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♠ Update 13 April ♠

Possibly useful tool info:

Recently found out about this tool, which will sort your Steam Library by genre, HLTB times, tags, and more!

Maybe some of you will find it useful when looking for games to assassinate: Depressurizer

Progress on my book-game challenge:

  • Sword Daughter
    Sword Daughter

    3.8 hours playtime

    6 of 15 achievements

Started this up one night and got a couple solid playthroughs of it, though apparently there are 22 endings to unlock so I’ve got a lot more sessions to go! The game is nearly identical to the book it is based on too, so going forward I’ll probably play and read in tandem.

As an FYI: previous months’ book-game wrap-ups are linked on my profile page if you’re interested.

BLAEO Monthly Theme pick:

  • Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing Initiative
    Aperture Tag: The Paint Gun Testing Initiative

    5.2 hours playtime

    no achievements

Meh. Still meh.

Edit: As I just haven’t had fun with this so far, I’m changing my pick for the month. No sense banging my head against the wall here if I’m just not feeling it right now.


  • Subsurface Circular
    Subsurface Circular

    1.8 hours playtime

    7 of 13 achievements

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Got a little more play time on this, but I haven’t yet finished the storyline out.

I find that games like this are pretty much made for times when you’re half-idling, chatting or listening to music.

Otherwise played this week:

  • Slappy Ass
    Slappy Ass

    1.8 hours playtime

    11 of 11 achievements

The game was updated with a new feature and a new achievement, so I finally decided to spend a few minutes ‘completing’ the game and then uninstalled. So hey, finished another gifted game.

  • Playne: The Meditation Game
    Playne: The Meditation Game

    7.8 hours playtime

    14 of 40 achievements

Still going with this program, maintaining my streak. Pretty sure all my sessions were short this week though.

  • Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced
    Borderlands Game of the Year Enhanced

    17.6 hours playtime

    26 of 80 achievements

Most time-sucking game of the week again. Playing co-op, we finished out the Isle of Dr Ned DLC campaign and so I guess we’ll be headed back to doing more storyline stuff again soon. I wasn’t sold initially on the Siren as my character, always jealous that my friend snagged the Hunter because he’s badass. But after getting some decent elemental weapons and enough points to unlock better skills - she’s doing alright.


The other time sink game, played a session or two with another friend doing weekly bounties and helping her level a new character. Might be investing more time into this soon if my friend decides to pick up the expansion set like she’s talking about.

Happy Spring!


I’ll take a look to the tool later on pc thx. Do you know about lorenzostanco? Another good filter, doesn’t have HLTB I guess. If you wanna play borderlands with more people, I could do some <3

the Traveler

Yeah I do know about the lorenzostaco website and have used it, but Depressurizer actually sorts your Steam Library on your PC out into whatever categories you tell it to, which can be handy for some folks who want to set categories within the Steam overlay itself. :)

Thanks for the offer to play Borderlands! Just have been playing with my friend whenever he’s free, we’re both in GMT-5 timezones and usually play later in the evenings, like about 8 PM to 11PM. We’re both around mid-20s in level atm.

Arbiter Libera

Eh, I just randomly scroll through my library until something catches my attention or search it manually. Sorting was something I never got around to and library just kept growing. :D

Might be investing more time into this soon if my friend decides to pick up the expansion set like she’s talking about.

That reminds me how overpriced the season pass is for Destiny 2. Even worse is because you’re not getting everything post-launch with that purchase. Thinking back on it including the base game in Humble Monthly was a good bait.

the Traveler

Destiny 2 is not “Steam cheap” at all, but I liked it enough to buy the whole deluxe Forsaken package last fall. I do agree on the Season Pass not being worth it for me, mostly because I’m way too casual of a player and it’s made for the players who do invest time in the game. Forsaken expac itself was fun though!


Well, that looks like a busy (and fun) week, quite a few different games. I would loose track :D

22 endings on Sword Daughter sound like a lot, probably hard to find all of them without a guide. Good luck!

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Haha, I’ve developed a sort-of-system to keep them ordered: I only keep the games installed that I plan to play in the immediate future, my two current gaming partners are also casual so I only play with either of them a few times a week, and when I’m not gaming with anybody I play my picks for this site (which are always casual games or ones with shorter playtimes.) Looks like a lot, but right at the moment I’m sitting at about 15 hours of game time this week overall.