Challenge me!

I’m new around these parts, so I missed April’s theme for the most part, so I’m asking folks to challenge me to one game from my Never Played list! That list might be deceptive as I have played some of these (not sure how the hours are at 0 for some of ‘em), but I’m open to most of the list :)


I picked two instead of 5, since I don’t have that much time right now. AND I didn’t pay attention to the Monthly Themes rules :]

Banished - Simulation that could be played like foreeeeeeeeeeever…
D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die- haven’t played that one yet myself, so do tell how that turns out, if you take it :D

I have just started on sunday myself. Although I listed myself at the start of the month. Holiday and this huge game came in between. So your not thaaaaat late :D
Hope I can finish at least one… or two… or on of my “longer” ones and all the short ones :D

Good luck and hf.
If you want some more from me, do say so, I’ll check in later ;)


Thanks! I’ll install both today and see what I can do :) What would be your scenario for “finishing” a game like Banished, though? hahaha.


Ha, that’s a good question. Let me think at what point I started a new game. Since I go for achievements it had something to do with that. So maybe one of the “bigger” achievements? Or a working town your happy with`? Something like that :)


I’m playing through D4 right now. So far, it’s interesting and similar to something like Telltale’s Walking Dead games. A bit quirkier, too… has a Japanese weirdness to it. Not bad.


Ha, that sounds pretty fun then :D
Have much more fun with it :)

Lucky Thirteen

I challenge you to play Deadlight and/or GTA: Vice City ;)
Personally, I enjoyed Deadlight (kind of a dark, zombie-themed platformer) and I think that Vice City is the best game from the GTA series.

Welcome to BLAEO btw, good luck with your future progress! :)


Wow you’ve got some great games in your backlog :) A few short games that I’ve played and can recommend are: Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons, FEZ, The Stanley Parable, The Wolf Among Us and Volume. You’ve got loads of massive RPGs too but I don’t think any of them need any introduction!


Dark Messiah of Might & Magic is one of my favorite game of the last decade. You allready tried it?