September’s Stats

aka. Not much to report

Hello fellow assassins, and happy October! Hard to believe it’s already there in this messed up year that is 2020. Not much in this report, I played quite a few really good games this month, but only finished one. For all the roguelike lovers, I couldn’t recommend you enough to go play Hades if you haven’t already. Other than that, I managed to not add much to the backlog either (or did I? I caved and got a lot of Game Pass, which is the Shrodinger’s cat of backlog.) Anyway, I hope you’re all well and will have a nice October. Are you planning on playing your horror games this month?

Played Finished Completed Backlog+ Achievements
6 1 0 2 44

Backlog of Doom

ABC Challenge 2.0 Progress (3/27)

Finished this month: 0

85% never played
4% unfinished
7% beaten
4% completed

Most Satisfying Finish

Most Exciting Addition

  • Gems of War

    110 hours playtime

    74 of 84 achievements

  • Spiritfarer

    39 hours playtime

    38 of 39 achievements

  • Wasteland 3

    36 hours playtime

    19 of 62 achievements

  • As Far As The Eye

    9 hours playtime

    5 of 67 achievements

  • Hades

    10 hours playtime

    no achievements

  • Grounded

    8 hours playtime

    no achievements


39 hours playtime, 38 of 39 achievements

I really loved the game. It's probably one of my favourite I've played this year. You play as Stella, a new spiritfarer who's gonna take care of spirits on her boat until they're ready to move on to the next step of their afterlife. The game is a really nice combo of farming/crafting/fishing, quite some exploring, building and improving your boat and of course finding more about the spirits you get to befriend. I thought the game was giving an interesting approach to the theme of death and grieving without being overly dramatic. It hit me right in the feels while still giving happy and peaceful vibes. Loved it.

  • As Far As The Eye

    9 hours playtime

    5 of 67 achievements

  • Dreamwalker: Never Fall Asleep

    0 minutes playtime

    0 of 27 achievements

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Oh, I’m very excited for As Far As The Eye! I’m not buying it yet because I know I won’t play it immediately, but it looks really fun.
You’re playing games I’m excited for these days :P


I was a bit disappointed by AFATE, not because it’s bad but because I was finding it very unbalanced at launch, but they have started patching it and I think they’re still working on it. I feel like it needed a bit more polish, which they seem to be trying to do now, so you might as well wait a bit before getting it. The team seems to love their game though, I’m sure they’ll do their best to fix it.


I won’t be getting it any time soon. I’m hyped about it, but there are other games I’m thinking to get first (e.g. Spiritfarer). It’s good that they’re working on it! It looks so pretty and from what I’ve seen on Youtube, it sounds like a fun idea. I’m trying to not buy games if I won’t play them in the same week/month.


The concept is great and original, the game itself could have used a bit more polish, but good thing they’re working to fix that. It is more for fans of 4x (without the fighting) than roguelike in my humble opinion, but it has its niche target.

Eleonora Falcon

Maybe not much to report but you have some really interesting games!
Spiritfarer and As Far As The Eye look so nice! 💜


Spiritfarer is definitely amazing (at least it was for me). As i was telling aonrao above, AFATE could use a bit more polish, but the dev team is working on it.


Thanks for the review on Spiritfarer, I’m quite interested in the game myself. I see that you are missing only one achievement, how difficult are the achievements?


The achievements are ok, nothing really hard, if anything some will take a bit more time (the “collections” ones) but nothing hard. The one I’m missing is mutually exclusive with one I got, but you could easily get them both in one playthrough by immediately reloading your save after the event that triggers it, a friend of mine did it and got both. I just didn’t know at the moment that there was another cheevo for the opposite choice, and when I realized my save was way further ahead. All that to say that if you want to 100% in one playthrough, you can with really minimal planning. (I can even tell you the name of the cheevos and when you need to reload with keeping the spoilers at the minimum if you don’t wanna risk spoiling yourself on the rest of the game).


I have had my eye on Spiritfarer since it first came out, and it might be my splurge during the steam october sale! so many good reviews!!! Thank you for picking it up! Also you have a lot of good picks! As Far As The Eye isn’t my type of game but I will keep on eye on it!


Spiritfarer is definitely one of my fav of the year so far, so I won’t recommend it enough <3

As for AFATE it’s really niche, so if you don’t think it’s your type of game, maybe think twice before getting it. There is a lot of learning to do before getting all the mecanics of the game, it might be a bit too much if you’re not into that type of game, just a fair warning.


Spiritfarer is on Game Pass, so if you already have it or if you want to try the trick to get it cheaper it’s worth trying out


I do not have an X-box nor do I ever want one, but thank you. <3


I was talking about the PC version ^^


I didn’t know there was a pc version, but still no because I like having everything in one library where I can keep track of all my stuff.


I caved and got a lot of Game Pass, which is the Shrodinger’s cat of backlog

And you’re gonna beat all of the games, right? Right?