Side Quest #07 - 15 May 2019



about 16 hours playtime
no achievements

The whole story feels like a long chapter 1, leaving many things on the open and no closure. The game mechanics were nice and all but got repetitive after a while.


I remember watching the trailer for this for the first time years ago. Really found it to be cool. It’s a bit sad that the final product ended up being a general mixed feedback, but of course, if many people are experiencing & feeling the same, then obviously there are issues with the game.

Would you mind sharing, maybe other parts of the game, you found fun or interesting (characters, weapons, powers/abilities if any)?


Unfortunately, most people here aren’t conducive to giving details, to the point where you may not even be sure what genre the game is until you look it up. If you want some more details on the game in general (and don’t mind me shilling my own posts), you can check out

Short version: The lock on mechanic is nice and the gun works fine, but there’s very little variety with enemy AI or enemy arenas (from a combat perspective, not a graphical/detail perspective), which is why combat gets repetitive. Platforming segments are similar: jumping and dashing are responsive, but it’s just moving platforms, on/off hazard walls, thin platforms, and rolling-spiked-balls over and over. Also, the health-regenerating mechanic means you can only die by taking a bunch of hits in a row, so of course the game’s gonna throw a bunch of stuff your way, but getting hit stuns you for a second, so death rarely feels fair since you basically only die by being stun-locked. As for the story, I disagree about it just being a “chapter 1,” but it does end on a cliffhanger that makes you think there might be post-game content when it’s literally just a cliffhanger ending.


I think it’s fine that some folks don’t give out full on descriptive details or updates on here - Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t and it can be for any reasons :) I know personally for me, most of the time don’t have the energy or am not good with words

Thanks for sharing the link by the way, it was an interesting read! Hopefully if the devs make a sequel or other games like it, it will be improved.