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This little Fox hoarded many games. She wants to play all ot them, but her negative point is that she ends up playing the same games over and over again... Yes, Mass Effect, Witcher and Dragon Age, we are talking about you!
Also Steamgifts wins deserves more attention!

Lets do something about it, so even other games get equally played.

Work in progress...

ABC Screenshot Challenge

Grimm Hornet I J K L
M N The Outsider P Q R
Y Z        

Games used:

Hollow Knight
Dishonored 2

Last day of 2018

So I have managed to make an update before the world year ends! :)
December was really busy month as the Advent time demanded slight preparations at least. And to make it even better, my new kitchen (I have ordered it during September) got delivered one week before Christmas! My father helped me a lot, as he build it himself alone as I had to go to work. It ended up well. I have spent Christmas time in a new kitchen and even managed to clean my sweet home somehow! ;)
And now it’s time for some playing!

During my short time on this site I looked around a bit. And I like some of the tags or lists that some members are using. I hope that I wouldn’t be breaking any rule if I get inspired by them and make similar lists as well. Also some of the update posts are very inspirational! ;)
I have decided to use to mark my Steamgifts wins.

My overall progress have not changed so much, got three new SG wins. Still not bought any games on Steam (or other) sale, as I am trying to be practical - I have enough games to play already. Not sure how long will my resolve last. I have already picked some games to buy…. X)

Not so much of an actual update:

Other than that I have almost completed Hollow Knight on GoG and it’s really an amazing game! So beautiful, with one of the best soundtracks I have ever heard. I have decided to start it on Steam right away! XD

Also I like the idea with Theme months and have already picked some games I could play next time, so maybe I will participate. ;)
Other than that I am trying to list my games and tag them nicely, but it’s still a work in progress. I have made one list with picked games from my wins which have top priority!

I want to wish you all Happy New Year!!! All the best! :D

Small image thanks to Mskotor!


Fight with my backlog begins!

I am playing and collecting games for many years now. Some of the games I own on Steam I have already completed, but I would like to play them again, so I won’t be setting them to completed or beaten status yet. maybe I will change my mind
I am not yet sure if I should make some gaming plan or what course should I set for myself exactly. Also, as the Advent started I won’t have much time during December - baking sweets, cleaning, preparing the gifts…. Still, I will try to play regularly!
Hmmm, that sounds like a good idea for a starter.
On the other hand I am trying to lower my backlog on GoG too do not forget about Uplay or Origin!

My starting stats

Progress with my games:


Steamgifts wins:


Those are some horrible numbers… T_T

To start with something positive:

So I think that will be all for my first post. Hope it’s okay like this. :3
Also, I am not sure how often should I update my progress…. well I have some time to decide. ;)