Humble Beginnings

Hello there, first update! I have categorized my games and picked some games to tackle. Gonna take it a bit slow as not to get overwhelmed or bored by playing multiple games and finishing none. Happened plenty of times and is one of the reasons why i wanted to join BLAEO. I have a lot of “open” games. Either i tried them at one time or have made progress in them already. So, i am gonna first focus on closing these games before trying any of my unplayed ones. Starting with 4 games.

Costume Quest 2

Beaten the first Costume Quest and going to try the sequel. The first one was pretty decent but fairly simplistic and kinda repetitive. It does have some elements that vary the gameplay up a bit though and i found the artstyle and presentation to be rather nice. It was lighhearted and amusing so i enjoyed my time with the game. Expecting the sequel to be pretty similar but hopefully with more expanded gameplay.

Blue Estate

Not a great fan of on-rails shooters but i liked this one so far. Over the top action and humor. It isn’t that long so i should be able to reach the end rather quickly.


I guess this one favors multiple playthroughs as things may turn out different each time and choices can have consequences. No definitive ending as far as i know so i am gonna try to at least reach one of the endings and see as much of the game as i can. It’s gonna take me some time.

Divine Divinity

Done more than 100 hours and i am still not even close to the ending. Still a lot of stuff to do as i like to read all the dialogue, solve all quests and take everything that isn’t nailed down and the game has tons of all that! Will leave it aside and play the shorter games first but i want to keep my playthrough going so i will sneak in some hours every now and then.

First batch is selected, now begins the game assassinating!
No screenshots for now :’( Must remember to add some in the next update. And write some more stuff!


Welcome to BLAEO and congratulations on your first update :) Enjoy yourself and have fun here.


Thanks, hopefully i can actually finish some games and make more updates :) Gotta learn how to use the source code here better too. Some of the updates from the other members i’ve seen, look really great and detailed.


Oh good luck with that. Coding fancy looking posts on BLAEO can be a massively daunting task :(


Welcome to BLAEO, I thought you fell asleep after opening Divine Divinity D:
Hi dad


Might be an old game but it’s pretty good. Wouldn’t fall asleep playing it!


Welcome to BLAEO o/


Thanks Sheepu, good to be here o/


Hey, welcome aboard! :D

Go at whatever pace you like and just have fun. There’s no race here, no competition, and joy is measured by the smile on your face, not by how quickly you’re checking games off of a list. :)

Lucky Thirteen

Hey, welcome to BLAEO! I know what you mean, I used to play a lot of games at once, leaving most of them unfinished. Not fun. BLAEO is really helping me with this, I’m pretty sure it’ll help you as well :)
Good luck!


Welcome welcome. :D
I feel ya on starting a bunch of games and finishing none, BLAEO has definitely helped in that regard. Is enjoyable actually completing games again! Best of luck and hope you have a lot of fun kicking your backlog’s bum.