Another short post as a precursor to a decent post. 100%’d a bunch of games that I’d like to give a proper update, as well as finishing The Witcher 2(as mentioned in my previous post).

Everyone is giving their gaming resolutions for the year, so I thought I’d throw mine into the mix.

  1. Everyone seems to be saying they’ll play wins. I struggle like all hell to force myself to do that, its not that I won’t play my wins, its that if I force myself to play a certain game I find I really end up thinking of it poorly as its “stopping” me play what I want to play. So my first resolution is not to make a list of games to prioritise, I’m best when I play things on a whim when my mood suits it. I end up getting more done as a result.
  2. Importantly, for the above to work, I stick to whatever game I start so I don’t just start 50 games and never finish anything.
  3. Although it sort of breaks the first rule, I’m giving myself 365 days to do this and I’ve already made a decent start. Go back and finish the games I have 1 or 2 achievements in to bring my completion rate up. Far too many games lie in my library with 1 achievement from when I tried it out years back then dropped.
  4. Go back and replay games where I didn’t get many achievements in. I never used to care about achievements, as a result I have 40/50 games which I’ve completed with only 30% of the achievements. With an extra 5/6 hours in those games I could probably 100% them.
  5. Get to 100 games perfected. Currently at 57.
  6. Play less Football Manager so I can play more other things. I’ve done pretty well on reducing my FM hours towards the end of 2016, which saw me play so much more. I love FM, I’m still going to top 1,000 hours each year, however I need to not make it my default game to play. Half the reason my library is full of unplayed games is FM.
  7. Review more games. I love writing reviews, I love reading comments on my reviews, I need to write more.
  8. Don’t feel forced to 100% achievements a game that is grindy just because its a AAA.
  9. Get to level 50/60 on steam.
  10. Read Clannad…I can’t put off crying forever.
Lucky Thirteen

not that I won’t play my wins, its that if I force myself to play a certain game I find I really end up thinking of it poorly as its “stopping” me play what I want to play

I hear you, this sometimes happens to me when I’m forcing myself to finish a game even though I’d much rather start playing another one! This pesky feeling has left me with many unfinished games in the past (in fact, I’m currently replaying Thief for some more achievs and I can’t f@cking wait to be done with it so I can move on to the next game :D ).

Anyway, good luck with your resolutions and with your Steam level! :)


I’ve found myself resenting games I was excited to play because I’d forced myself into playing it. I’m trying to avoid that this year!


Yeah, forcing yourself to do anything gaming related is a bad idea. I prefer the go with the flow approach.


^ that.

I’ll still manage to play my games, just when I want rather than when I “should”.


To 3. and 4.: I’m always glad seeing people trying to raise their completion rate and getting more achievements but also be aware that there are some games which either take an insane amount of time to do this OR patience/skill. Some games were never meant to be completed T_T

To 6.: I thought you will start aging if you stop playing FM O.o That sounds rather risky

To 7.: Well …. I also love reading comments on my reviews but that hardly happens. But then again writing serious reviews is always a good thing. If possible do it more for the rather unknown indie games which are good instead of the 1000th review for some AAA game.

To 10.: Sometimes it can feel rather liberating to cry over something. Haven’t read/watched Clannad but I know other stuff which can make you cry ^^


Well I’m already playing a lot of FM because my saves got interesting, so no need to worry about my true age of 75 coming out yet! :3

I’m going to(try) and raise my completion rate without artificially boosting it with too many of the “turn me on for 100%” games or any free to play ones. I like it looking good! I will still play things like Zup though for my showcase :3!


Great resolutions Ally! Point 1 will be more effective than if you make gaming a tedious task ;)

You finally are gonna join the FM addicts anonymous? \o/


They wouldn’t take me :( they said I was a lost cause!

Gaming for me should be fun, I’ve never quite understood it when Jaye makes her lists of things to play. Shes explained it a bit more now and I get it, it can be useful so long as its just narrowing down your library rather than a list of say 5 things you will definitely play.


What I did to help with the first point is to make two categories on steam named “BLAEO” and “BLAEO finished”. I just add whatever I’m playing or I want to play soon to the former, then move them to the latter once I’m done with them.
It feels nice to move them and it also helps when writing my monthly backlog report, as I just go through my “BLAEO finished” tag before moving them to a third tag “Finished” for good.
I’m considering changing this method a bit, keeping them organized in monthly tags (like “BLAEO finished 2016-12” for example) instead of lumping them all together in the “Finished” tag. I’ll probably start this month.