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Games I tackled last month: Theme

  • Fairy Fencer F
    Fairy Fencer F

    ✪ 53 hours playtime

    29 of 29 achievements

  • Project Temporality
    Project Temporality

    ✪ 10 hours playtime

    17 of 19 achievements

  • Costume Quest 2
    Costume Quest 2

    ✪ 🎁 9 hours playtime

    18 of 18 achievements

  • The Silent Age
    The Silent Age

    ✪ 3 hours playtime

    24 of 24 achievements

  • Time Mysteries: Inheritance - Remastered
    Time Mysteries: Inheritance - Remastered

    ✪ 5 hours playtime

    10 of 10 achievements

  • Time Mysteries 2: The Ancient Spectres
    Time Mysteries 2: The Ancient Spectres

    ✪ 6 hours playtime

    11 of 11 achievements

First time posting to the feed, hopefully this turns out okay

Monthly Theme helped me play a couple of games (= ✪), I have been looking for reasons to get to, again. Thanks for the inspiration :D

Fairy Fencer F I have enjoyed, the game itself was pretty fun, with the last few achievements being incredibly grindy and repetitive (much like the Neptunia games I've played before), but I am glad I could clear it from the backlog at last.

Project Temporality was a lot of fun honestly. I don't think I'll manage to 100% complete it, as a couple of the 3 star missions seem impossible, so I gave up on the 2star ones I had left as well, knowing I likely would never fully finish it.

Costume Quest 2 was fun, and I'm actually pleased that I could 100% it, unlike the first one which I'm still waiting until Christmas to play it again to get the final achievement ._. This was also an SG win (= 🎁) which is a bonus!

SG Wins & Others:

  • Slain!

    🎁 10 hours playtime

    28 of 30 achievements

  • Spec Ops: The Line
    Spec Ops: The Line

    🎁 12 hours playtime

    40 of 50 achievements

  • The Darkness II
    The Darkness II

    🎁 13 hours playtime

    40 of 50 achievements

Slain: Back From Hell, I won this pretty recently, and I loved it! The graphics are really good for pixel art, the combat can be a little tricky in the beginning, but like most games, once you get the hang of it, it's pretty simple. The challenge will be completing it without dying once for one of the 2 achievements I have yet to get :D

Spec Ops: The Line, isn't quite what I expected it to be, but that's probably just because it got overhyped to me as being an emotional struggle (or perhaps I'm dead inside), but still a good game that I had a lot of fun with. I'll try to finish it off completely over this month, it seems do-able

The Darkness II is a cool game. The combat was easy to get the hang of, and fun throwing people around with your demonic arms. The final boss in the main game & the vendetta campaign left a bit to be desired, but still I can't hate the game just because of that. Bad timing meant that I got most of the achievements just a day or two before this shows up in the new monthly theme, but I still have some left to get to 100% it.

Bring on the next month!


Congrats on the progress!

✪ Le

Thank you! :D

Side note: Wow you’re pro at html, your posts look awesome, I’m jealous :3


as a couple of the 3 star missions seem impossible

Glad someone else shares this opinion.
Grats on the progress!

✪ Le

Yeah, I replayed a couple of missions that I just couldn’t figure out how it was even possible to shave off the sort of time needed to get 3stars. It was a cool game but there must be something more to it that I just wasn’t seeing. You’re the only other person I’ve seen who’s played it tbh, so I agree, I’m glad that it wasn’t just me :D And thank you, too ;3


Surprised more people haven’t played it tbh, wasn’t it free a short while back?


Slain: Back From Hell, I won this pretty recently, and I loved it!

Glad you enjoyed it :-) I’m still at:

the combat can be a little tricky in the beginning

✪ Le

Absolutely! :D And haha, I can understand that. The parrying in the game is probably the toughest part to get the hang of, but you can complete the whole games story without using it at all thankfully. You can do it, Andy! :P


That’s some nice progress!

I happened to play the first Costume Quest during Christmas just by chance, without knowing about the achievements. What are the odds? I was enjoying the holiday for a few days and just wanted to play a short game that didn’t require much GPU power and worked well played on a TV with a controller, it happened to be a perfect fit and I got the achievement as an unexpected bonus :)

✪ Le

Thanks, tso! I wish I was so fortunate. Looking back at the achievements for it now, I actually got my first one in the beginning of December 2015, but then didn’t touch the game again until February. One positive though after that, is that I always try to check a games achievements before I start it up now, for similar problematic achievements :D


I also try to do that, but sometimes it spoils the fun of the game, planning on how to play it. I’m playing DMC right now, which is loads of fun, but many of the achievements are based around finding all collectibles, and I’ve decided to not go for that my first run, because either going around looking for them, or cheating a bit and looking at guides takes out quite a bit of the fun. I’ll just play it, if I happen to run in to secrets, that’s good, but I’m not aiming for getting them all. If I manage 40% of the achievements, I can be happy with that, move on, and come back and complete it at a later time, when I’m hungry for more DMC fun.


Wauw look at this nice post :3
Did you try changing your pc date / time to Christmas? I haven’t played the game but I’d assume it should work if you just want to get that last achievement.

✪ Le

It would work I think, but that’s cheating! Bad, dk! Bad! :P


Time traveling is not cheating! It’s was a monthly theme! Dooo eeeet D:<


I will start to play The Darkness for real this time since it is a monthly game, so this is a good motivation \o/
I played just for few hours and so far I really enjoyed the game, and you are right, is fun to use our demonic arms to throw people >:D
If you go to 100%’d Spec Ops, prepare yourself.. Fubar difficulty is complicated, not because is hard, but because our fellows are always dying and putting us on dangerous situations D: (at least this is what happened when I played)
Congrats on amazing progress :3 keep doing the good work \o


Great job! yeah slain looks really amazing, good job on all those achieves! :D Specially completing fairy fencer F that looks like it took quite some time to complete!