Czy jest na sali lekarz?

Ok, just joined I am going to finish off a campaign in HOI4 and then think about playing game I have never played; but what to chose?


Oh another small library. Welcome. Oh my it may be a short list but those games sure aren’t short. Big good luck on finishing some more games


Well hello to you and welcome to BLAEO, hope you’ll enjoy it here as much as most of us do.

If you have a lot of unplayed steam gift wins you might be interested in the PAGYWOSG event (Play a game you won on steam gifts), a monthly event with a theme for the games that should be played. If you finish a game that is qualifiying you can get GA links for the monthly giveaways, that come with the event. If you do not have any SG wins that fit the categories, feel free to join with any other unplayed game.

Also if you want help to decide what games to play you can join either Play or Pay, where you get 7 games chosen (2 short, 2 medium, 2 long, 1 extra long) that you are challenged to finish in a 3 months time span, you have to finish a certain amount of games and if you don’t, you have to make a GA for the group, though the bar is set really low.

Or you can join Challenge Me, also a monthly event, where people can challenge you to finish 5 games.

And then there is the BLAEO monthly theme, also a monthly event, where you can just play games that fit the event.

{distant} May

Hey! Great username, so Polish :p Anyway, I feel like Brutal Legend’s cool! Watched it played before, but I wouldn’t dare try it out myself. Serial Cleaner looks great as well :D


Hello and welcome to the site! From your never played list I’d recommend LIMBO which is a really nice platformer with simplistic but nice graphics. And also Spec Ops: The Line which is a 3rd person shooter with acceptable gameplay and fantastic story. :3
Hope you enjoy your stay here~