Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion

5.8 hours, 37 of 37 achievements

I was lucky enough to get this game gifted to me and it's the first game I 100% on my steam deck.

What a funny little game… I loved all the different hats you could earn and the ripping of… well yeah almost anything TB came across was just the best.

I would not mind a 2nd game in this series.


Congratulations on treating yourself with a Deck! Bought it for my self a week ago and, oh boy, what a significant life quality upgrade for me as a gamer!


Thank you :) I thought about it for a looong time before deciding to buy it. At first I really wanted to play my old ps2 games, but ended up using it more for steam in the couch :)


I loved Turnip Boy as well! I played it before they added the endless mode, so I still have to go back and get the new achievements they added. They are making another game! It’s called Turnip Boy Robs A Bank.


Oh! Cool :D I will def try it when it comes out.

Yes so,Lene told me that endless were a newer thing. I was lucky enough to meet the secret boss after “only” 5 while rounds :)