Ninglors Log 182

08.09.20 – 14.09.20

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The Esoterica: Hollow Earth

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Half-Life 2


176 hours
69 of 69 achievements

Here's the shocking truth. I thought I started January this year. Turns out, I got back into it in March. But here's the thing: I already played it end of 2018 and the first half of 2019. Wooooow. What a stretch! I guess that's what I get for my insane plan to do everything on every map - I didn't do the Jeff easter egg and only watched it in videos. I'm sure I missed A LOT, but at the same time I did a lot. So that's ok :D
So much for when I started. On to the actual thing!
I remember being rather disappointed, bc I very much liked the look of the Absolution Hitman. This Agent 47 looked different and I was meh at first. I like him, but I still liked the Absolution looks better. But Hitman is not about looks, right? Apart from the constant reminder how he looks like a (ingame) model which is super funny. And how he obv takes disguises to be invisible! (At some point I started wondering: What if EVERYBODY is just an Agent. Bc only a few ppl ever notice there is something off. Ok, there are always some ppl on the map, who know everybody else and realize there is something off :D )
I've spent a lot of time trying to figure out shit on my own. Although I almost always reached a point where I just didn't know how to do some achievement. Thankfully there are enough awesome ppl out there who have it done by now xD
I still am a very bad shooter. I can do it under pressure. I had a few brilliant moments where I was under fire and just headshot every person coming at me. One shot, dead. Mostly that doesn't work out, bc I… I dunno. I can't do it under pressure and if they move and stuff. Luckily it's still not about that. It's still about sneaking around, poisoning, strangling, breaking necks… and a lot of undeadly takeouts ':D
I very much enjoyed the actually sniper mission though. And I laughed my ass of running around as scarecrow and dancing on the dancemat. That was just brilliant! (I even took screenshots. Not of the scarecrow, bc a vid would have been better anyways.) It had a lot of funny moments, which I just love. I'm really looking forward to the 2, but I'll certainly not start it this year. I need a bit of a Hitman break. Sad truth. (Not even sure if I'll do the same madness all over again…)
No LEWD-rating (at least I don't think so) nor gay-ship included (sad sad)
Recommendation? YES!

Cat Story ahead!
Ups, I did it again! runs away

So much from me :)
Have a lovely week!
Queen Ninglor


Yeah, it would be fun to try this game. Unfortunately it’s pretty low in the backlog of my alt account. Glad you enjoyed it, and that’s some perseverance and dedication! :D


Hitman or Banner Saga? You can just play through the Missions in Hitman and be done WAY quicker with it :D
I have friends with under ten hours having it beaten. I just did every ingame task. So yeah, that’s why I ended with loads of hours. It’s my second longest SP game now (not counting clicker and PPU… and Farm Together) on Steam. Mass Effect 3 would also be higher (sadly Origin screwed that up at some point and reset my timer on my games….). And Sims obviously, but yeah, not many games I’ve spent more time in. I do wonder if Witcher 3 will be more. It might just. (If it’s more than Mass Effect I know WHAT I have to do here :D)


8.7 hrs on record, 14 of 69 (20%) achievements earned here! I just did the bare minimum haha xD
Congrats on your completion though! Your dedication kinda motivate me to take Hitman 2 more seriously, maybe :D


Fun fact: I WAS looking at your stats :D
Uuuuuh! I’m excited to hear this!
I kinda… decided not to start with 2 before next year. Although… I mean, I AM into the gameplay and everything? But… uuuuuh… yeah… maybe? Not? Dunno. :D
I could just put it in my PoP and if it’s getting picked that’s that, right? xD


Yeah sorry– I was referring to HITMAN. I’m super slow when it comes to stealth…and, well, pretty much any other type of gameplay. :D


Yeah, I kinda thought so :D
I’m also not the quickiest player (as you can see), mostly bc I fail a lot I guess? I also work a lot with saves and have to go back to things. Although it was getting easier, the more I was into it thinking


That’s really a long time. Congratulations on having the discipline and dedication to keep playing a game for such a long time. Usually when I take up a long game and take a break in between those breaks end up lasting for several years :D

The Banner Saga is in my backlog as well and I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. I hope you enjoy playing it :)


Well since I always have the goal to play a certain amount of games in a month/year, it’s kinda hard to just stick with one game somehow. At some point I thought about beating a map per month, but that didn’t work out either. But I am very happy I did it. I’m still a bit sad how I never managed to do it in Absolution - that’s why I decided to do it in HITMAN. Bc having beaten the game and going back to get everything didn’t work out in Absolution for me. So I never completed it.

I’m still not so sure about The Banner Saga. I’m starting to like the story, but the fighting is not my cuppa tea really. So that’s stupid. I guess I could skip a few, but I try to do them all and maybe get the hang of it. Or like it? shrug
I doubt I will try to go for 100% though. Shoking, I KNOW! screams :D


I doubt I will try to go for 100% though.

Well, you have to choose your battles wisely. Also, at least in theory, we can always revisit games and complete them then :D I hope the fighting in Banner Saga is not too tedious and looking forward to read your review should you decide to write one for it!


“Revisit games”…. ha… ha… haha… cries I have a list of those. I doubt it will ever happen. Unless I’ve cleared my whole backlog first or something. Or I CRAVE the game. Like Thief. I crave to play it, but I don’t even have a reason to go back, so I don’t. Maybe there will be a next one. That would be pretty sweet O.O
I guess I should write a review. Guess if I do, it’s your fault. Atm I’d just hat sorted and be done with it :D


Well, if it’s not worthy of a review, that tells something about the game as well, doesn’t it? :)

Yeah, I have quite a few games as well which I want to revisit…but then, who is going to play my unplayed games???


Just that I’m currently too lazy for most games concerning reviews :D

I know, right? Who will every play them! And what if one of those was a game I’d want to revisit too, but I just don’t know it yet? O.O


Awesome!!! Unfortunately I don’t think i’m going to reach this game in my backlog until late next year, glad you managed to assassinate it!


When ever you do, I hope you’ll very much enjoy it! \o/
I’m rather proud for having exterminated it! :]