October: Spooktober

To celebrate Spooktober, we’re going to play games with a Horror tag. Because some of us are scaredy cats, a game doesn’t have to be scary to qualify. If it’s not tagged as Horror, but features things related to Halloween (costumes, witches, ghosts, skeletons, pumpkins, halloween events, etc.) it still counts as related to the monthly theme.
To participate, reply to this post and tell us which games that fit the monthly theme you’re going to play.

Have a spooktacular Halloween!

You can use the following (or similar) format to make it easier for everyone’s progress to be tracked, but feel free to add any extra thoughts about the game(s) to your post!

name of game 1 | achievements obtained | playtime this month | unfinished/finished
name of game 2 | achievements obtained | playtime this month | unfinished/finished
name of game 3 | achievements obtained | playtime this month | unfinished/finished
total: | achievements obtained | playtime this month | Number of games finished

Have fun!

Theme song


Do I have to participate in this month’s theme?
No, as with every theme, these are merely suggestions for anyone who is unsure about what to play next. If you already have a battle plan for your backlog and/or don’t like this month’s theme, you’re free to ignore it.

What happens if I don’t participate in the monthly theme?

What happens if I play all of my unfinished games this month?
Your backlog will be a much smaller place.

I don’t have any unfinished games - I’ve beaten everything I’ve started.
Really? well that makes one of us… I salute you.

I already finished my entry can I play another?
Go ahead - the goal is to reduce your unfinished games list. The more you can play the better.

I’ve nearly beaten a game can I still use it as my entry?
Of course!


First. Time for the sequel to Spooky Scary Skatrzoos.

Name Achievements obtained (-previous) Playtime this month (-previous) Status
Belladonna N/A 1h Completed
Punch Line 0/50 (Bugged) 11h (-3h) Completed
Tales of Arise 33/47 (-4) 57h (-14h) Beaten
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard 32/58 19h Beaten
TOTAL: 61 71h Beaten games: 4

You’re always so fast


Thanks, I try my best.


If only you used a fraction of the effort to actually tackle your backlog


I wouldn’t wanna obliterate it that badly, the backlog hasn’t won against me in any month of 2022.

Name Achievements obtained Playtime Status Reason
Judgment 29/47 (-17) 56.9 h (-38 h) beaten costumes
Frog Detective 3: Corruption at Cowboy County 3/6 1.5 h beaten graveyard location
TOTAL: 15/36 20.4 h 2 games beaten  
Tempête Joachim
Name Achievements obtained Playtime Status
Dying Light 2 Stay Human 0/57 0h Not started
TOTAL: 0/57 0h 0/1



It has been some time (year(s) even) since I last actively participated in this. However, since Spooktober is my busiest time of year, I may as well join this at least. This isn’t even counting non-steam games. May be making further additions.

Name Achievements Achievements This Month Playtime (Before Month - End of Month) Status
Amnesia: The Dark Descent 8/18 8 5.9h Finished
Call of Cthulhu®: Dark Corners of the Earth N/A N/A 11.7h Completed
FATAL FRAME / PROJECT ZERO: Maiden of Black Water 21/39 21 14.9h Finished
The Walking Dead: Season Two 40/40 40 8h Completed
Resident Evil Re:Verse 12/12 12 4.5h Completed
Post Mortem N/A N/A 5.3h Completed
Alone in the Dark 1 N/A N/A 5.7h Completed
Alan Wake 44/67 44 12h Finished
Amigdala 15/15 9 (1h - 4.3h) Completed
Dead Space 2 NA NA 9h Finished
Silence of the Sleep NA NA 5.5h Completed
Only If 10/10 10 2.5h Completed
Obscure II 14/19 14 4.5h unfinished
Resident Evil: Village - Shadows of Rose 56/56 7 ? Completed
TOTAL: 171/276 165 87.6h 9/4/1/0
Name Achievements playtime status
Call of Cthulhu 0/49 0 hrs unfinished
Wolf & Rabbit 6/20 3 hrs finished
House of Ashes 0/0 0 hrs unfinished
The Council 0/42 0 hrs unfinished
Red Bow 33/37 1.5 hrs finished
Heartbound 1/30 3.5 hrs finished
Omori 24/84 28 hrs finished
Condemned Criminal Origins N/A 10 hrs finished
Darkwood 0/15 0 hrs unfinished
Spooky’s Jump Scare Mansion: HD Renovation 0/34 0 hrs unfinished
total: 64/311 46 hrs 5 finished
Name Subcategory Achievements obtained Playtime Status
Pumpkin Jack Pumpkins 24/33 8.8h finished
Sanitarium Horror 20/20 10.9h finished
A Plague Tale: Innocence Horror 31/35 13.7h finished
TOTAL:   75 33.4h 3
Name Category Achievements obtained Playtime Status
The Walking Dead: The Final Season Horror 38 / 48 11h Beaten
TOTAL:   38 11h 1
Name Achievements obtained Playtime Status
Mystery Masters: Psycho Train 0/0 3.3 hours completed
The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope 16/30 6.7 hours beaten
Amnesia: The Dark Descent 10/18 7.9 beaten
Gray Dawn 18/18 8.9 h (-4.6 h) completed
total: 44 22.2 hours 4/4
Name Achievements Obtained Playtime Status Notes
Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons 12/12 3.8h Completed Has Ghosts
Total: 12 3.8h 1  

I might make an attempt this month!

Game Achievement Time Status Notes
Shadow Warrior 2 1/64 1.2hr Started Not tagged Horror. But its like zombies/gore, and so far there’s demonic possession?? Anyway its a SG win I want to get around to haha
Total: - - - -

Ideas for more games: Little Nightmares, Oxenfree, Sea of Solitude, Pinstripe, Among the Sleep


I played a game this month! Unlike September, I played a game this month…one from my Itching to Play list, no less. There’s a small chance I’ll be able to squeeze in a small game on an plane ride, but most likely this is it.

Name Achievements obtained Playtime this month Status
Draugen 13/13 7h36m completed
Total 13/13 7h36m 1 completed