Well then, with my previous post I’ve finally finished talking about games slained in 2017.
Before I start to talk about those in 2018, lemme show you a cloud map of all the 123 games played in 2017: hoping I didn’t forget any

It should be easy to understand as it is but, just to be sure:
▪ the bigger the name, the more I’ve liked it;
▪ the colours, of course, follows this site rules: orange=unfinished, green=beaten and blue=completed

In the first comment to this post you’ll find some variations (or a W.I.P., if you prefer) of the cloud which didn’t win =P

If you want more stats I’ve added some more in this post watch out if you have data cap on your downloads as there are a lot of images, don’t want to leave you dry :( real link here. Not much ‘cause everytime I plan to add a billion things and, as usual, end up with unfinished stuff -_- (see 2016)
I’ve also changed the style of each monthly comment (you can see them if you scroll down), I think this new version is a bit better as each month should, on average, take less space, giving you the possibility to expand what you’re interested in. Also added some quick link to each game:
up to 2017, finished games linked to their respective posts, while started and new addition linked to nowhere.
Now, finished games have quick links to their post, store, achievements and screenshots pages; new and started links to store page.
In the unlikely case that someone other than me check this page, hope it’ll be more useful now :)
If you quickly want to find a post about a specific game, you can always use the alphanumeric list of all my posts :)
These, and some more links, are available in my profile under the agenda icon (the agenda, not the notepad)


This was the chosen image until the last moment, when I decided that having all names horizontally would have been better

Before deciding though, I’ve messed around with various fonts,


sizes and sites, but I couldn’t find one that let me customize the cloud as I wanted.

You see, the original idea was to have the cloud take the shape of the BLAEO’s mascotte (btw does it have a name? if not, we should find it one!)

but the results weren’t satisfying, so I switched back to the standard cloud.
A pity because it was a really nice effect :)


It’s an Assassin, right? It totally should be an Assassin as Mascot! \o/

Also I totally like the idea of doing that. I want that too!
And I guess I need to update my abc pic o.o
Yeah, I shall totally do that right now bounce off


Pretty sure is an assassin, but what’s its first name? an assassin called Assassin? :O

hehe ^_^
if you need help, I’m here :)


Mr Assassin? :]

I had to work out, that you had to connect the words or… you have some not at all and other a lot. Like Grim Legends, Enigmatis and so on. Yep, HOG Year and all that! :D


Hope they don’t start calling it Mr. Ass for short XD

Oh, yes, that also depends on the site you choose to use.. first cloud I generated had giant “The”, “of” and such all around and was basically useless =P


Haha! Mr Ass! Now you clearly started it, right? xD

Well, I had to use _ to make it look like one word. Which is also fine :D
And it’s all purpely! (Did I mention purple is my fav colour? :D)



Oh no, what have you done D:




Used wordle to create the cloud. Just had a quick look and couldn’t find a way to add a custom shape, so I guess I’ve made the ones with the mascot shape on another site (sorry, made these images during the first days of january, while I still was on holiday..) :\
You also need, obviously, a list of games or whatever you want to put in them and, if you want to customize it like I did, a value (for the size) and a color (well, its hexadecimal value) for each element of the list.
Once you have this list, you have to submit it to the site via the “advanced” window.
The format of every row of your list should be Game name:value:color
I used a spreadsheet to quickly create such list, you may want to do the same if you have a big list.

If you still have problems, sono qua ;)


Wow, nice idea, and it’s a lot of games for a single year, congrats !


Thanks ^_^


That’s cool looking! And wow, you played a lot of games in 2017. Keep on fighting your backlog and I’m looking forward to your 2018 cloud ;)


Thanks :)
they mostly are short ones though, been a while since I’ve last beaten a long RPG, for example. :(

hehe, this time I’m prepared and have already started making the list of played games ;)