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Crossed "Cross of the Dutchman" off the batch, man!

A nice game game based on a true (and not-so-nice) story. You play as a farmer who leaves his fields and family to fight against the oppressors.

The gameplay reminded me of Driftmoon, even if here you basically only go around killing Saxons.
You move and attack with the mouse yet the controls are not very accurate. Example of this can be seen if you get stuck somewhere or during battles, where clicking correctly is everything or you miss hitting the enemies.
Even so, the game is not very long so I think it's rather easy to bear with those flaws.

There really is not much more to say about this title.. go here, kill saxons, go there, kill some more, etc. etc.

Other than idling time, playtime could be lower.. I just died a couple of times during huge waves of enemies (until I noticed that your health auto-regen after a while if you don't get hit.. after that I was invincible!) and a couple more during the stealth parts, mostly because I needed to figure out the right path.
Oh, and run across the whole map a couple of times because the end game was close and I hadn't unlocked the achievement for opening all the chests yet. Luckily, I eventually noticed that the map shows you how many chests you already opened in each area, so I able to find that last one :)
How long could've that taken? 15-20' at most? well, not that much, sure ^^; ..still, not a long game :)
Title: Cross of the Dutchman
Developer: Triangle Studios
Publisher: Triangle Studios
Release date: 2015-09-10
Regular price: 8,99 €
Bundled:      ☑Yes ☐No
Achievements: ☑Yes ☐No
Cards:        ☑Yes ☐No
cards idling: 2.5h
Degree of appreciation — 10% — 20% — 30% — 40% — 50% — 60% — 70% — 80% — 90%

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