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I’ve founded my own business lately. It is called Só Improv School. As you probably already figured out I’m gonna teach people how to improvise. It’s not musical improvisation though - it’s comedy improvisation. I’m playing games mostly to relax because running your own business absorbs your free time completely. Not that I don’t like it - I have to admit I really enjoy it although it is also very stressful. Especially beginnings are hard because you have to prove yourself. It’s nice to see how many people want to help me, it’s really heart warming and it motivates me when times are rough.

How many games did you beat during last 30 days / this year? 100% achievements not required!

For me it’s 1 / 7.

I’m considering a little event so your comments are very welcome!

716 games (+5 not categorized yet)
89% never played
5% unfinished
5% beaten
0% completed
1% won't play