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this is not a post about played games but a request for suggestions/thoughts. Telling you at the beginning so you can skip it if not interested :)

Ok, as some of you may already know, I like to sort and collect stats/info about my games, giveaways and such.
Recently I’ve been hit with a dilemma which may sound stupid to you but I can’t decide what to do and it’s been bothering me for a while.

I’ll try to keep it short:
for every game in my library, I also keep track of the acquisition method; after some experiments, I’ve finally set with the following categories:
bought (where I spend my money), credits (which means using that site currency, main protagonist of this category is tremorgames), sg wins, other wins (includes wins on other sites, from raffles, tournaments etc.), gifts, trades, mass giveaways (these are sites/devs giveaways) and f2p.
(I also try to keep these lists here but, being not an easy task, I do it in short batches so those lists are never up-to-date).

Anyway, until now, I’ve marked all the games bought on Steam as, obviously “bought”. Well, the problem is that the last games gotten there, have been bought using the Steam wallet, which is 100% generated from selling cards on the market, thus may be seen as currency of the site more than real money of mine.

So, the big question is:

Should I move games bought with Steam wallet to the “credits” category or should I keep them in the “bought” category?

Here’s a poll if you want to leave your opinion but don’t want to write anything =P

Sorry it’s so big.. tried a couple of sites but this is the only who could be embed and didn’t require extra steps from me :\


I voted money just because I see the steam wallet more as a ‘discount coupon’ even if you can reach the full amount, but that’s just my personal view on it. Hope it helps :)


Depends if you bought any Steam wallet probably. If it’s all trading and cards, then I’d say it’s credit.


Yep thats how I saw it




Definitely credits. It’s free games! (as far as your wallet is concerned)