy

    1.4 hours playtime

    0 of 59 achievements

  • Remothered: Tormented Fathers

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 10 achievements

  • Sins Of The Demon RPG

    15 hours playtime

    9 of 9 achievements

  • Tempest

    15 hours playtime

    1 of 24 achievements

  • Unium

    5 hours playtime

    9 of 22 achievements

  • Velvet Assassin

    27 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Weird Park Trilogy

    14.0 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown

    37 hours playtime

    35 of 85 achievements

  • Yomawari: Night Alone

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 27 achievements

  • ZanZarah: The Hidden Portal

    0 minutes playtime

    no achievements


Fantastic looking tables. I’ve also been keeping lists of my non-Steam games/progress but I can’t find the patience to do it fancy like yours. Just titles have to suffice, I was adding links before but I even stopped doing that :D


Thank you. :3
I would lose outline of the games if I used only the names probably. XD Also I am not too familiar with some of the games so it’s better that I see picture of it right away. ;) But truth is that making the table for Gog was long and tiresome. XD I am happy that I don’t have to do it for Steam. :D


Frankie buddy doing great with your non steam games. Some nice big games you beat this month and look at those hours on van helsing damnnn
Yeah frankie is your best nickname, you are always the franklin dude. Kyrie does not do you justice! I’m lazy with nicknames and just tend to add ie/y at the end. Sammy, ninny, yiffy, michelley - they had other nicknames and i wasn’t about to call her mitch like her name was spelt. Even my name has the e sound :o


Haha, thank you. :)
I have to work on them some more though, we will see if the tables help me with it. Van Helsing hours will grow as we plan to continue with it! :D

Kyrie is also nice. ;D