July's Theme: Relax IndiePendently

It’s almost the middle of the summer, some of us may be on vacation these days. Actually it’s a good time to take some rest, relax from things that make you tired, try new things and make little changes. Also it is the month when quite a lot of countries got their independence – 24 countries in overall. With this being said we present you our new monthly theme: Relax IndiePendently!

It consists of approximately 74 indie games which were marked with relaxing tag on Steam. Games like Osmos, LYNE and Stardew Valley can be found among this list of all compatible games. This month we decided that it will be a fixed list with not so many games as you could see before. Even if you finish all your games from this category, you still have huge backlog of other games. Aren’t we all here because of it? :) Finishing all your games from the monthly theme should still leave you time for other games and activities. It’s summer after all :)

UPDATE: Anyway, now you can make suggestions of other games for the list! Please, do it in comments to the list of eligible games, here. You can suggest the games you finished (finished main story before this month; doesn’t mean obtaining all achievements, endings, etc). If your comment gets at least 1 “+1” from other members, your game gets in the list. If you played the game before this month, but not enough to finish it, you can suggest it as well, but then you’ll need 3 “+1”s. If you have never played the game you’re suggesting before this month, but believe that it’s fitting, you can still make a suggestion. The game will be added if it gets 5 “+1”s. I hope it will work good :)

All entries must be submitted here before July 31, 23:59 UTC. You can post all finished/completed/beaten games in one comment and update it with new additions until the end of monthly theme.

For your entry to be valid, the game you play must be listed in the list above.

Here you can see overall statistics (I will update it irregularly, so, please, be patient). Ranking system is taken from the previous month. It is based on difficulty and time needed to finish the game.

The ranking will work based on a points system that will involve AStats' / HowLongToBeat's hours to finish (F), hours to complete (C), points (P) and total of points (TP). Here are the correspondent points for each of the entries:

Has achievements.(C - F) * Σ(P) / TP + F
Does not have achievements.(C + F) / 2

Σ(P) is the sum of the AStats Points of each of the achievements you got during the month (excluding broken / date-specific achievements, so please don't cheat to get those, since they will not count towards your ranking and might also leave a red flag on your profile).

If you get all of the achievements in a game during this month, you also get an additional 25% of your points.

If you want to replay a game that you already got all of the achievements, it will give you only F points.

If a game doesn't contain C or F on AStats or HowLongToBeat, I will take the average playtime from BLAEO members who played it for the theme. This might not be the most elegant solution, but there is no better way to deal with it.

There might be some giveaways for all participants. Ranking is made mainly for fair and clear competition, but it may lead to additional GAs as well depending on the final results.

List of games



Do you like the number of eligible games?

P.S. Big thanks to Downward Concept for the theme logo and revilheart for all the scripts and help with formatting! Bottom image is taken from this artist.

Downward Concept

Oooohhh! Now I get it, why didn’t you tell me the title was Relax Indiependently? I thought from the suggestions thread it was just indie-pendence.


Oops, my bad :O I didn’t have the name of the theme at the moment you suggested me your logo, sorry.


Oh yeah, American Truck Simulator is on the list. Bought it minutes ago and my driving wheel should be delivered today or tomorrow :D


Relaxing games… looks like Stardew all month then… :)

Are you absolutely sure you’re not taking suggestions for compatible games?
I can see why you wouldn’t but you could make a rule such as “not allowed to recommend games you haven’t finished” to reduce guess work… or have someone “second” a game.

Also it is the month when quite a lot of countries got their independence – 24 countries in overall.

Meanwhile in the UK


Well, you still have at least 7 games you never played from this category and 8 unfinished ones :)

I’ll discuss suggestion part once again with group admins in the evening.

Yeah… It was unexpected (at least for me).


Yeah but… Stardew is a game that takes its time, I might have other available but how will I ever fit them in… :D

Alright, awesome. :)
I’ll add some if I can think of them. I think I have a couple of games that come to mind but I’ll cross reference see if they’re already suggested.

I think it was unexpected even for those who wanted it looking at the fallout


I’ve used system close to the one described by you. I’ll take suggestions from members. Check update section in main post :)


I think you should specify better what/when to submit beaten/completed games, ‘cause I already see “invalid” entries on the submit page..

Also, doing a list of other possible compatible games, just in case =P


It will come in handy :) I’ll accept suggestions, but there will be some rules for that. Check update section in main post.

Downward Concept

So, I gave it a proper read this time and I have to say that on the downside the list of eligible games is pretty slim, but on the plusside the list is pretty slim! I only have one game listed, but that’s giving me a clear goal to work towards, rather than being overwhelmed by dozens of games that I could potentially play. Wanted to play Fez anyway, so that’s great. :)
Edit: Actually I own a second game, but this one was on my mental soon to be removed from my library list. :D


We decided to take suggestions after all. So if you do have any and want to make them, check update section in main post. It explains the procedure of suggesting the game for monthly theme.

Downward Concept

I thought having a fixed list was pretty neat. :C
Don’t have any suggestions or I don’t think I gonna play anything relaxing this month beside Fez maybe. :D


Relaxing games you say, Incredible Crisis would be probably one :-D


I’ll take suggestions. So, check update section in main post for instructions of how to make suggestions :)


It was more of a joke ;) It’s a game where you must complete objectives fast enough and so that your characters don’t get too irritated. In the end you end up irritated yourself because of that game :D

That awkward moment when I have beaten Hexcells on 28th of June :

anyway, still will try to beat 5-6 games in this month connected to this theme. :)


Did the rule “show activity” got removed or just forgotten? I see many entries in your submission post but I am missing posts in the activity feed about them.
I would like to see monthly activity there, too.


Good point, I agree. I’ll add it to the description as recommendation.

Blue Knight

Relaxing games are nice, I should replay some of the old ones!


Suggestion for improvement: Can you embed the google sheet with the ranking in your post? If you want to know how I did it on my profile just let me know


Seems there is an error with the game Hare In The Hat in the doc, lists as 0 TP despite achievements ^^


Thank you. I saw error caused by this game in the morning. Corrected about an hour ago.